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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2014
The Raid 1 is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. The action, martial arts, and gritty crime setting made it such an exciting experience that took me by surprise. Yet it was so very simple. The story, the characters, the setting, it was all so bare bones. It was only the mind blowing action that made it so amazing.

The Raid 2 not only improves upon the action, but it is a deeper, more complex, and more emotional movie. This is one of those rare occasions when a sequel outdoes the classic original in every conceivable way. I watched, expecting a simple yet fun action movie, I finished realizing that I had just watched something so much more.

There are many more characters with personality and roles in the story this time around. Rama once again proves himself as the King of kicking the daylights out of people. There is a large cast of criminals, all of whom have their own memorable personalities, their own motivations, and their own subplots that makes them so much more than generic bad guys. There are also many twists and revelations that I doubt anyone will be able to predict.

The cinematography is brilliant. The scenes are shot so well. Not just the fight scenes, but everything. The footage slows down at just the right moments, the camera may focus on a wisp of smoke, or a droplet of water, or any other mesmerizing image at certain points. The sets are beautiful too, and are a vast improvement over the bland apartment block in the first movie. Sound and music are also very important here. They are used with great effect at key points in very creative ways.

But the main thing in the Raid 2 is the action. All of the fight scenes are spread out more evenly than in the first movie where it was near constant. This movie handles pacing so much better, and each of the fight scenes get more tense and impressive as we near the big finale. They are all extremely varied and very creative. A handful of my favorite fight scenes of all time come from this movie. And there are many of them!

One of the few criticisms I can make is that it can sometimes be confusing what is going on because the movie jumps around a lot. It's also easy to confuse peoples names and peoples role in the story. This is mainly to do with the large cast of this 'criminal epic'. If you want some advice; pay attention when the film starts rolling!

Watch this movie. It puts all other action movies to shame. I'm not even exaggerating.
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on 17 August 2014
This is a great martial arts movie. I have to say I did like the Raid better, but that does not take away that thus film is excellent. For anyone who has been disappointed with the latest Jackie martial comadies, or Jet's more wire work than martial arts, this movie is salvation. Iko Uwais has set himself up as the new martial arts superstar since Tony Jaa.

This movie is more bloody and with a higher body count that the first movie. It is set over a course of years. The martial arts are brilliant. Since the first movie Rama, is forced to go undercover supposedly to break a cur rump cop ring. To do this he must engreciate himself with the son of the head gangster. When the assignment that was supposed to be a couple of months turnes into a couple of years is there anyway back for him?

Despite the film being over 2 1/2 hours, the time flies by. More than enough action and amazing fight choirography to keep me amazed. All round great movie.
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on 13 August 2014
This film has a much bigger scale than the original, there is a huge ambition to make this a largescale gangster film with martial arts, and as a whole it works.
Firstly the Action scenes are astounding, the choreography and filming make each fight seem intense and weighty. The martial artists are phenomenal and at times it seems just like a very violent dance. I cannot find fault with any of the action in this movie, it is liberally spread throughout proceedings as well to break up story elements nicely.
The plot is interesting, and a direct follow on to the end of The Raid with the protaganist having to deal with the ramifications of what happened in the building and being recruited to try and bring down corrupt police who are helping the criminal gangs.
This is a long film clocking in at about 160mins and i did feel that with some judicious editing this could have been made a little tighter, but overall i enjoyed the experience and it did not seem to drag on.
The extras are interesting and add to the overall experience of the film which is nice to see. I would recommend this to all action/Martial arts fans.
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on 10 September 2014
The first film was amazing....the Raid 2.....action scenes were amazing, but the director to should stick to just that, directing! He wrote the movie which was actually NOT the Raid 2 when it started life and the movie studios rejected it and so he decided to weave the RAID into this movie that no studio would touch and what we get is a film with breath taking action scenes and a story that really is too long. I mean there is about 30 mins where an old guy suddenly enters into the movie we see him with family probs and then he goes and gets killed....this was supposed to evoke some kind of emotion in the did not! It was more like WHY? That coulda been cut out and the film woulda been a whole lot slicker and tight. The main character from the original film really is superfluous he really makes no impact on the film, his actions change nothing that would've happened even if he had never infiltrated this dodgy bunch of criminals! It really was pointless, I mean he's undercover and he's away for over 2years instead of a couple of months, calls his wife and she doesn't flinch she doesn't ask what happened, nothing! Crazy! The problem is if you want the audience to form an emotional connection it is usually with the main character not an old guy who appears for 5 mins then dies! Yet in saying that the action, I loved it! But because of all the bum fluff it seemed like it took an age before any action happened. I sat bored through most of the movie I'm sad to say and i asked friends their opinion and theirs was the exact same, which was a shame. I would recommend it but when you see a hairy old guy, put him forward he serves no purpose but to slow the film down!
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on 26 June 2014
o.m.g.where do i start.the raid 2 is just awesome and much better than the original.i have to say that gareth evans is a genius.a welsh writer and director who has delivered 2 films of awesome power.and lets not forget iko uwais who gives a brilliant performance in acting and fight choreography.the stunt work is out of this world.the films kicks off where the first one finished.not giving to much away the story is better and has more depth to it compared to the first the fight and stunt choreography is better and more violent in the second.overall a masterpiece of action/violence not to be missed.the good news is that the raid 3 is in production and there is a american version of the raid being made with gareth evans doing the for the dubbing it is very good in the uk version and the film is uncut.please be aware the american version is r rated and has been cut by the MPAA.
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on 19 September 2014
I have to admit that I wasn't massively impressed with the first The Raid, because it seemed to be a little light on plot and I felt that a lot of the action was fairly repetitive (although the main actor has awesome athletic, gymnastic and martial arts abilities).

