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on 11 March 2017
If you are a fan of Harry Potter, Divergent etc, then you simply have to read this series!! I couldn't put the books down - fair warning, you should only start reading these if you are prepared to say goodbye to any social life you may have - highly addictive and well written books!!!
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on 26 August 2015
"The Secret Histories" along with the other 'Lost Files" such as "Rebel Allies" and "Return to Paradise" are surprising addictive to read. I have read reviews from other readers who have also stumbled upon these books totally by chance and have had to reluctantly admit that these books are 'sublime page turners'. Although the teen element can set the teeth a bit the story glides along, tantalisingly drawing you in and inevitably leaves you wanting more each time. I found the 'outer fringes' of these Lost Files stories equally as enjoyable and well written. Examples of this are the story of the second ship from Lorien, their passengers and how they lead into the main characters of the saga along with the re-educational life changing journey of Adamus Sutekh and his interaction with Malcolm and Sam Goode. I love the clever interweaving of these characters into the scenarios of each of the Garde and their influences both in the early stages of the Garde exodus from Lorien and the subsequent coming together of the young adults as powerful warriors in their successful efforts to wreak havoc onto the Mogadorian enclaves buried deep in the higher eschelons of power and authority on Earth. I truly cannot wait to read "The Fate of Ten"! All of these books have only left me wanting more yet bizarrely I do not want to come to the end of the final episode too soon!
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on 27 December 2014
I got this when it was free on Kindle and thought it might be worth a try. It has some positive points, but I felt that this really was a novel written for a young adult audience which doesn't cross over well for older adults to read (as in the case of other books which are similar to this in genre, for example, the Hunger Games Trilogy). The hero comes from a distant planet which has been wiped out by Mogadorians. The hero is one of nine survivors along with their guardians. He is waiting to develop "legacies" (gifts/supernatural powers) which will help him defeat the Mogadorians. "Number Four" aka John Smith, goes to an ordinary American high school and duly develops the power to resist fire/run very fast etc. The action scenes are well-written and easy to visualise - I felt like I was watching a film in my mind whilst reading it (I think it might have been made into a film and can see that it would make a great action flick). Other than that, there's nothing here that you haven't read before about teenagers developing supernatural powers in order to save us all (and if that's the future, we really are in trouble). The most striking thing about this book, I felt, was that the author "Pittacus Lore" puts himself in it in a cameo role as the most gifted elder of the Planet Lorien. This struck me as a really odd thing to do. I didn't know what to make of it really; but the conclusions I drew were not flattering to the author. Also, I really don't like the way that no book for young adults can be written without a string of sequels these days. Original ideas for your next book please.
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on 2 October 2013
This is really beginning to seem like a 'bank rolling' exercise for Pittacus Lore, whoever he is. While l accept it is not a series written for the adult audience the Rise of Nine is a pitiful effort compared with the first two, which were tight and well paced and generally well written.
The original idea is brilliant, but we are now getting frenzied bouts of activity 'linked' with gooey bits of dialogue between the characters who are no longer real, but parodies of the quite interesting folk we saw in the first two. And whenever they get in a tight scrape another (appropriate) Legacy (super power) immediately appears and 'with one bound our friends are free'!
No one is really explaining why the FBI and Mogadorians are in cahoots and, given the latters fire power why they need to bother. And will someone please get out the instruction manual from their Chest and find out what is inside!
And l have to say that Enid Blyton was better at relationships (Noddy and Big Ears) than Mr Lore. The 'issues' or 'love interest' elements of the book are almost farcical at this stage.
If l were a cynic l would conclude that the author and his publisher are trying to get the series out as fast as possible before the 'puff' is gone. Will l buy number 4 in the series? Well only if its REALLY cheap or l cannot borrow it. There must be a concluding episode where the Mogadorians and Mr Ra get their comeuppance! But please make it soon.
Seriously, there are plenty of books out there aimed at the younger reader which are very well written and enjoyed by a wider audience too. Pittacus Lore seems completely unable to maintain that standard. What a shame.
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on 30 August 2012
I loved the fact this book was action packed from the word go. There is nothing worse than having to read 200 pages before the story actually gets going and good; I can assure you this is not a problem here.With so much action, it is not really surprising this book has a strong male following and made it to the big screen. I also enjoyed how it makes you paranoid. I actually dreamed of aliens while reading it!!!

Is this an original idea? Hardly. But the characters are good and the plot is really interesting. It is also nice to read the story from a male point of view. However, I found myself drifting and wanting to jump pages. I thought, maybe, it was because I was so taken by the last book I read and still had the story on my mind, but then I came across Novel Novice's review in Goodreads and I could not agree more. Reading this book does feel more like reading a script than reading a prose and you do wonder if the book was based on the script rather than the other way around.

