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on 2 October 2002
Yes - I think I would like to recommend Mr. Huang's book to anyone with an honest interest in the I Ching.
Having lived with the Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching for about 20 years, reading Master Huang's "The Complete I Ching" was like a fresh breeze from the sea. Going one step further and reading his "The Numerology of the I Ching", has deepened and broadened my understanding of the I Ching in a wonderful way. Mr. Huang is obviously a man who knows what he is taking about, having the I Ching in his marrow. His book is simple and explicit in explaining the experience and knowledge of generations of Taoist studies in China. As a reader I'm relieved from all western dry scholarship and (most common) romantic New Age superstitiousness. This is a book aimed for understanding, not believing.
As an amateur student I'm far from grasping the bones and marrow of the I Ching, but with this book I feel that I have an excellent tool for my research that hopefully will last many years to come. So far, the chapters on The Hosts of the Gua, The Mysteries of the Mutual Gua and The Hidden Message of the Core Gua, has been the most rewarding for me to read, but of course there is much more that needs time to sink in. It's not an easy book...
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on 27 August 2016
I initially have a great impression of this book. However, I recently stumbled upon an I Ching website that provides a fair bit of information that's presented in this book for free and is written in a more concise and explanatory manner than Huang. I also thought that a fair bit of the content in this book could have been excluded based on my preferences. For example, Huang listed all the hexagrams containing each nuance of judgment in a chapter - I don't see the relevance of it unless the function is to provide a directory of judgment for the reader's research.Perhaps, I can discover the beauty of this book after 10-20 years of study. But for now, I think it has limited value for me.
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on 5 April 2016
i suggest in my humble opinion reading the great commentary tucked in between the 1st. and 3rd. part of wilhelm’s translation…learn how to consult with the yarrow stalks and count through the seasons…number is the secret…the sages assigned the number 2 to represent the earth and the number 3 to heaven…earthly numbers even…heavenly numbers uneven...the sages...men of cosmic intelligence computed all further numbers and gave them their attributes...2 yin female earth shade...3 yang male heaven light ad infinitum...4 5 6 7 8 9... the dao imparts...it is a transactional pshychology…it is the good...if one sees good imitate it...that is in the yi too...look for it stay simple and it becomes easy... Yi zhuan has the dao...the principle...it is the wisest book in creation.
I Ching or Book of Changes
Ch'ung-Hu-Ch'en-Ching: Or the Treatise of the Transcendent Master of the Void - The Taoist Masters
Fleeting Footsteps: Tracing the Conception of Arithmetic and Algebra in Ancient China
Astronomy & Maths in Ancient China: The 'Zhou Bi Suan Jing' (Needham Research Institute Studies)
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on 2 July 2008
I agree wholeheartedly with the previous reviews that this is a worthwhile companion to the I Ching. Alfred Huang points out that whilst western translators considered the 64 Gua sequence in the I Ching as random, he begs to differ and carefully explains in great detail why they were selectively applied in the chosen sequence. I must admit that I did not appreciate the sheer depth of the Ba Gua and hexagrams until I read this book. This book transforms your understanding and appreciation of the I Ching. Highly recommended.
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on 8 July 2014
An interesting series of ideas about the I Ching and how it may be viewed and interpreted in a progressive light. A good companion to the author's other work on the Great Book.
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on 11 May 2016
Excellent book for those interested in this subject. A perfect balance for his other books. see my other reviews
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on 16 August 2003
Anyone interested in the I Ching should read this book. It's a guide to the Daoist aspects of the I.
Most translations of the I into English are based on the Confucian philosophical angle.
This is a necessary and valuable volume which is a great companion to the A Huang The Complete I Ching. Buy both. The Complete I Ching is no the first volume I consult.
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on 7 June 2015
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