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on 15 August 2015
Smart, funny and entertaining. This show is as real reality TV gets. This is a nod to the acting every chapter is hit spot on, the dialogue is intelligent ball busting mick taking, that comes naturally between friends. Going back to the reality TV, usually in hate reality shows. Simply they are so completed scripted that there is no reality left in them. Knowing this was a supposed to be scripted as it was a series took that stigma away for me. However this would have ment nothing if the acting was not spot on.

Vicent Chase is the current Hollywood IT man. He is hot property and his stock is only going to raise. He does what he wants, gets what and whoever he want. His best friend unofficial manager/ confidant/ organiser, this other bestie is more that happy to go along with the ride and take whatever scraps are left for him, and finally his one famous b-list not struggling brother just want to restart his career. A great and funny series of Vince's entourage living off but also looking out for him.
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on 14 January 2017
A brunch of silly little boys thinking they are men and the shallow life they lead. The first episode left me wishing I could have packed them all off to Vietnam. The girls are stunningly beautiful, fast and easy, character was something the producers thought only rested with the men, but even the men are woofully lacking in all aspects of that. Sorry, I was looking forward to this series but it's rubbish. And as another reviewer stated, not worth the 1p it cost.
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on 30 June 2017
If you've not heard of this series then youve been hiding under a rock.
Get the boys round, crack open a few cold ones, get the ribs n wings on the go and prepare to be entertained.
Great anecdotal plots and huge laughs. Get it now
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on 12 June 2017
Best season of the best show!
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on 1 November 2009
Always ben a huge fan of Entourage.

This product was a disappointment though. The description says it includes a wide range of subtitles (i.e. Finnish, which I was interested), back side of the dvd says it only contains English and Hungary. Already tried to change the description, didn't work.

Good buy for those who need English/Hungarian subs.
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on 22 January 2007
When I first heard about Entourage, it was through finding out that Deadwood had been cancelled. Deadwood was my favourite show, and I was not happy. I decided to download an episode of Entourage to see what my beautiful western had been cancelled for. And it turns out, it's something almost worth it.

Entourage is all about a fictional up and coming movie star, Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier, and his group of friends - his entourage. This group includes his manager and best friend Eric (Kevin Connolly), driver Turtle (Jerry Fararra),and chef Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon). The real star of the show though is the foul-mouthed agent Ari (played by the amazing Jeremy Piven), who consistently delivers memorable one liners, as well as quoteable monologues - if Ari can't make you laugh, you don't have a soul.

The numerous guest stars and real life Hollywood stars making cameo appearances (including Scarlett Johanson and James Cameron) are also a real treat, and really makes you believe you are watching Hollywood life the way it actually is, and you will be green with envy. Each episode is only half an hour long, but has incredible replay value - this isn't a box set you'll buy and want to sell on eBay after the first viewing.

Each episode, Vince and co attend film premieres, parties, assess possible future projects, and generally live the Hollywood dream. On paper, it doesn't sound like much, but in practice, Entourage scores a perfect ten in every way - it's a perfect comedy - no hideous audience track, this is a comedy with a difference - it is HBO after all. Season 3 aired in America recently, and it's still just as good, perhaps even better. All I can say is I hope, unlike other HBO series, this one stays around for a long, long time.
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on 16 November 2005
Entourage would be an easy programme to dislike, it seems to pander to the current fascination with all things celebrity. And that is how it begins with more emphasis on the celebrity guests than the later episodes. The strength of the show however is in the relationship between the group of friends and the dialogue between them. In this it's very much like Swingers the dialogue is quotable rather than laugh out loud funny and you can imagine if it ever got shown over here some of the lines would be heard in pubs every weekend. The problem is the dialogue and relationships grow much stronger in the second series and the first one just isn't as good. It's still good though and the soundtracks would be fantastic.
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on 14 September 2005
I don't think this show ever aired in the UK, but it really should be picked up by a Terrestrial British network - it is that good. Almost the anti-Sex and the City, Entourage follows megastar Vincent Chace, and his 'entourage' - his failed actor older brother Johnny Drama, useless old school-friend Turtle, and his best-friend-cum-manager E, as they move from the mean-streets of Queens to the bright lights of Hollywood.
Slickly produced in the best HBO tradition, it is lent an air of authenticity by being Exec Produced by "Dirk Diggler" Marky Mark, a man renowned for his own bevvy of hangers-on. It is to the show's credit that it doesn't lose itself in the sea of scantily-clad women and fantasy parties, but instead boasts impressive plot and character development, using the backdrop of Hollywood debauchery as the show's style, rather than its substance.
Special mention must go to Jeremy Piven (of "Swingers" fame) as Vincent's quick-talking, hyper-arrogant agent. He steals the show in every scene he's in, and can always be counted on to bring out the best work from the other actors - often their gobsmacked facial impressions seem to be more than merely acting...
Destined to become to the male populace what Sex and the City was to women (and about time we had our revenge), its a hugely impressive and amusing romp - highly recommended.
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on 9 May 2012
This review is purely concerned with series 1 of Entourage as I believe it gets better! I bought this on the strength of the reviews on Amazon and almost feel like asking for a refund. The premise is that New Jersey boy makes good and goes to Hollywood - his friends tag along as his entourage. The characters are not portrayed very subtly nor are they well defined - in fact they are pretty much one-dimensional which makes a lot of the episodes quite predictable. Forget about any meaningful female characters - they are just eye candy and most amazingly of all they ALWAYS have their bikinis with them and nearly always end up in the pool. In fact it's difficult to say which sex is portrayed as the most shallow. Somehow the entourage always manage to end up with a huge entourage of their own of nubile women although they have all the charm of a newt ( apologies to any newt readers). I can only assume that later series have different writers or directors as there is very little to recommend the first series.
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on 12 February 2008
This is a fast paced funny show that follows movie star Vincent and his friends who are his entourage. It shows the trials and tribulations of a movie star and his best friend trying to look after him and his interests. Be warned though the first season only has eight episodes and each episodes is only 25 minutes long. That is the reason why I havent given it 5 stars and the extras are not the best. If you don't have a lot of time to watch a huge season of drama and you want something fun, then this is definatley worth a look.
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