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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 July 2008
Always had a soft spot for this cheesy but entertaining Arnie vehicle.
The story is set in the future about a uber-violent tv gameshow where convicts are forced to fight to the death in some quite elaborate ways.
Cue some classic Arnie one-liners, action and chase sequences, topped off with a great ending.

Features the great Yaphet Kotto, and the lovely Maria Conchita Alonso.
Trivia; Maria and Arnie, both faced the alien 'Predator', Arnie in the original Predator (Special Edition) [1987] and Maria in the unimaginably titled but underrated Predator sequel Predator 2 (2 Disc Special Edition) [1990], also similarly set in a violent future.
This was of course before the alien-v-predator franchise tarnished it forever...

They've really pushed the boat out here on this 2 disc version, with a great remastered anamorphic,(unlike the standard version[ASIN:B00005JSGU The Running Man [1987] [1988]]] widescreen (and fullscreen) print, 5.1EX,6.1 DTS-ES soundtracks, commentaries, documentaries etc. making this the definitive DVD version to get.

Note; although listed as region 1, i tested it in both a region 1 and 2 locked player, and it appears there is no regional coding applied, and why indeed should any older title such as this have any?
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on 24 December 2011
I have just watched this so called UNCUT version of The Running Man blu ray.
I noticed quickly that bits were missing!
It does not list the running time in the listing,it is 93 minutes,
My DVD version is 101 minutes,clearly this is 8 minutes less.
I am very disappointed with this version.
The sound is much improved but the picture is only
Marginally better than the DVD.
I hope this helps potential buyers.
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on 22 September 2013
Ok, so anyone with any doubts, let me tell you some truths.
I ordered from scene style. They sent me a full uncut version with English audio which strangely was explicitly stated on stickers all over the box (guess they have had lots of queries over this?).

So its the proper version. I wont review the film content as most people have seen it and I think its one of arnies bests.

The Transfer is nothing like ... Total Recall say? However its leagues ahead of the abysmal dvd version we've had to endure for many centuries. A lot of clean up has been done, colours look vibrant without being too saturated and there is enough detail in most scenes to satisfy most, Its good but not great but then I think this is the best we can expect.
The audio, namely the soundtrack is the best thing about the film. It sounds like its been meticulously re-mastered. Before it sounded like a muddied mess, but it feels like they've superimposed a HD soundtrack over the top of the film. Granted its far more prominent than before but I think that's a good thing and reinforces the fight scenes even better, especially the 'running away with you' track at the end! Sounded like a high res FLAC or something lol! Now it may be me but in something like the buzzsaw fight scene Im sure an extra guitar solo has been added? Little strange but good all the same.

In conclusion buy this if you love the film but want a higher quality version! Buy from scene style they are awesome!
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on 14 August 2016
Yes it's uncut, but you'll be wondering if it's worth buying as an upgrade from the DVD and that's a harder question to answer. The picture quality looks like unconverted DVD, showing very little fine detail or bright colour. If you didn't know it was a blu ray, you'd never guess. Similarly the sound is 2.0, serviceable but nowhere near what you'd expect from blu ray.

It is worth £20? No. Unless you have to have The Running Man and can't find the DVD.

The packaging looks cheap and the whole thing stinks of a bit of a lost cause quality wise.