For the sequel though, they've added far more of a plot and taken the action to a significantly more impressive level - picking up about 2 hours after the other film finishes, we find the hero from the first movie being sent undercover to try and gather evidence on the crooked cops responsible for betraying his team, which means getting into one of the two big organised crime families in the city. Cue lots of over-the-top action sequences (which must have been extremely punishing to film) and some mammoth (ultra-violent) fight scenes with some truly inspired choreography.

The only criticism I could make (if I really had to find something) is the lack of guns. Not that I'm a massive fan of watching people shot, but there are literally only about 5 guns in the whole film - the rest of the time all the combat takes places using fists, feet and a variety of blunt and bladed weapons. While this makes for some awesome martial arts action, I couldn't help feeling that it was odd that none of the leading crime family members seemed to be 'packing'. Presumably this was precisely because it made for better action, but surely, if you're a higher-up in an organised crime gang, at least a couple of your bodyguards would be carrying a gun, in order to better protect you? This is particularly strange when compared to the original movie, in which their were guns galore!

That aside, this is a truly awesome action/martial arts movie. Be sure to check out the brief 'making of' documentary in the extras too, to see some of the innovative ways they organised some of the stunts. I was particularly impressed with how they did one particular camera shot which moved towards a speeding BMW, in through the window to see the driver, into the back seat and then out the back window to focus on a car chasing it - I genuinely just assumed this was some kind of post-production CGI, but as it turned out they simply had three cameramen, one in the chase car, one inside the car disguised as a seat and one strapped to the far side of the car body, and then the camera was simply passed between them - devilishly simply, incredibly effective and far more effective and realistic than a lot of the computer-assisted/generated effects you see in many Hollywood action movies these days!
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on 1 April 2016
It would have been very easy for the makers of The Raid just to transport the story and the action to a new location and repeat the first film but they've not fallen into the that trap and have instead expanded the world and story to not just create a first class action and martial arts movie but also a great undercover thriller.
The action is a little more spread out this time around and it's not one relentless smack down. Don't get me wrong, when the action does happen it's amazing to watch, spectacular car chases, with epic and brutal martial arts fights but it's the stuff in between that really expands the film. It's taken more of a Infernal Affairs approach this time around rather than a straight up action flick.
The only slight issue I had with the film was they had the actor who played Mad Dog in this first movie also appear in this movie playing a completely different character which was a little weird because I kept thinking this guy ain't supposed to be alive! Small issue though with a top class action movie
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on 17 April 2014
Unashamedly paying homage to The Godfather and Infernal Affairs, this blistering ride follows up from the first Raid. Despite concerns of too much plot complexity, I found this not to be a problem and was able to follow the narrative of each character easily enough during the stunning fight scenes, particularly the penultimate fight in a kitchen which is, for me. The most breath-taking fight scene I have ever seen, I was just gasping for air. An exhilarating, exhausting and thoroughly stunning film
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on 24 August 2014

Taking place shortly after the original THE RAID, rookie Jarkarta cop Rama discovers he has made enemies with his actions when a gang lord executes his brother. To protect his infant son and wife Rama goes to prison undercover to get close to Uco, the son of a powerful gangster. Rama saves Uco's life during a prison riot and Uco's father hires him when they both get out.
Things get bad when Uco rebels against his father and his gang engages in a turf war with the rivaling Japanese gang during which a cop is killed...

THE RAID 2: BERANDAL (English for "Thug") continues the story of THE RAID 1, taking a different turn.
Director / Writer Gareth Evans delivered a good sequel to the rather mediocre THE RAID, improving much that the original lacked - in some cases too much: the movie could have used some trimming in some scenes (especially the prison scene at the beginning). 20 - 30 minutes shorter would have been more. Despite much time given to the story, the characters remain 2 dimensional without much depth, which really isn't all that necessary in this genre anyway.
Iko Uwais might be good at martial arts, however he totally lacks charisma and is just a terrible actor. I could see Steven Seagal in his place and THE RAID 2 would have been much better.
Fortunately some of the other performances are far superior than Uwais', Arifin Putra as Uco being the best, but also Julie Estelle as the mute "Hammer Girl" was a nice adddition. Also great: Tio Pakusodewo as Bangun.
Where THE RAID 2 truly shines are the martial arts scenes and its unflinching approach to violence: where American films tend to pan away to secure a lower age restriction, THE RAID 2 doesn't - at least not in the uncut version (see below for details) - and shows it all in its bloody glory.
I'm giving it a 3 star rating for the flaws I mentioned before. Overall it is a decent action film, but it is not great and I seriously doubt I will be watching it a second time. The "cop goes underground and beats an endless flow of gangsters" story just wasn't that compelling for my taste. Fans of THE RAID 1 however should love THE RAID 2.


Reviewed version: 2014 Entertainment One UK DVD
Feature running time: 143 mins. (uncut)
Rating: Not Rated (MPAA) / 18 (BBFC)
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 / 16x9
Audio: English 5.1, Indonesian 5.1
Subtitles: English
Extras: Commentary, Featurette
Region: 2

Picture: B
Audio: B
Extras: D

Unlike the US version, which lost several frames in some of the many extremely violent scenes (despite the director's promise of the cut scenes being reinstated for home entertainment, which is NOT the case), the UK version is completely uncut at 143 mins. (DVD PAL) and 150 mins. (Blu-ray). The DVD and the Blu-Ray are region locked (2/B).
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on 22 May 2016
The first was a thrill ride of tense action with a gritty realism that had you holding your breath.

The Raid 2 is a gritty, tedious drama with short but brilliantly shot action. Those long stretches kill the pace and excitement, several fights are marred by shaky cam and rubber weapons but remain the highlight over a disjointed plot.

Considering this is the same people as the original Raid it feels like they got pretensions of artistry over what people actually liked and responded to in the original.
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