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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 January 2014
i downloaded a sample of this book, and was hooked straight away. its about a child abduction, told by mainly the mother, then others who are involved, i liked all the characters, and thought it very believable, this book was not sentimental, but written in a way that makes you understand everyones point of view. a good read.
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on 6 February 2014
This book would certainly make anyone who has family missing think very deeply about how they would deal with repatriation within their own family unit. The ending to this story is good in as much as Chloe had the same kind of life she maybe would have had if her parents had divorced amicably, plus her life with her father was happy. If it had been a different scenerio with the child/adult background it would raise the question of learning to accept your child--warts and all--with the past they have had to deal with. Most people would say love would overcome those difficulties- I think that is rather a far fetched hope, the family would have to walk a mile in that childs shoes to come close to understanding how they are feeling. Saying that Brooke really made you think about how both families had to deal with just some of the problems they were faced with, especially the twins, and the younger brother playing for attention, these are just a small part of some of the problems bringing the family back to some sort of normality, every family has there falling outs and stressed times, throw that in the mix and you have a tightrope to walk, But-saying that, any resolution to reuniting a long lost member of a family is worth all the heartache. This is a really good read and I would recommend it.
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on 8 September 2013
what a fab story!!! it sounded so real. very well written and felt emotional in few occasions, which means that author knows how to reach readers emotions. well done nd i hope this is the first book of many to come!! cant wait for the next!!!
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on 5 September 2013
The Missing Half by Author Brooke Powley

Upon reading up on Author Brooke Powley's background, I was very impressed to learn that "The Missing Half" is her debut novel. She writes like a seasoned author with a story to tell and a serious message about child abduction...which occurs more than we care to believe and many people can relate to in one way or another.

I think this author has a somewhat unique style of writing in so much that she is writing a fictional story in the first person. In the initial part of this thought provoking and captivating novel...Alice the main character, is actually writing a letter to one of her twin daughters who has been abducted over ten years ago at age two. Hope and Grace are identical twin girls. On an everyday outing with their dad Jack, he quickly slips into the store to pick up a few items. He thoughtlessly leaves sleeping Grace in the pushchair and carries wide awake Hope into the store with him. Much to his shock and despair, upon his return and in less than three minutes, Jack finds the pushchair empty. The mysterious disappearance of Grace sets the wheels in motion for a countrywide search. There is nary a trace; however, Grace's mother never gives up the hope that she is alive and well living with some other family. Alice writes to Grace as if she is still alive and will one day be reunited with her family.

After a full week of police involvement and an intensive search, the police decide to scale down the operation. Jack and Alice decide to hire a private investigator by the name of Edd and with the financial support of many generous donors; they are able to pursue the investigation on their own. The emotional impact is huge as these loving parents, twin sister Hope, as well as family and friends do all that they can to assist in this mind boggling disappearance of Grace without a leaving a clue. And then if things couldn't get any worse, the unthinkable happens.... mother, one woman's all out effort and attempt to bring back her missing twin daughter. It is suggested, after all these years, that she write a book to further publicize her every effort to reunite her family. Not a day passes without thoughts of Grace...a room is prepared for her eventual return. Clinging to hope year after year, that she will one day be located and returned to the loving mother and sister that struggle with her absence...they carry on as normally as possible. The thread of hope clings with each passing year...

And then there's Edd's story, the private investigator, with a personal explanation for his secret devotion and desire in solving cases of missing children...and also the personal stories of all the characters intertwined and somehow connected to the kidnapping of Grace.

The facts provided by talented Author Brooke Powley and the number of missing children abducted each year are staggering. Although a fictional novel, this well-written story is sure to move its reading audience and stir the hearts of every parent while stressing the need to be aware of the possibility of child abduction across the world. Yes...this unthinkable crime occurs several times a day and we, the guardians of our children, must take extra precaution in these trying times. Thank you to this author for making us more aware od this insidious crime and by her written words, encouraging us to be more diligent!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte
I'm Not Perfect and It's Okay
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on 19 October 2013
Brooke's book was featured in our local paper, so I bought it out of curiosity and to support a local girl.
I read the book over two evenings and was reluctant to put it down. I feel it is well written and as others have said surprised it is a debut novel. I too look forward to the next story!
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on 26 February 2014
Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. This is a story about a little girl ( one of twins) who goes missing. A really absorbing story which holds the reader to the very end. Well written. Have recommended this book to several friends.
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on 27 August 2013
This is a fantastic book, well composed with differing narratives that meet to an unusual but enjoyable ending.

Its a great emotional story with ups and downs but never too much that you don't want to keep reading.

I don't read much, holidays and the such, and only usually sci-fi or comedy, but this book was compelling to the point I read it in pretty much one go. You would never guess its her first novel.

Highly recommended, I will be telling everyone about this, and already looking forward to the authors next book.

The next book is out now! Letting go of Emma, this is also a fantastic read.
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on 9 February 2014
The abduction of a child will always make for a gripping story and this book was no exception. I actually read it in a couple of days because I was so enthralled. There are many twists and turns and the fact that the story is told from the different views of the main characters makes for a enthralling and easy read. I haven't given it 5 stars as the logical and practical person in me makes me think that certain parts of the story are just a little implausible.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2016
It's a very powerful story. It is like reading every parent's nightmare. A moment of poor judgement and lives are forever changed as one of Alice and Jack's twin girls (Grace) is abducted from her pushchair outside a shop in a quiet Cornish village. The story is told through Alice, Edd the private investigator that searches for her long after the police give up as well as other characters that come into play as the story progresses.

It's been ten years since Grace was abducted but Alice refuses to give up on finding her daughter even though she has moved on with her life and married again and had a son with her new partner. She writes a book about her experiences in her search for Grace in the hopes that it will jog someone's memory or lead to her finding out what exactly happened to her.

Along the way some hard lessons are learned on both sides of the equation and it ends on a bittersweet note.
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on 18 August 2013
A father makes a snap decision to leave his sleeping child in her pushchair outside their local shop and so changes the course of not just one family's future.

The Private Investigator hired by the family has his own reasons for persevering with the case and his dogged determination persists over 10 years as the family try to come to terms with their daughter's absence.

I especially liked that each of the main characters narrated their own part in the story this helped me make a stronger connection with them giving this very believable plot so much more depth and detail.

It was only after I finished that I learned that this was the author's debut novel and that I did find unbelievable as her work was both polished and original. I now have a new name on my favourite authors list.
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