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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2017
Hilarious. Loved this series. Brilliant stuff
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on 27 January 2007
Excellent series - don't do as Amazon recommends and buy it with the Queen of Sheba, as this is IN this edition, so you'd only end up with it twice. We watched this over Christmas, and by New Year felt like honorary members of the Royle family! It's feelgood (because we all know someone like Jim, even though we might not say it to the person in question!), homely (to have so much go on around a TV is just amazing - and the only time we feel as if we're missing out is when we miss out on seeing Denise's wedding...) - and just a pure piece of comedy genius. The only downside, if I had to find any, was that the only DVD bonus features come with the Queen of Sheba programme, they're hilarious, but I would have ADORED to have seen some of the other out-takes from the other three series.
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on 30 October 2006
Everyone should watch this series, it is, without doubt, the best comedy of the last 25 years.

If you haven't seen it before, let me just say it's the distillation of lifetimes of north-western family feuds, fun, fights, festivity, farts and fig-rolls in half-hour slots: all from one sofa.

This collection includes the recent finale episode which had me laughing until I cried and crying until I laughed.
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on 7 April 2009
There is no much to add to the good reviews already here, just one tech matter that may be of use to HoH or people from non English-speaking countries: There are HoH subtitles!!!!

I speak spanish and I'm used to watch period BBC productions so it is hard for me to understand the "accent" of many of the caracters; subtitles are therefore much appreciated, although I needed to go online to check a few bits of dialogue I didnt understand!
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on 16 September 2008
For anyone who hasn't watched the royal family the concept of sitting watching a family who are sitting watching tv may seem very non-comical... however i guarantee you will love it!

The casting is genius - led by Jim in his crusty jeans.
The writing is amazing - only this show can make you laugh one minute then be near to tears the next. (watch the queen of sheeba edition - you'll see what i mean)

Buy this - you wont be disappointed.

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on 15 May 2009
Superb stuff. On the surface it may not sound like anything special - a family sat on the sofa watching TV - but it really is addictive watching, uncannily perceptive and absolutely hilarious, whilst at the same time there are moments that had me crying, for instance the touching scence between Denise and her Dad in the bathroom when Denise is in labour, and, of course, The Queen of Sheba episode. I stayed up watching episode after episode, not having seen them since they were originally broadcast. Comedy Genius.
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on 4 January 2009
I picked up this set a few months back... It was great value and still is....
This show is a marmite one though... you either love it or hate it...
For some people it moves too slow and seems daft and unfunny,
But for the rest of us, it is such a sharply observed character based comedy...

Remember Poor old Anthony who can do nothing right, lazy old denise, dopey dave aka denise's lapdog, lazy miserable old git Jim, the ever patient and loving Barbara, crafty old nana, light fingered twiggy, chatty neighbour next door mary and her monosyllabic husband joe, and their daughter... Cheryl, the girl always on a diet and hoping to lose a few pounds....

This show was ground breaking at the time it launched in 1998, many were baffled at its approach to comedy, it certainly wasn't your average canned-laughter-sitcom...

It is so real in many ways, the characters are so well written that you can really identify with them... we all know people like at least some of these characters... that's why it really cracks you up at times, the things they do/ say or the way they behave are so funny and familiar.. very relatable comedy.

Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash are geniuses in my book...

My fave episodes:
Any time nana visits, she is so crafty and jim really meets his match in her... the christmas special when denise has baby david... it's actually so moving and funny watching jim not know what to do as denise starts going into labour, the christening episode... and Barbara getting jim and twiggy re-decorating the house, of course the last episode when nana dies is great... again hilarious but genuinely moving.
it is great to see that the show is continuing ... I caught the christmas special a few weeks back.. I hadn't heard there was going to be one this year... a nice surprise... it was hilarious.... And with over 10 million viewers, I hear more specials are planned... great news!

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on 13 February 2009
Well what can you say abou the Royle Family. A Brilliant Comedy series and fly on the wall of family life of a certain class. You should watch this if this is your background and it should be compulsory if you are not. This pack includes all the episodes up to but excluding the 2008 Xmas speacial. However it contains and absolute jewel called the queen of sheba that is worth this price alone.
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on 18 January 2009
The royle family has to be the greatest sitcom since only fools and horses,you wont stop laughing from the first episode to the last.The characters are amazing,it will leave you feeling like you want to live there with them.i watched the whole lot in 2 days and when i finished did i put it away in the cupboard did i eck i put episode 1 back on and started again.the bbc struck gold with this one.
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on 30 April 2013
This has to be one of the very best comedy series of all time. Its right up there with the `Fools & Horses,' which hardly had a bad episode, and neither has this.
I feel that many potentially brilliant series are spoilt by going on and doing yet another series or two, the characters start to fade through familiarity, the story lines become rather farcical and farfetched, and the scripts are nowhere near as good or just plain exhausted.
Certainly, in recent times, `Not Going Out' and `Benidorm' are classic examples of that happening, whilst `Gavin & Stacey,' like the Royle Family, got out at just the right time, with its audience wanting more and with its legacy intact.
Whilst some of their antics and manners will make you cringe and you certainly wouldn't want to go there for Sunday lunch, you have to say that each of the characters play their part absolutely brilliantly. Yes, some of the family do have a `welfare' culture but there is genuine underlying warmth to them and their friends, which is quite endearing. Joe was a particular favourite of mine with his whimsical ways and so was his ever - hungry daughter! Great stuff!
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