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on 3 November 2003
My family and I used this book extensively whilst on holiday in New Zealand and my two sons were able to re-enact all their favourite fight scenes in the spot where they were filmed! There is a good amount of detail and "inside information" about the Peter Jackson films to help you to track down the locations used. This book is an indispensable guide for those visiting NZ (a great country over and above the link with the Lord of the Rings films) who are Lord of the Rings fans but I don't think it would be of interest if you were not visiting the country as the main information is about how to find the sites used.
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on 14 January 2004
If you're going to New Zealand and you are a "Lord of the Rings" fan, then this book is a must. Slim enough to slip into the baggage without disturbing the scales, it is a detailed guide to the places where the films were shot. Detailed descriptions of routes, paths and unmade roads will get you to the places you recognise. You could spend months touring the country just seeking out locations - or just visit some of the places mentioned when you happen to be nearby. Also, the articles from some of the people involved in choosing the locations are interesting.
If you are not going to NZ, then the book is probably only worth buying if you are a hardcore "Lord of the Rings" anorak. The magnificent scenery doesn't really come across in the small format photos - much better to go and take your own pictures!
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on 3 August 2016
It is a brilliant book, this is the second time I have ordered a copy for each of my daughters travelling to New Zealand, as its off-the-road guides complete with sat nav links reveals so much more of the country. and it makes an interesting read from the English armchair too! No problems with the delivery or condition so well reccommended.
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on 29 March 2014
Easy to read, plenty of images and a variety of locations. It's a must-buy if you're interested in The Lord of the Rings, or planning on going to New Zealand. Regardless of whether you're interested in the films or books, most of the locations in this guide are just beautiful places to see.
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VINE VOICEon 23 February 2004
I bought this book whilst I was in New Zealand and hoped to 'step in the footsteps of hobbits' so to speak. Well, this book is quite misleading. Whilst nicely presented from a first glance, on closer inspection, unless you are prepared to spend hundreds of NZ$'s and days searching, this book is more or less useless.
Out of the 30-odd locations, you can only easily get to 3 of them. All the others require a 2-hour helicopter ride or a 10-hour one-way hike to reach. It will not become clear till you reach New Zealand, just how barren a country it is. It is the same size as the UK with a population of around 3 million. You cannot get to the locations with ease. If you have watched the 'making of' any of The Lord of The Rings films, you will have heard how the cast and crew went by helicoptor to the locations. That's because its the only way! There are NO roads to most of the locations listed.
There is one cool location which you can reach easily in Wellington (the capital). Halfway up Mt. Victoria along a footpath there is the exact spot the Hobbits hid under a tree to escape the Ringwraith. The big tree itself was a prop, but its easy to see where everything happened. I bumped into a Swedish couple at this spot who had travelled to New Zealand just to visit the locations and were pretty dissapointed with the book. They had hiked out to some of the locations with their own GPS (following the GPS co-ordinates listed in the book) and found them to be highly unaccurate.
This book looks very cool but take it from me (as a foiled hobbit-spotter), it is anything but.
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on 2 April 2004
This excellent and indispensable guide is thoroughly researched, richly illustrated with photographs, and well written. But while it is an essential book for anyone planning a visit to Middle Earth, it is handicapped by one glaring omission: though several maps are provided, none adequately indicate the locations of Middle Earth's features. This is frustrating for anyone who wishes to use the book as a travel guide (though it is always possible to sort out locations by using the text and the limited maps provided) and a serious drawback for the armchair traveler who just wants to get a sense of how Middle Earth maps onto New Zealand.
Be sure to get the "Revised Edition".
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on 17 May 2012
I'm about to head to New Zealand. I'm also a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings films and I'm very keen to visit some of the beautiful locations used. This guidebook is fantastic: it gives you travel / transport tips and tells you exactly what to be looking for. I can't wait for the trip and I am positive that with this guidebook, I'll be able to see many of the locations used in a remarkable trilogy.

The only reason this is not 5 stars is because I bought a second hand copy so it was a bit weathered.
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on 2 July 2015
Having already visited New Zealand and visited many of the sites where the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series were made, this book provides everything that would be needed to ensure you could make the most out of a trip to New Zealand.
I am sure that it will prove to be most useful when wee take our second trip to this wonderful country.
Len and Dawn Powell.
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on 26 April 2013
I first saw this book on sale in New Zealand where it was quite expensive. On return to the UK, I ordered it from Amazon. The book arrived promptly, and in excellent condition. My criticism revolves around the mapping, or lack of it, in the book. Having just returned from New Zealand, I was able to relate to some of the locations alluded to in the book. However, the mapping found on the inside of the front cover and back cover cannot be used for the vast majority of the locations - the book's mapping does not have the requisite detail. The book does provide SATNAV coordinates, but I suggest the reader would benefit from buying a better/larger-scale map to compliment the read. It would be difficult to use the book to plan a touring holiday.
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on 14 January 2004
Ian Brodie has created a marvelous excuse to explore New Zealand away from the traditional "do NZ in a week" type tours. It is a guide that works both for the longstanding LOTR enthusiast and the landscape lover. It also has the advantage that it is easily pocketable and if I can sort out a rental car with GPS I will even be able to follow the references and co-ordinates that Ian has added to the revised edition. The book works therefore on several levels and is surely a must have for Tolkin fans who want to understand the many challenges that confronted Peter Jackson and his team in order to bring the trilogy to the big screen. Oh how I wish I had owned this book last time I visited New Zealand. There are so many places I must have driven by without even realising they were there.
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