What was fundamentally off for me was the lack of emotions. I am one of those annoying people who likes to feel what happens in what I am reading as if it was happening to me. I like to laugh, cheer, cry, get angry and heart-broken with a story, and even though this book has moments where I should be able to do exactly that, it just did not happen. The way it is written is so straight forward and to the point that I didn't have time to feel upset or happy about anything.

If you are a fan a romance, you will also notice how quickly he gets his girl. We all know the best part of a relationship is the chase and in I'm Number Four he not only does not chase much but Sarah, his love interest, is the one that comes to him. And it also happens within the first quarter of the book.

In short, while it is a good plot and I looked forward to seeing it on the big screen, I will not be reading it again. Having said that, I am curious to read the second book of this series: The Power of Six as there were a lot of questions left unanswered such as: why do the Mogadorians - the evil aliens - care if nine Lorics escaped? Why would they care if they went back to repopulate the planet as it sounds as though the Mogadorians themselves are no longer there and the planet is desolate? I will have to wait and see.
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on 16 November 2010
I liked John's character and had a lot of sympathy for him - it's hard enough settling into a new school and making new friends without the added complication of being an alien. Despite his powers and background, for much of the book, John comes across as an average teenager with the same concerns about fitting in and relationships as the rest of us and I liked that dimension to the story. I also enjoyed that fact that the book is narrated by a male character - most of the books I read have female leads so this was a refreshing change.

Henri acts as John's mentor, protector and guide throughout. On coming into his legacies, Henri is able to share with John the secrets of his past and the truth about their exit from Lorien and the fate of the planet. I found the back story to the book interesting but not particularly original; there is a lot here that reminded me of Roswell and Superman. I haven't read much sci-fi before but I suspect that fans of the genre may think that there is a lot in this book that has been done before.

I would have liked a bit more depth and insight into the other supporting characters in the book too. Sam was my favourite - he becomes John's closest friend after they unite to take on the school bullies. Sam is a typical science geek with an obsession with aliens - his reaction when he finds out that there is truth behind his obsession is great but I would have liked to know more about Sam and his life. I felt that the other key characters in the book; Sarah and Mark were quite one dimensional too.

I was surprised to find the book had quite a slow pace following the energetic start and although it held my interest, I did find myself wondering where it was all going. The high octane ending comes on quite suddenly and is a full on sci-fi battle! I can see that the story will translate well to the screen and I will watch the film version one day. I think there are elements in I Am Number Four that will appeal to a lot of different readers and as the first in a series it's a promising start. I will certainly read the next book in the series when it comes out to see where the story goes.
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on 22 June 2013
'I Am Number Four' is a book full of suspense creating an exhilarating atmosphere. Despite not having time to watch the film yet, I would say the book might be as good as the film or perhaps even better! Reading this book was the best thing as I have never been intrigued to a Sci-Fi book before.
Pittacus uses such tension and excitement, that it makes you not want to put the book down.

Number Four or John Smith (his name on Earth) is a Loric, originally from the planet Loriac. He is one of the Loriac Garde, of which there are only ten of them. These Loriac children have been sent to Earth for protection from the evil Mogadorians. The Mogadorians are the reason for the destruction of Loriac. They are merciless beasts, that will not settle until every Garde is killed.
"In the beginning we were a group of nine. Three are gone, dead. There are six of us left. They are hunting us, and they won't stop until they've killed us all. I am Number Four. I know that I am next."

The Loriac continue to hide and blend in with the human race, will they captured....will Number Four be captured?
Read the story, and be ready to be captivated by the upcoming waves of adventure!
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on 13 January 2013
I bought this book having watched the film of the same title and, becoming hooked on the story, I wanted to find out more about Lorien and the Nine.

As with the film, this book introduces the reader to “John Smith”, a boy constantly moving from town to town in America changing identities each time he is forced to move. Forced to flee from his home planet of Lorien, John and his guardian Henri are anything but ordinary as they try to blend in.

Having been forced to move again they find themselves in the small town of Paradise, Ohio where John’s legacies, or powers begin to develop. With the enemy closing in and numerous distractions John must discover how to use his new powers before it’s too late.

A real page-turner which differs slightly from the film, but was still a very enjoyable read.
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on 31 October 2014
Loved it! I got this in e-book format and loved every second of reading it. I haven't watched the movie yet so I got into this book with absolutely no assumptions and it hasn't disappointed me at all.

This story is told from Four's perspective and it is action packed which is probably why it's made into a movie. I now look forward to reading the sequels!
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on 19 August 2017
This book was thrilling, gripping and eventful. I loved every single part of it, but the ending was my favourite. It leaves you on a cliffhanger and sparks excitement and anticipation for the next books. Throughout the story all the characters have their own moments and reveal their true powers which gives you the full scale of how epic the final battle will be. I loved this book and highly recommend the series to young adults.
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