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on 27 September 2014
Ok, so I heard amazing things about this book and recently read a book that is similar and very empowering for women. However as I began reading it not only does it drone on and on for pages repeating the same information before getting to the point, I found this book was not suitable for women NOT of a Caucasian background. Under the chapter "looking like a CUAO" these women are telling me (in a nut shell) men love blondes, so straighten your hair, dye it blonde and then it even suggests green or blue coloured contacts!!!! Match it with "a skirt above knee length" and "a top that shows cleavage" and you have . . . well a stripper! I read this book to feel empowered and better about myself, turns out that's not what their selling.

Not all women are blonde with blue eyes and straight hair, that does't mean we are not beautiful. I believe that yes women should make an effort to accentuate their assets but don't change who you are. Wear make up, dress to impress but don't loose yourself in what some people perceive as "CUAO" . . . for those of you who don't fit the description of this book please read "Act like a lady, think like a man by steve harvey" because it applies to all women not matter what you look like!
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on 22 January 2013
I did feel that the original rules needed updating, I remember being single when texting and emailing was big and think I did this rule rather well, I've now been married 7 years. I think the general guidelines about facebook, tweeting and texting is very good but my main criticism about this book is how they say men only like women with long blonde, straight hair and must wear hooped earrings and a large gold watch. I am a short haired brunette and managed to find love just like many others, and never wished to wear hooped earrings and large gold watches. Please!!!! There is someone out there for everyone and you just have to be the best you can and dress in a way that flatters your individual shape and size, after all, wouldn't it be boring if we were the same and on an online dating profile men would have to wade through thousands of long haired blondes who all looked similar! Sorry but I can only give this book 3 stars because of this particular chapter, otherwise there are some very good pointers in it.
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on 4 October 2013
Everything they say not to do - I was doing! Still trying to adjust and change my behaviour, but I'm already feeling better about myself. A must-read for all those girls who find themselves checking their phones to see if "he" has messaged back yet or wondering why he's not called the day after "the night before".
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on 2 July 2013
I really enjoyed this book and have recommended it to a few friends, who are also enjoying not only reading it, but the effects that it has had on thier personal lives. This is not a do everything book, do use your initiative, beliefs and common sense when applying the rules. For the most part I think it teaches self respect, the whole point of the book seems to be a guide on how having your own life is good and when you meet that special someone they need to share that life, not you drop everything to be with them. However, it is meant to be a guide on finding a person and as it says in the book, if you aren't ready to do that, don't.
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on 30 March 2013
This book is a gosh darn tragedy.

This book teaches women to be invisible, simple-minded and bland. It suggests that any man looking for a relationship wants a quiet homemaker with good looks and no brain. In short, it's offensive towards both sexes.
It goes on to actually blame outspoken, independent women for relationship dissolution, stating that, if they had 'followed the rules', they'd be home and dry. They'll more likely be nursing their fifth baby, chasing a toddler around the house and cooking for 7 whilst waiting for her knight in shining armour to come home from the office, only to see the fat slob stumble through the door, drunk, and promptly collapse into bed without so much as a sidewards glance to his dearly beloved.

This book demands that women compromise their own hopes and dreams, their own, good selves and their values to accommodate a man. It suggests that you hide your true nature in order to ensnare a man, and a stupid one at that.

Forgive me, but aren't women striving for equality these days?
This level of trash only serves to feed the unrealistic, fairytale dreams of women who don't realise they're better than this.
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on 11 July 2015
I didn't like this book. I found it too rigid. I don't think that these rules will necessarily lead to a happy love life. There are so many variables in life, nothing is simply black or white. This book treats dating as some sort of mathematical equation....if you are 30 years old you must wait 4 hours to reply to a text.....? Hmmm I think this is a strange way to approach dating. I would instead recommended reading "He's Just Not That Into You" and "It's Just a F*#king Date" both by Greg Behrendt. These books aren't about playing games, they're about finding and maintaining your self respect.
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on 20 July 2016
Not as good as the original . It has been updated for a more modern way of living but somethings now contradict with the older method. There is key information and the main ingredients still apply however I did not feel that I gained much. It's very much focused on college and social media addicts. The journey has taught me to love yourself and allow others to treat you with love and respect. Do not settle. I also learnt that so many rules are not natural and sometimes it's good to use your own initiative dealing with different men. We are not all going to meet men in the ideal situation as life is not that straight forward. I have mixed emotions but there are some women who really need this book because they don't have any rules and give too much too soon. It's good that such book exists but it is important to take some information and leave the rest in order to set your own limits for your individual situation.
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on 8 June 2016
If you're a rule breaker we all need the Rules to follow. This book is old fashioned but every word is true....never chase a man or an alsation.... Sometimes we all need a dose of reality. So it's a must have book. Fast postage.
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on 3 June 2013
I just love the rules books and I couldn't of been happier when I seen they had written one for the 'digital' generation. These women really do know what they are talking about and trust me these rules really do work.. Live by them!!!
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on 10 August 2014
This book and its older version were my bible while dating.
I do not agree with all the rules, e.g. dating more boys. Simple did not have time. I am nurse and I am busy in my life. I have my social life and I do a lot of craft too. I used to mingle a lot. I was young, attractive, did a lot of dancing and was still single. I just could not find that right man for me

I met few young men and did rules. Went for dates and it did go nowhere.
And then I met my Mr Right, over the internet (yes I had a Rules for internet dating). I followed the book, was busy, and somehow my Prince charming turned around my life. In 10 months from our first date he proposed and we are getting married 10 months from the proposal. I did not expect this but I know if he did not proposed within a year we would have to have a talk.
If someone tells me I am lucky I just answer, no, no, he is the lucky one.
Good luck to everyone. When you finally find your Mr Right you will understand why it did not work with your ex.
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