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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
The Osbournes: The First Series [DVD] [2002]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£4.87+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 23 October 2016
Was a gift
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on 20 November 2017
The dvd came scratched and didn’t work. But for the price it’s just too much effort to send back.
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on 6 April 2017
was good but was expensive for what it was.
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on 18 April 2003
The Osbournes debuted on MTV last year in the UK and has been a big hit, when It was eventually shown on Channel 4 I started to watch it from the 4th episode I was totally hooked. When the series came to the end, I wanted to see more, well The Osbournes on DVD is finally out to buy and fans will without a doubt want to get hold of this fantastic DVD! All 10 episodes are included and all UNCUT so this ones defiantly not one for the kids, with all the strong language and with an "18" rating. There are TONS of extras included atleast 30 + unaired footage from episodes 2-10, interviews, photo gallery, a funny "match the turd with the dog game", edit a scene, DVD rom extras, hidden easter eggs, an Ozzy Translator which is a feature some may want to use if your having trouble making out Ozzy's Brummie accent plus loads more to find. Even the sub menus are great like on the 2nd disc you see Lola (Jacks'Bulldog) licking the special features titles away you have to see it to know what I mean it's hillarious! I can't recommend this DVD enough If you like a BIG laugh this is a must buy and the DVD is stuffed full of great extras! Buy it!
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Welcome to the home and domain of the Prince of Darkness and his loving family. No matter what the ratings or sales, the Osbourne family has become one of the focial points of American attention and probably will stay that way for some time. They're a fantastic bunch of people.
This DVD set (the uncensored one doesn't have words bleeped out) contains the first season, ten episodes of Ozzy Osbourne, heavy metal rocker; his strong, smart wife-manager Sharon; son Jack and pink-haired daughter Kelly. (And a lot of pets, too) Food fights, pet therapy, teen partying, settling into a new home, dogs messing up the furniture, stolen thongs, and much more pepper this interesting, entertaining TV show. The Partridge Family they ain't... thank God.
What makes this middle-aged rocker and his family different from other fly-on-the-wall reality shows? Maybe it's their honesty, maybe it's because they were were the first. With the abundance of the F-word and the don't-kiss-up attitudes, the Osbournes are a breath of fresh air on TV in general. They remain perhaps the only good reality show out there.
Even if you weren't a fan of Black Sabbath, you'll quickly become acquainted with Ozzy: eccentric, funny, and profanely sweet at times. Sharon is intensely loyal and loving to her hubby, sometimes acid-tongued, witty, and capable of being as peculiar as he is. Jack and Kelly serve as exceptional counterpoints to their parents, sometimes petulant, sometimes disobedient, sometimes just doing their best to rebel (clubbing, getting tattoos, and so on). They can be as witty as Sharon, and their exchanges sometimes just blossom into hilarity -- sometimes unintentionally ("I feel like I'm invisible" "Shut up!") And they all love each other quite clearly although they sometimes have odd ways of showing it ("Merry Christmas, baby. Another f***ing year. I adore you, sweetheart. Now, f*** off.")
It mostly takes place in the Osbournes' house, a big Beverly Hills mansion that has been decorated in accordance with the Osbournes' personalities. Don't expect a central theme -- lots of weird decorations, plenty of crucifixes, personal bedrooms, and lots and lots of antiques. And the DVD set has plenty of extras -- extra footage, games, "Ozzy's Ten Commandments," interviews, an "Ozzy translator," commentary, and more.
Love them or hate them, the Osbournes are undeniably entertaining, and this DVD set is a wonderful means of seeing this show over, and over, and over. (My feelings toward this series are summed up best by Ozzy himself, paraphrased: "I love you, but you're all f***ing mad.") Definitely worth getting and keeping.
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on 4 September 2003
I found the first series of The Osbournes very helpful to understand the madness of their life!!!!!!!
Ozzy you just love for being honest and dosent hold anything back especially when he saw the set to his stage with BUBBLES!!!!
Sharon has excellent one liners such as when Jack hadnt got out of bed.
Kelly is just every girls idol, she gets to stay out as late as she wants and has reasons to make alot of noise, but it always seems to be Jacks fault.
Jack is the most gorgeous, personality that is. He really doesnt give a f**k. Only what his clubbin mates think and finds it very hard to apoligise when things always go wrong for him.
Overall this series is a must have for Osbourne lovers!!!!!!
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on 15 July 2003
This DVD is a must for all fans of the Osbournes. All episodes from the first series are included as well as superb special features such as commentries, unseen footage and the finest moments of each Osbourne (and Lola). This is a hilarious DVD, with two discs which really leaves you feeling spoilt by the extras.
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on 7 April 2003
...Ozzy is mad, his wife is mad, his kids are mad and thedogs are insane. If you didn't catch the series on TV this is a must have and if you did it then you have gotta get it cos it is absolutley class.
The fight with the neighbours is a piece of pure comedy which never fails to make me laugh.
The extras are excellent and the episodes are classic.
Buy it, what ever you do buy it now!!!!!
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on 13 April 2003
This is a must see DVD it's truly amazing and is a DVD you'd love to watch over and over again.This is well worth the price,infact they should be put the price up because it's so good.It contains all ten episodes of the first series,even the incredible 'Jason Dill' is here.This DVD has got everything you need its even got games!This a DVD that can keep you occupied and laugh.This DVD is aprox:211 mins long and is jammed packed with all the bonus footage you could'nt get to see,now heres your chance!Im so shocked of the price here it's cheap!
This is a DVD for a true osbournes fan buy it!:)go on you know you want to!
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on 16 April 2003
the dvd shows you the lives of the osbourne family. with daily trials from the kelly and jack fighting, to ozzy moaning, to the pets misbehaving. the dvd is hilarious, and for anyone who cant understand a word ozzy is saying, there is a ozzy translator that helps you along the way!!!the extras are great. there is jack and kelly top moments, bonus footage and a running commentary by jack and sharon. there is also a 'name that dookie' game! which is funny.
this is a must have dvd for any osbourne fans!!!!!!
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