The movie itself is one of Arnie's classics, combining great one liners and bone crunching action.
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on 13 August 2012
I ordered this German import Blu ray version of The Running Man with some trepidation, having seen a couple of reviews complaining of the movie being cut etc. If you are concerned about this or any other issues then my advice is: don't be, buy it! For starters the Blu ray comes in one of the thin style Blu ray cases, and the description on the back is all in German (given that this is the only region B release available at present, I can live with that), and the primary soundtrack language is German although this can be changed either with the audio button on your remote or via the menu screen. The back of the box states that it has either a German or English Dolby 2.0 soundtrack, and the running time is 96 mins. Both of these things are WRONG. The disc does indeed have a German Dolby 2.0 soundtrack, but also contains both an English DTS 5.1 AND German DTS 5.1 soundtrack. The running time of the feature is 100m43s (I think the 96min runtime may not include the end credits, but this is always included in the runtimes listed for movies). The transfer is good, not amazing, but the best I have seen this film look ( I have it on DVD and VHS), and certainly well worth the upgrade. So to sum up: you can either buy a multi-region Blu ray player and get the US release, wait for an English region B release, or buy this German import. I opted for the latter and am pleased that I did- buy with confidence!
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on 8 June 2004
By far his greatest work! The characters in this are superb, particularly Jessy 'The Body' Ventura as captain Freedom! This film also features even more classic quotables than Terminator!
"I live to see the day you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist, because I'm gonna ram it into your stomach and break your God Dam spine!!!! Arrrrrgh!!!"
Go and buy it and watch it again and again!
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on 23 April 2012
This is one of schwarzeneggers best ever movies, such a unique film with loads of cool memerable action scenes and dialogue, the soundtrack is also another cool element to the film, Its a shame that there is never any special features, hopefully one day they will release a 2-disc collectors edition, but until then if you do not have this or have not seen it then its a must have film. Sci-Fi gem!!

UPDATED 28/02/14

Running Man - uncut edition (English audio) Blu-ray

This is for the Blu-ray version which is pictured with original artwork and green writing on the front saying running man, you don't actually get a cover like that so I don't know why its pictured, you get a slimline case with the original art still, the details say its 101 minutes uncut, this is TRUE, the only and fullest version of this movie runs at 1 hour 41 minutes 101 minutes, it says 96 on back but that's without credits which are officially accounted in the running time of any film. Uncut doesn't mean its longer in any way there is no longer version, if you buy any 101 minute version then your ok, there is an 86 minute version online somewhere and that is most certainly cut. The picture quality on this is also very good compared to the DVD version, it may not be the best picture ever but at least the black colours ok and there is no grain on the picture, its a better step up from DVD for now, lets hope soon the UK get an ultimate version!


The Audio IS in English you just use the Audio button on your remote to change it

Ignore other reviewers saying its not uncut as they clearly haven't watched any other version to realise what they are talking about, 101 minutes means it is uncut, no longer version of this movie exists!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 August 2016
The Running Man is directed by Paul Michael Glaser and adapted from the Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) story by Steven E. de Souza. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso, Richard Dawson, Yaphet Kotto, Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura, Erland van Lidth, Marvin J. McIntyre, Gus Rethwisch, Professor Toru Tanaka and Mick Fleetwood. Music is by Harold Faltermeyer and cinematography by Thomas Del Ruth.

It may be packed with cheese, but this is one great and astutely entertaining futuristic slice of sci-fi pie. Schwarzenegger becomes a reluctant contestant in the most popular TV show of the time, The Running Man. It's a sadistic show where convicts are thrust into a zonal world and have to avoid an array of stalking killers. Cue lots of outrageous violence, equally outrageous costumes, and of course with Arnold in the lead there's plenty of dialogue zingers. The caustic observation of how television programmes have evolved is potently portentous, and it's all played out to an industrial 80s score from Faltermeyer.

It helps if you know what you are going to get from it, because it's a typical Schwarzenegger movie of the era, thus it's very much one for his fans to lap up with glee. 7/10
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This film boasts many superb features: Classic 80's soundtrack, quality hair-do's, fashion to be proud of, and of course - Arnie in one of his best performances. It's hard to go wrong!
Anyone buying this DVD should not be interested in acting quality, depth of plot, or political correctness. But I don't think anyone will be - and therefore this film delivers exactly what you want - action, witty one-liners, a feel good plot, some nostalgia even, suspense and just general no-nonsense entertainment in abundance. You can't go wrong if you buy this DVD cos it's Arnie in one of his best films, and that's saying something!
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on 5 September 2013
They cut 9 minutes off. AVOID like the plague. Get the other uncut version. Otherways one of best Arnie movie.
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