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on 10 June 2014
This book has been a revelation to my husband and I. We bought it alongside the paleo book and cookbook and this book does fill the gaps for those who exercise regularly or are extremely active and want to follow paleo. It makes it ok to have the odd starchy carb which nips the dips in the bud and ensures you have enough juice in the tank to train and train well. My husband is leaning up extremely quickly and has lost the puff that has driven him mad for years.
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on 7 December 2014
Highly recommend. - taken a few weeks to settle into this method of eating. Body composition as begun to change. (Leaner). With moderate exersize I have lost 4kg in 28 days, with not deliberate calorie defect. Very please with this book.
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on 5 May 2014
An excellent book for all athletes. Diet is really working. Full of examples and in detail information . Is more than a nutrition cyclopedia for me.
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on 13 August 2013
This book explains so many things and it all seems sensible and derived from actual results of real live examples rather than someone's personal theories.

It gives great understanding into your nutrition requirements before, during and after exercise which is great and it all makes sense.

Compare this to completely different book on the same subject I came across the other day saying drinking water only without additional salts will not hydrate you during / after exercise - this maybe true in the extreme when you have sweated so much but for most people, it is ridiculous.

So, buy this book. For me, it is close to a nutrition bible.
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on 29 January 2013
I really do love this book! Plenty of science in there, all referenced if you want to study in further detail. Plenty of tips from a top athlete, too. The book tackles all the fundaments of a generally good diet as well as eating for recovery.
The proof is definitely in the eating, though. I was cynical about the Paleo diet, but I feel so much healthier now. I've not noticed a significant change in athletic performance, but it's still early days. The most noticeable thing is a complete absence of any digestive discomfort. Although I didn't notice the discomfort much before, the sudden and total absence of any bloating or pain has made me realise just how much discomfort I had learned to live with. I also feel more alert and never feel any kind of lethargy after a meal. Having thought Paleo was a fad, I'm now a total convert. I do wish we'd managed to adapt properly to alcohol as a food source, though... it's the one thing I really miss!
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on 22 November 2012
It's hard to review this book without giving your opinion on the value of the Paleo diet as well but I am going to try.(and perhaps fail.)

The Paleo Diet advocates eating in a fashion more akin to that of our distant ancestors living in the stone age. Put very simply, more vegetables and fruit, more meat, and far less dairy products and grains. Athletes (whatever they are) however have some special nutritional considerations to take into account and so we are presented the Paleo Diet but for athletes.

I personally found the book a little hard to follow and felt that the chapter "why eat like a caveman?" was the ideal introduction to the book and therefore should have come at the start rather than half way through. The reasoning as to why the paleo diet should work based on our ancestry seems sensible when you read it doesn't it?; but always ask yourself 'where is the evidence that is has been shown to work?'

I thought the authors gave misleading advice for example they describe "headache....confusion...tunnel vision..." as early symptoms of hyponatraemia. These are not just early symptoms and if you are experiencing them and are in a situation where hyponatraemia is a possibility then you need to seek urgent medical advice!!!

The value of the acid/alkali approach to food is misleadingly presented. Forgetting about whether this is even an intrinsically useful concept given the body's ability to buffer and maintain acid base balance within certain constraints, presenting a table of how grains are "bad" (ACID!!) and veggies and fruit are "good" (ALKALI!!) but leaving out citrus fruits (because they are acidic???) is tendentious and just one example of the selective presentation of evidence to further the thesis of the paleo diets 'goodness' that I noted in the book.

There are also factual errors "it's when you eat less than optimal foods that you tend to add body fat" ....this is not true! You add body fat when you eat calories surplus to requirements (If you eat 2200 calories of fruit and meat as advocated but only need 1800 you will gain weight!) and there is sadly very little attempt to discuss calories further because 'the Paleo diet will take care of it all for you'. This is additionally problematic as it is not made clear what constitutes an 'athlete'. So when examples of daily caloric intake are even mentioned (2200 calories for a 55kg female) these may be quite steep for a female jogging a few miles 2-3 times a week. (okay, so she is not an 'athlete', but what is? 20miles per week? 40 miles per week? Do they all need 2200 calories per week?)

So if you are able to sift through the chaff to get to the wheat (which the authors will tell you is bad for you) there is still quite a lot of genuinely interesting material providing food for thought. I just think that the paleo plate is pushed so hard at you that the material is a little hard to swallow.Also, once you take all the athletic modifications into account, is what you have left really the paleo diet any more?
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on 28 October 2014
Interesting read, some good ideas about how to eat and digest healthy food for improved nutrition. Don't think I could be 100% Paleo as I live in the Midlands not London, so obtaining all the unusual ingredients is a big challenge.
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on 21 May 2016
Its long winded but gets the point over , I have followed the diet guess what ! it works . The down side its expensive to eat like this. However I suppose its were your priorities lie. I have lost over 35lbs, and feel good.
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VINE VOICEon 23 June 2014
Paleo is supposed to be brilliant, and this book shows how to tailor the approach for endurance atheletes, I found it to be good and the information worked for me.
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on 21 March 2015
Brilliant book but most importantly an amazing lifestyle! top athletes and health professionals are getting amazing results from this, so should you.
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