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on 15 May 2017
Disappointed at how horrible this product was when it arrived...
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on 4 July 2010
This book has undoubtedly some key advices for anyone interested in being (or working with) a consultant . Advices such as "The trick of earning trust is to avoid all tricks" and "People are never liars - in their own eyes" and many others are invaluable. However on certain topics Weinberg goes on his own tangent and a little too much self-esteem emerges, i.e. he over-emphasises some self-behaviors as the right thing to do (like he's always great ideas, his high-fees are always justifiable, etc) and therefore not fully shareable. On a plus note I'd say this book is thick with irony and funny moments, showing that Mr Weinberg doesn't take himself too seriously. Overall this book is a good reading but is not to be taken as a bible as some "self-righteousness " about the author emerges pretty clearly, so take its content critically.
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VINE VOICEon 9 March 2004
This is a little book with some big messages. As the subtitle says, it's a book not only for those who give, or sell, their advice, but it's also for those who are taking or buying it.
It's a book both for those who help to manage change, and for those undergoing change themselves. Many people should read it.
That said, the main focus of the book is on those who produce the advice and ideas. If you are a consultant as I am, this may be one of the most important books in your collection. I have read it cover to cover twice, and parts of it many other times.

The book is written with a light, humorous touch, illustrated both with many funny stories and some very apt cartoons and quotations. From each discussion he abstracts multiple "laws" and reminders, which on their own should prompt you to remember the key points he discusses.

Weinberg doesn't pull any of his punches. Consulting is hard, and the secrets are guides to improving your success and survival rate, not any set of "magic wands". He addresses ways in which you can fail just as much as ways to succeed.
In successive chapters, the book deals with the nature of consulting and the problems it can address, and how to develop your own mind so that your can see the problems and come up with possible solutions to them.
Throughout, Weinberg teaches us to focus on the "people" problems: cultural, political and psychological, which tend to be at the heart of any issue, assuming that, as he says, "it's always a people problem". If you can solve the people problems, the practical problems should be easy by comparison.
In later chapters, the book focuses specifically on how to make consultancy more effective: how to improve the impact of what you do, how to help make change happen, and the importance of things like setting the right price and marketing yourself.
This is an easy book to read, with lots of good advice very humorously presented. I can thoroughly recommend it to all consultants, would-be consultants, clients and would-be clients.
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on 9 April 1997
When I quit my day job, and struck out on my own, this book was invaluable. In fact, I re-read it now and then, to help my piece of mind. Weinberg's book describes several key aspects of consulting,
which a consultant needs to know for success. Trust of the client, pricing the consultant can live with, pitfalls to avoid are some topics. Though Weinberg describes general management consulting, his principles extend to other consulting fields. Best of all, I know when to say $100 an hour, and when to say $50, and to be happy with the result.

Yet the reading is light and enjoyable. Recommended especially for the self-employed consultant, or the downsized or dilbertized, who want to be self-employed.
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on 19 June 1998
This book is full of insights which are invaluable to anyone in consulting or considering it for a career. The light-hearted and often comedic style belie the pragmatic nature of the wisdom presented in this book. It's a cross between Plato and Dilbert.
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on 16 April 1998
I've tried to keep copies of this book around to no avail. I've lost two books passing it around to customers and fellow consultants. I've remembered and used "The Three tenets of Consulting", "The Orange Juice Test" and "Rudy's Rudabaga Rule" hundreds of times over the last ten years. A true classic. I'm glad to find I can get replacement copies on Amazon.com!
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on 22 March 2016
The kindle version of the text is littered with typos and has obviously been scanned in without being proof-read, hence the low score - it's just lazy.

I'm one chapter in and the book itself seems excellent. The preface alone, advising consultants to "become rational about irrationality" chimes very true.
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on 22 September 2013
I wish I had read this few years ago when I started my way in consulting. But better to be late than never! Provides a great insight into the profession of consulting. Gerald is blessed with a good sense of writing style that captures readers attention starting from page 1. It resolved the confusion I had for a long time on how to price a consulting engagements properly!
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on 26 August 2014
Wow, this is the first book I have read on consulting. I loved it and it was very difficult to put down. I like the way Gerald has made / shared rules on consulting and human behaviour. Will definitely try some other books of Gerald Weinberg. The book was delivered in good condition and on time.
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on 4 November 1997
This is the most funny AND instructive book I ever read about consulting. I own two copies - one for my own use, and one floating around loaned out to colleagues. Weinberg uses examples you simply won't forget.
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