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on 5 June 2012
purchased as a gift, which was well recieved, especially as the book included.
I have used these cards not only as a reading intuative aid but also as a tool for some people to understand thoughts and feelings by using the images to express.
very pleased as most people sell only the cards and this purchase included book.
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on 29 October 2014
I firstly came across the psy-cards at various different psychic fairs, as a lot of the readers seemed to be using them instead of the traditional Tarot cards. They really caught my eye as the pictures were so unique, and after asking quite a few readers I found the general consensus to be that they were finding them to be more accurate and easier to work with than traditional Tarot cards. When I finally purchased a set I wasn't disappointed, the cards are good quality and I just love the uniqueness of them.

What I would say though is because the psy-cards are fairly new on the new age circuit, there isn't as much information readily available about the meanings of the cards est. so it may be best to buy them with a guide book if your new to using them, as although loosely based on the meanings of traditional Tarot cards some of the cards meanings are also completely different. I also bought an additional book about the meanings of the cards called (The language of the psy-cards by Berenice Watts) which I am finding very useful, as it goes into the potential meanings of the cards in greater detail and is written by a reader who has been using them for many years and who is very experienced with the cards.

I don't know if it is just that I connect with the cards on a deeper level compared to other sets, but I have had some very, very accurate readings with these cards, spookily accurate! what I really like about them is that the meanings of the cards are sometimes so obvious, you try to make things more complicated only to realise once the event has passed that the meaning of the cards was literal! As with any set of intuitive cards though, practice makes perfect :)
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on 8 May 2014
These people (official Psycards store) are ultrafast. I received the package a few days later, before the delivery date deadline started. Considering i live abroad, this is amazing service.

When i ordered it, i thought i was going to receive just the deck and the book, but instead i got a set that included the aforementioned and a PsyCards black pouch, an amethyst pendulum, instructions to use the pendulum with the deck and a discount voucher for an online course on the PsyCards. This was nice of them.

The cards (deck of forty) are 11 cm high and 6,4 cm wide. They are easy to shuffle and have average thickness.
Each card has a number on top and the name on the bottom in gothic letters. They all have white borders (approximately 4 mm).
Although i knew the artwork, because i had seen the card drawings in several websites (i always do this to make sure i like the deck and not just half a dozen cards), i was a bit disappointed with the color. The cards have no sheen, no brilliance whatsoever. They have muted shades and don't look like the more or less vivid colours i saw online. It is a pity because they are well drawn and the rich colors could make them look more alive instead of faded.
There are three cards that have only patterns (each one with different geometric shapes and colours): Yes, No and the Inquirer. I don't like these cards. I would have preferred an image in them, even if it was small.
The cards are done in a medieval theme and that works for me, because i love medieval decks. The back is done also in a medieval pattern with black, red and gold in vivid tones (go figure!).

The images in the cards are conducive to a fairly easy interpretation, although a few of them do not have such an obvious meaning. Still, they are not difficult to use. On the contrary. Since they reflect the archetypes found in the collective mind, anyone can relate to them and grasp, at least, the most basic of meanings, regardless of a structure system.
In fact i found them so intuitive, that anyone can use them without having any knowledge about oracles or without reading the book first.
You don't even need a beliefs system or a religion. They were made for everyone. There are no rules.

The book (by Nick Hobson) that comes with the set is 17,7 cm high and 10,5 cm wide. It has 216 pages.
It has a brief introduction (hurrah!), a few pages on fortune telling, tarot and symbols, and considerations about this deck, namely how the cards came about, how are they grouped and perceived and how to approach them.
The author doesn't waste a lot of time with comparisons and doesn't get sidetracked.
The book is well written in an accessible way to all. The information about each card starts on page 22. There is a black and white reproduction of the card with a sentence below it. The information about it starts on the next page. Usually, each card has three pages of information (without the image) which includes the meaning, the associations and opposites and thought prompts.
The meaning is not set in stone, it's not as rigid as a tarot card. In fact it shouldn't be described as a meaning, because the book is not written like with set ideas, but with a set of ideas. It describes each card and discusses the general meanings of the archetype, but instead of stating the significance, it makes one think about it and opens pathways in the mind, so that all the roads are open to interpret the card in each situation. We, not the book, are called to reflect upon the card and delve the feelings or thoughts it may illicit. It's a free thinking book.

At first, i was a bit lost because there is no order, no journey, no organisation of any kind.
This may seem daunting if you are used to the tarot structure, which is somewhat rigid. This was my case. I thought i wouldn't be able to read with them, because of the no rules principle.
I took me about two weeks after i got them before i tried them. And before i did that, i read the book.
Of course, this added to my confusion, since i'm a stickler for rules. I found no spreads (there is information but not as detailed as i'm used to) and no concrete information on how to read the cards, like the positions or card combinations, which is something one would would find in any tarot or oracle book.
Nevertheless, i decided to take a leap of faith and use them in a simple question with the three card spread. I got an intriguing answer, that included the archetype card that represented my question. The more i use them, the easier it gets. They are very accurate. They are not only a divination tool, but also a development tool, because they make you wonder about all the things you should consider in a situation, all the sides of it.
These cards are flexible (in terms of their applicability to several situations) and they need a flexible approach and a flexible mind or point of view to connect the ideas. Here, nothing is set in stone. Once i learned that, it all became easier.

I recommend these cards to all people with an open mind. They develop one's intuition and one's openness.
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on 5 January 2014
Had these recommended to me and I certainly was not dissapointed, love using them adn they are really well used.
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on 27 September 2015
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