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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
The Other Side
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 3 August 2012
It was thanks to a random tweet i was introduced to The Other Side by Terry Tyler.
The story follows four women, katya, Cathy, Alexa & Sandy and the choices they made and the choices they could have made. If Only....It sometimes made me laugh, sometimes made me want to cry. Its very moving in some places and makes you want to shake those women's heads together and say "get a grip" in others. The last chapter of the book is very much a surprise i didn't expect either!

The Other Side is brilliantly written and is a definite Must Read/Cant put It Down kind of book.

These four women could be any one of us or we could have even known someone just like Katya, Cathy,Alexa & Sandy.

If you get the chance to read this book, go for it! I thoroughly enjoyed it and you will too!Terry Tyler is a very talented author who writes with feeling...

I would definitely recommend buying The Other Side! Well done Terry X
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on 19 June 2012
I was unsure about this book before I started reading (thought it might be a bit chick-lit ish) but I'm glad I tried it, as I enjoyed it greatly.
The story starts with four different characters (Katya, Cathy, Alexa and Sandy) each having a chapter which sets out where they are in their life now and the choices and repercussions that have led them to this point. The following chapters then go backwards through the timeline of their lives to life changing decisions.
This is a story of 'what if' - what if you'd treated this person differently, what if you'd gone left instead of right etc - and works really well. All the characters were believable (so much so that I really felt like banging their heads together at times) and all their seperate stories are different enough that you don't forget who is who). A very clever story indeed and well told.
It is not just a story for ladies, it is a story for all - so, ladies, pass it on to the man in your life when you've finished it.
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on 17 July 2013
Have you ever wondered what might happen to you if you'd made one different decision in the past? If you'd met another person to marry, if you'd been brave enough to make a career decision you never made, or if you'd given something up just to follow your dream. But you can only analyse what happened in your life by looking back on it and comparing and guessing 'what might have been if only'... But what if you could look forward and see what might be, instead?
This is a book about choices, alternatives and parallel lives. Smart sophisticated and sexy Katya, successful businesswoman who has everything she could possibly want except a satisfying relationship. Then meet Cathy, trapped in a marriage to a ghastly control freak. Alexa, happily married, breaking free and starting a cafe in Scotland, getting away from the south of England. And alcoholic desperate Sandy.
The plot is fiendishly clever, and I won't give the story away here, except to say, that, as with all of Terry Tyler's books, it's an easy-to-read, highly accessible novel, with a lovely fluid style, with plenty of characters you can like.
All in all, it's a jolly good read.
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on 3 June 2013
This is an absolutely superb novel that completely surprised me. Just when I was beginning to think it was going to be another book about four different women and what their lives could have been like if they'd only done something differently when they were young (which is a nice idea for a novel, but not an awe-inspiring one) the author put a spin on it which totally changed everything.
Having read You Wish... by this author, I knew that she is a very talented writer, and was looking forward to reading more of her books. This book has left me wondering why Terry Tyler hasn't been snapped up by one of the major publishing companies.
'The Other Side' will entertain you, but more importantly, it will make you think. So much of our time is spent comparing ourselves with others and cursing our luck. This book drives home a very important point about life. I don't want to give too much away, so I will leave it at that. I think everyone would enjoy this book. It's full of believable characters, and everyone will be able to relate to at least one of the characters. This book isn't as funny as 'You Wish', but it is just as entertaining and thought-provoking. I'm looking forward to reading more of this author's work.
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on 28 May 2012
I've read Terry Tyler's other 2 books and was looking forward to the new one. I'm sure we've all thought at some point in our lives, what would have happened if things had turned out differently. I would recommend trying to digest this book in a couple of sittings, rather than dipping into for 5 mins per day, as it is quite complex and you would risk getting lost otherwise. Not that devouring it in one or a few sittings should be any problem. As soon as I was able to do that, I was hooked and remembered who all the characters were and when and where. The book delves into the past quite a bit, so you need to engage your brain to follow! The characters are superbly written. I loathed Katja with a vengeance and couldn't find a single redeeming feature. I alternately felt sorry and then wanted to give a stern talking to Cathy. I empathised with Alexa and wished Sandie had had someone close to help her. The Other Side addresses the issues of alcoholism, vanity, selfishness,drudgery, insecurity among others. And I loved the book, but couldn't quite decide if I still preferred Nobody's Fault, the first book I had read of Terry Tyler's...until I reached the last third of the book..I eventually worked out one part of the mystery, but not until it was unveiled to me and I thought all the twists and turns had already been answered, was the even bigger twist revealed. I couldn't help feeling the whole thing was karma. For the ending alone, I have to give it the thumbs up.
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on 12 February 2014
This is the cleverest plot of anything I’ve read since ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. It is told backwards!
The story opens with cameos of four apparently unconnected women – Katya, successful, glamorous and utterly self-centred, who has given up all her chances of love in order to succeed – Cathy, who married a nice, safe man but is slowly going insane with the tedium of her dull marriage and interfering in-laws – Alexa, who is very happily married and in love with her husband but whose happiness is threatened by a scheming woman – and Sandie whose life has sunk into the grey misery of drug addiction.

