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on 6 January 2013
I felt compelled to write a brief review in support of the theatrical edition Blu Ray of the LOTR trilogy.
There seems to be more whinging about this edition from people who haven't even purchased it than any other film. (only Bladerunner coming close !)
I even delayed buying this edition because of all the bad reviews, waiting for the extended version to go down to a sensible price.
Well the extended version trilogy still hasn't gone down to a sensible price and at less than a tenner for the shorter theatrical versions ( a mere 9 hours !) for 3 blu ray films and 3 extras DVDs I thought what the heck I can't go wrong!
I think the whingers have forgotten what brilliant films these are , they were good enough at the cinema and are still great to watch again and again. Of course I have the extended versions on DVD so can watch the 10 1/2 hours for all 3 if I want to, and to think I paid over £20 each for those, so didn't want to spend another £40+ for the blu ray copies.
From a technical point of view the Blu ray copies are better than the up scaled DVDs, but with less layer break glitches and the whole of each film on one disk ! Sound quality is significantly better but that's just my opinion and picture quality is superb, even on the Fellowship of the Ring. Maybe the techies should stop looking at the screen with a microscope and just sit back and enjoy.
Stop the moaning and remember if like me you were lucky enough to see the original LOTR trilogy in the cinema it was probably the best 3 movies you will ever have seen on the big screen . (with the exception of Bladerunner of course !! yes even the 1982 version!)
What other films of this magnificence can you get on Blu Ray for £3 per movie ?! BEST VFM so far this year, money well spent in my opinion.! Get them while you can at this ridiculous price.
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on 12 April 2016
Great box set. Contains all 3 films in special extended edition. Each movie is in its own boxset containing 4 discs each. That's a total of 3 boxsets. Each movies is spread over 2 discs with half being each. Then there's 2 discs in each box contains hours of special features.

The films were a sheer spectacle to the eye, with stunning graphics, gripping storyline and award-winning acting skills. In my opinion the best franchise of all time. Brilliant! Order it now!!
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on 20 March 2015
Any fan would be incomplete without this set- the extra scenes are amazing, and follow along with the books for the most part. The art inside each case is beautiful, and each disc has a little booklet for information which is rather helpful in itself no matter how many times I've watched these movies.
The only set back is probably the two discs per movie, but this can be considered a positive if you don't have the time to watch the whole movie in one go, but if you are going to marathon it you'll find yourself getting up a few times to switch it over. Otherwise, amazing.
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on 4 February 2016
Great boxset, I love Lord of The Rings, so with all the added 'appendices' basically behind the scenes and making of the movies, also with some background information and then the extended editions of the films, there is literally days worth of content here and if you're a diehard Lord of The Rings fan like myself, who loves the book and the films, this is a must have purchase, I grabbed this at a real great price also. Really really impressed, shame I don't have enough time to watch them all in one showing!
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on 20 August 2013
So definitely worth it!

The hours of extended DVD playtime, as well as all the extras are very much worth the time/money.

I, personally, love being able to see the behind-the-scenes on films like this, and seeing everything that everyone put into the films just makes it all that much more special to me.

I sat and watched all of it over a long weekend, and I felt honoured to have been allowed to watch something that all these people so obviously enjoyed doing. It was quite a wrench realising that I wasn't a part of it, and I never can be!

Really worth your time.
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on 21 August 2011
The theatrical versions of the movies were fine - nothing too wrong with them as movies go, and perfectly watchable. However, for the true fan, the extended editions add so much more depth, they're almost like different films. Different, better, more involved films.

However, this is what we got from the DVD extended editions many many years ago. For the most part, the extras are the same that we got from the DVD version too. So what has the long wait given us that we didn't have back with the DVD release? One thing - cinematic visual quality best experienced on a 40+ inch HD TV.

Owning the DVD version, the diffence in visual quality is more than I expected. Since the movies have such stunning visuals in them this is a major improvement to the viewing experience. The high definition format makes them come more alive, drawing you in for the best watching experience you'll get outside of a private cinema screening.
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on 18 October 2015
Just finished watch the films not started on the extras so much content
the extended scenes did add a lot to the film but it changed it into a more talkative version which I liked it different to the cinema release.
One small point some of the FX shots did seam a bit unfinished but that is only minor magnificent films all the same
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on 21 December 2015
All three Lord Of The Rings Movies in stunning Blu-Ray sound and picture quality all together in a boxset for just over ten pounds
OK these aren't the Director's Extended Cuts they are the cinema versions, and only come with a single disc of extras for each movie but for the price this set is superb value for money.
An undisputed five star essential purchase.
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on 13 November 2016
Perfect! All the disks work and the packaging has only minor wear and tear so description of used/good was spot on. I've never actually seen these films before and my partner has been bugging me to get and watch them so at £4 for the full trilogy to take a punt on it was a fantastic price too!
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on 13 August 2016
Exactly what I wanted. Recently watched the whole series on NowTV and couldn't wait to watch them again. Now I can watch them whenever I want and wherever I want. Great series and if you've never watched them but you love fantasy, a great story, funny life like characters, then you should definitely give it a try.
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