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on 8 March 2002
15-year-old Princess (New York teenager) Mia Thermopolis is back once more in her third hilirous diary of her life! During this time in her teenage life Mia has got everything anybody would want! Shes got a boyfriend, Kenny, fame, and on top of that Princess of Genovia! So you would think Mia would be pretty happy right? WRONG! Kenny is definitely NOT the right guy for her. Micheal, Lily's brother, is the one she has always wanted. However everything seems to go wrong and now she is trying to aviod further smooches with Kenny. And now Micheal is going out with somebody who is definitely more intelligent that Mia and most likely can clone fruit flies. On top of that her mother is now pregnant with her stepfather's baby. Oh yeah, did we mention that Mia's stepfather is also her Algebra teacher? And guess who has been failing algebra for a long time...? Plus, Mia has got the added pressure of preparing a speech for her nerve-wracking entree into the Genovian society. Things aren't looking to good for her. Maybe Lily can turn things around when they hatch a plan to get Micheal back.
After reading the first two diaries Mia wrote I couldn't wait for this one and it didn't disappoint me! Mia is still her old self with her sassy and funny humor which makes you laugh out loud. This book also had some emotional parts in it too which grips you. All and all a great book! It definitely lived up to my expectations. However I heard that this will be the last of Mia. I really hope that isn't true though. I recommend this book to all teens who love to have a laugh of two!
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on 29 January 2002
The third book to the Princess Diaries series, and hopefully not the last. Worth reading, but must read first two books before reading this third one, so you can catch up on things. Mia now has a boyfriend, Kenny, but obviously she can't help herself with her feelings for her best friends's brother, Michael. Mia is also getting ready for her speech in Genovia and also ajusting to her algerbra teacher being her stepfather. Mia is a girl who suffers from royal pains to normal everyday things.
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on 1 August 2002
I have read this book cover to cover, and I think it is suitable to say: WOW. This book is one of the most fantastic I have read. Meg Cabot's talent is wondrous. The part which touches me the most is the part at the end when Mia finds her true love. It is beautiful and it really touches me. The whole book, I might add, though, is a COMPLETE masterpiece, and I am looking forwards until book 4 is released in the UK in september: Mia Goes Fourth.
Back to the subject at hand though, Mia is a troubled young girl what with stresses of her mum dating her algebra teacher, being the Princess of Genovia, A controlling Grandmére and an annoying cousin, Sebastiano, Let alone having a hopeless crush on her best friend's older brother, Michael...
But at the end, like most princesses, she lived (or more to the point LIVES) Happily Ever After.
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on 9 July 2006
This is the third book in the Princess Diaries series and is Mia any closer to having her true love Micheal Moscovitz as her boyfriend. Apparently not as he appears to be going out with Judith "Fruit Fly Girl Cloner" Gershner. Micheal even went ice-skating with her! An incident occurred when Mia accidentally made her tongue bleed, something Mia would rather not dwell on. I think that this is probably the best book in the series especially with the ending which I love but as this is a review by Bookmad, Bookmad doesn't enter spoilers. Definitley worth it but is cheaper online/Amazon as it is actually worth £7.00. Good read.
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on 3 March 2002
Everyone wants to be like Mia! She has everything anyone could ask for and on top of that she is a Princess! Mia goes through all the troubles any normal teenager would go through and records them all in her diary, which is shared with us. The troubles with her best friend Lily, her Mum and Dad, her boyfriend and even her terryfying Grandmere who insists on giving her Princess lessons! This is an exteremly funny and understanding kind of story. You would be able to relate to it seeing as everyone goes through problems in life. If you read this i would recommend you to read the first two in the sequel as it will all fit into place. Recommended for all ages, a good bedtime story or a very pleasant quiet read.
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on 20 November 2003
This is a BRILLIANT book!!!! I think the ending is great! I have read it 3 or 4 times in the last 3 days! I like the constant struggle of trying to work out how to break up with her boyfriend and her always thinking about her secret love( her best friends brother) Micheal who is spending all his time with a girl who can clone fruit flies. Does she win Michael's heart and find a way to break up with Kenny? Read the book and find out!
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on 22 October 2003
Princess Mia's third book of diary entries is, if is was possible, even more STUNNING than the last two. Mia seems to lack in the confidence needed to 'always look on the bright side of life' and she's always thinking of anything that could possible go wrong. This book, as did the others, makes you laugh out loud, cry with frustration, and experience every emotion Mia experiences. Meg Cabot takes you right there to Albert Einstein High School, where all the chaos is happening! You spend the whole book hoping that it will end happily ever after (...)
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on 28 September 2002
This book has the fairy tale ending with a twist! Mia is so lucky to have Kenny as a boyf and she recognises that she should be happy with him- but she just isn't! She doesn't click with Kenny, but she knows who she does click with- her bessie's bro!
But she doesn't want to tell Lilly, and she doesn't want to hurt Kenny's feelings.You gotta read this book, teenage bookworms- its funny, fab, and who'd have thought grumpy grandmere would help our Mia out?!
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on 12 January 2002
The prequel in the series has a lot of cliffhangers. Will Mia break up with Kenny and try and go out with her best friend's Senior brother? Will she do well in her finals? Will Mia be able to live with her Algebra teacher? All is revealed in the amazing final book in the series that I personally think could beat the guts out of Harry Potter anyway-this book as humour, romance, and you can read how Mia actually feels.
Best book of 2001/2002
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on 8 February 2004
This really is even funnier than the last book , and as fast and furious as ever and we love Mia even more , It is addictive as the first three . Mias finally got herself a boyfriend b ut hes so not he right guy !As we very well know , she wants Michael . Michal is going out with the fruitfly cloning judith and mia really 'cant compare to her'. You really do have to read this , then the other three! THEYRE ALL FAB FABBITTY FAB !
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