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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 April 2009
This book technically contains all the PBF done, including some never-published strips and personal comments and an interview. All of this is packed in a nicely produced book with a colourful hard cover and a generous size.

I personally love the style of these strips, and would have rated it 5 stars. The reason for not doing so is that I love the strips so much that I had previously (when it appeared) bought the previous book (Trial of...). Lovely book too, but the differences in content between the too are rather minimal. More pages? Yes, but now you have one bigger strip per page. Luckily this book is not too expensive.

So, go for it if you don't have the previous book!
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on 18 March 2009
Bizarre, frequently disturbing and often just plain silly, Perry Bible Fellowship is an online comic strip boasting gorgeous artwork and a unique sense of humour. It's not a million miles from The Far Side, but with a jet-black streak that somehow manages to elicit sympathy for the characters even while you're laughing.

Despite the colourful drawings and alluring cover this is not a book for kids.

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack is far superior to previous PBF publication 'The Trial of Colonel Sweeto' as it doesn't just have all the comics found in that edition, but every strip ever published, plus extras including an interview with the creator and comics that have never previously been available.

This alone should be enough to tempt any PBF fan, but it's also worth noting that this gorgeous hardback is the kind of thing you'll be happy to have on display in the living room. They could have packed two or more strips together, but each comic is enlarged and given its own page. The book is surprisingly big, the paper from good quality stock and it has a reassuring weight to it, which make its relatively low price a pleasant surprise.

If you've never experienced PBF before and enjoy dark, absurd humour then you're in for a treat. Don't read it online first, just buy this book.
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on 27 February 2015
It was awesome and it saved my life twice on the same day, first when I was shot at by the brother of the mother of my child by stopping the bullet and the second time when I guy tried to mug me at knife point........ I love you Perry!
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on 16 October 2010
"The Perry Bible Fellowship" is an online strip and this edition is a collected version of those strips printed on lovely glossy paper and bound in hardback and cloth. Each page contains one strip which is a variant of 1-4 panels often drawn in varying styles. Nicholas Gurewitch is a master illustrator and can draw all kinds of ways from straight realism, to 19th century Japanese woodcuts, to 1980s NES games, to early 20th century pulp detective comics, to surrealist Dali-esque paintings, to mimicking such famous illustrators as Edward Gorey, Quentin Blake, and Bil Keane. The drawing styles are just one amazing aspect of Gurewitch's talents, the other is his fantastic sense of humour. There are literally hundreds of strips here but I've picked out a few that I really laughed at.

Miggs - Gangster gets surprise birthday cake and out jump puppies. Final panel shows a party at the Kennel Club with a birthday cake where sits a gangster with a smoking tommy gun surrounded by dead guests.

Kitty Photographer - a man taking a picture of a cat when suddenly a naked baby runs away from his mother into the photographer's sight line when he takes the picture. The photoshop developers call the police when they see the picture and the photographer is sent to jail where he's beaten up by Nazi skinheads.

Way Too Much - a "Family Circus" type story where the father gives his son $20 for a tooth that's fallen out. The final panel shows a load of kids with bloody mouths, having knocked all of their teeth out with a baseball bat.
Guntron Alliance Force - a manga-esque strip which shows 5 heroes as they merge their machines into a giant gun that fires a bullet at the evil robot scorpion. The final panel shows just 4 heroes with the one that was the bullet missing.

Food Fight - a fat relief worker in a famine struck third world country calls out "Food Fight!" in the middle of lunch with several starving kids. Another relief worker walks over and slaps him.

The Dreamcatcher 3000 - some scientists devise a machine that lets you see what the person is dreaming. They demonstrate in front of a group of investors and see that the dream is a kinky S&M fantasy. The last panel shows them huddled around a liquor bottle saying "...an entire year's worth of funding...gone..."

Those are just some of the highlights in this brilliant collection. It's a fantastic read that I know many people will love. It's great for comics fans, great for fans of comedy, a great read for just about anyone. Check out his website for more tasters of his stuff and then buy this wonderful book full of twisted humour and magnificent drawings.
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This book is a wonderful little treasure to own. I became a fan of Nicholoas Gurewitch and the Perry Bible Fellowship from it's website and I regularly checked it looking for updates. The jokes and humour are wicked sometimes, gentle other times. No matter how dark the humour is, the delivery is always gentle. The illustrations are wonderful and the characters all seem to come alive in the little sketches. This guy really knows his stuff. I'd recommend this book for anyone with a quirky sense of humour and you can check out the website to get a glimpse at the comics. Don't read them all though otherwise you will miss out on seeing them for the first time in the book. The website has some new comics that aren't to be found in the book and vice versa I believe.
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on 9 June 2015
Magnificent book. I truly enjoy these comics and I can recommend anyone who enjoys these comics to buy the book. The graphics are amazing and with every time I read the book again I find new details and intricacies.
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on 20 January 2012
I bought this for my brother in law for his birthday, having seen a small cartoon strip that Nick Gurewitch had published in the UK version of Maxim magazine in about 2004. I found the website by chance, and the link for the book on Amazon from there. One of the sharpiest, funniest, wittiest, driest cartoonists I have ever seen. The brilliance is the simplicity. 3-4 frames have summed up whole scenarios, and left me in stitches, and the artistry is really amazing. Buy this book for anyone you know with a sense of humour!
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on 10 March 2013
Great book, very funny strips, one of my favourites. Each strip get's it's own page, and the book itself is of very high quality.
The best panals are the ones where you have to work it out, and the joke slowly dawns on you!
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on 3 December 2011
As some other reviewer said "All of this is packed in a nicely produced book with a colourful hard cover and a generous size.". It's a very beautiful book at a great price. You might already know that most (not all!) of the content is freely available online, but at this price it's so much better to have such a high quality print in your hands!
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on 20 August 2009
If you already own "The Perry Bible Fellowship: Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories", there's not much need for this one. Yes, it has a few other works and samples in progress, but you're better off having a quick browse of it at the book store than weighing your shelf beyond the best already contained in Colonel Sweeto.
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