Go back a few years . . .

We meet the four women earlier and find out what the decisions were that put them on the path to their eventual fates.

Go back again . . .

See what I mean?

I wasn’t sure at all about this book when I started reading it. I couldn’t see where it was leading and, although I guessed there must be a connection between the women, initially I couldn’t see what it was. But I had read Terry Tyler before and I trusted her to give me a good read. By half way through I couldn’t put it down and couldn’t wait to see whether my suspicions about the connection would prove correct.
Wow! What a dénouement! I’m telling you no more. Just trust me. Buy it and have one of the most gripping reads of your life.
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on 3 June 2014
This is not an easy chick-lit read. It is thought-provoking, intense, and has more twists and turns than any roller coaster I have ever been on.

As I read, I was constantly having to remind myself what had happened before, whilst asking a million questions. I even woke up this morning thinking, "What IS going to happen now?" Some parts to the 'what ifs' make for harrowing reading... But, without revealing anything, let me just say that the ending was GREAT! It left me smiling.

I loved it, and would recommend to to readers who like to read about real relationships, the ups & downs of trying to please, coming of age angst, and the importance of friendship...
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on 5 February 2013
This book is completely unique. The idea alone is ingenious but to actually pull it off without readers guessing the twists at the beginning is just brilliant!

It goes in a totally different direction to what I expected. The characters are well thought out and the story line is believable yet intriguing and exciting. You can really relate to the content and at times I found myself very emotionally involved. Parts of it are lighthearted and comical, other parts are intense. It often left me drifting off into a train of thought. For me, the whole 'What if?' thing is very significant as I met my best friend in a previous job 8 years ago and through her I met all my current friends and even my fella who I ended up travelling around the world with...What if I'd never gone to that job interview?!

Terry's writing style is very fluid and easy to read, hence why I finished it in one day! I'd definitely recommending this because it was an absolutely brilliant read!
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on 21 May 2012
I had read the other 2 books by this author and enjoyed them, and I liked this one so much I had to write a review. The theme is one that fascinates me - what if you didn't take that road, but the other one? Wouldn't it be great to know what would have happened? There are parts of each of the characters' experiences that every reader will relate to, some more than others, some with amusement and some with regret! I honestly believe that every woman is in this book, and quite a few men as well.

There's a twist - just when you think you've got it, you realise there's more than you thought. The last chapter is so good to read, and I found it quite moving, I didn't want it to end. A very satisfying read, all the ends tie up, and when you've finished the book you find yourself thinking about the previous chapters and saying 'Aha!' to yourself. I thought a lot about the themes after I'd finished the book, and the most outstanding one to me was that - it's never over until it's over, there's always another way, and what seemed to be the best way isn't necessarily so. Full of surprises, with a lot of laughs along the way - like life, really!
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on 26 May 2012
Read this on my boyfriend's Kindle that I gave him for his birthday, not that he's seen much of it yet! I really liked how the four stories are separate in themselves, and identified rather too much with some of the characters. It's an unusual idea for a book, learning about the women and what made them get to the point in life they're at now. Kept thinking I'd finish at the end of a chapter and then starting the next one. I enjoyed it the best out of her books, it's very funny in parts and so poignant in others, and the ending is SO good! Bet you don't guess it.
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