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on 1 January 2017
An epic fantasy tale where loved characters can die. I enjoyed this story and its twists around the idea of a clueless King and an overzealous Prince. I think the main characters were realistic and sympathetic to the audience. My one criticism was that by the end we were losing a sense of scale. Everything had become so big and affected so many people that people died and were thrown aside as if by a hand of God. By the end, we were missing the close lens of pain which was so key to making the early chapters something special. There were close ups of loved characters in pain in the closing chapters, but the numbers of dead were not zoomed in upon as much.

I wonder what future books could add to the series rather than more of the same and think more could have been added to make this clearer. What kind of fight can we expect in coming books? As it is, I think the first book has satisfied me and I won't read on. I'm hovering around 3.5 stars for my overall rating.
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on 18 April 2017
If I could rate this book higher I would. I enjoyed the characters and the story . I will definitely read more from this author. If you loved dragon stories you will love the royal dragoneers.
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on 12 August 2017
This story would suit males and females. I loved all the different characteristics of the dragons. I can't wait to read the next of the series.
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on 15 July 2017
It was a present and apparently a good one!
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on 20 November 2014
The story reminds a little of “How to train your dragon” an animated movie of a young boy who befriends a dragon and hides the fact because his tribe and specifically his father are dragon hunters. Here too we have the young hero Jenka befriending a dragon “Jade” and keeping it a secret from everyone. Jenka like the hero of the animated movie lives in an inhospitable land but unlike the hero of the movie who only possessed a father, Jenka only had his mother to live with. The king and the kingsrangers were as thirsty of the dragon blood as the tribe of the movie. However, here the differences ends. The story is immensely interesting as it takes us into an adventurous world where the fittest survive and where Jenka a mere boy would have to use all his resources to save the mankind from the evil clutches of Gravelbone. A very exciting read for young adults.
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on 28 May 2012
I really enjoyed the storyline and it could of been fantastic. The author has some fantastic ideas but i dont beleave he has the skill to bring them to life. There is not enough back story for the charecters and some things are left unexplained altogether. The story is extremly fast paced and is very rushed as if the author just wanted to get to the end. I beleave that there is going to be another book released soon but it is going to centre on only one off the dragoneers. I think the author should off made the first three books into four to give more detailed descriptions and more back storys, but, on the other hand, the books are inexpensive and if you want something just for train journys and such then these series of books will do the job nicely.
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on 29 July 2013
Having finished yet another epic novel by this prolific writer, I was (as usual) left amazed by this creative and spectacular flight of the imagination. This is another well crafted thrilling fantasy tale. This entrancing and stimulating novel had me engaged from the beginning. The story flows from scene to scene with ease, and the author has an astonishing capacity when it comes to storytelling.

I'm not sure about the negative reviews on here, but I suspect there could be an element of the green-eyed monster verses the dragon going on!

This is an author that should be watched out for in the future. I would highly recommend his novels to all fans of the fantasy/action/thriller genre, or indeed, anybody who likes a good `meaty' read. Well done, yet again, M.R. Mathias.

Another highly recommended read.
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on 18 November 2013
Following all the good reviews but it fell rather flat. Quite difficult to say what was lacking because the idea and overall story was O.K. but it seamed to lack substance, and depth and also felt as if everything had to be done in a rush and to me came across as unfinished and could do with a bit (or a lot ) of tweaking. Also bit too much graphic violence for my taste.

So overall quite dissapointed and will not be reading the rest of the series as none of the characters with the possible exception of the young boy (think that's Ricky) made me interested enough to continue.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 February 2017
I'm not sure who this book is supposed to be aimed at as it feels like it should be in the "young adult" market. Certainly not enough substance in it to make "me" want to read the next book.

To start with I liked the idea of the plotline and was getting quite wrapped up in the story. But the last quarter really put me off. Without giving too much away the endless descriptions of fighting just seemed to be goblins/trolls eat people - then people on dragons fly in / fight a bit / get tired or catch an injury - go for a nap and heal each other. Repeat.

That's very much a dumbed down version of what is supposed to be an epic battle but the problem was that I didn't have the benefit of a map of the "country" in front of me. So all the talk of one person being here and another person guarding there just led to me feeling confused. Too much going on with too many places and too many people.

This fighting broke the "spell" of the plot and I ended up skim reading parts just to find out what the ending was. By then not only was 1 goblin bite much the same as the last one - but also I found I didn't really care much if any of the principle characters lived or died.

Finally, as often happens the book ending didn't pull together enough loose ends to satisfy my commitment to it. You have to read the next one and that always really irritates me. Mostly because even if I do buy the next one by the time I get around to reading it the chances are that I won't remember what went on in the current book.

A saga can be written as a trilogy and yet still have a clean ending. If you even look at something like the Twilight series - you have a resolution to each book and although you may WANT to read the next one, you don't have to do so. Unfortunately that lack of an ending left me with a less than positive view of the book, made me grumpy and has probably cost the book a star.
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on 16 September 2013
Absolutely love this book. It starts quite sedate, setting the scene and characters and you may think it is not going far but persevere, once the action starts it does not stop, I was so hooked.
The writing and some of the conversations are so down to earth, for a fiction book, it had me chuckling in places.
Give it a read, well worth it. It also has a peek preview into the next book which I am downloading now..
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