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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2012
I downloaded the first (free) book in this trilogy and within the first few chapters was hooked, so I didn't hesitate to get the whole trilogy. The pace of the series is relentless, with a very good mix of space battles, ground warfare, politics and personal relationships - including in the second part an increased insight into the alien race through the eyes of one of their warrior prietesses. The story jumps between multiple characters throughout the books, but unlike many books every single story line is engrossing so even if you've jumped away from a story that you desperately want to continue with, you always pick up another story that is equally compelling. I was planning on reading someone else's work after finishing this, but I don't want it to end so have already downloaded the Redemption trilogy instead!
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on 2 September 2012
Niven-isque, or even Pournelle-isque, series with Man-Kzin undertones. Totally absorbing, pacey and dare I say "intellectually" scifying (satisfying?!). No disconnects: there is a theme that runs through. There is loyality to principal characters.

Buy the trilogy of this and the (In Her Name) Redemption trilogy.

I would also recommend the First Empress but Michael has only done the first of what is probably another trilogy; it is also an excellent read but you will be left feeling slightly "empty" and desperate for him to get on and finish the trilogy.
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on 30 March 2013
After Reading the first book (First Contact) that i got for free I had to get the rest, I paid for the whole trilogy as it worked out cheaper than buying the other two books somehow.
The stories completely immersed me inside the "Kreelan universe" where humans have to survive against an enemy who fight to the death and never surrender.
Ichiro Sato is the only survivor of the first contact with an advanced and superior force of aliens and its up to him to take the message back to earth and tell them an attack is imminent.
The books have excellent battles in space and on planets and likeable characters throughout the entire trilogy.

If you like your scifi these books should keep you entertained for a while.

I liked it so much I ended up buying the other trilogy (In her name : Redemption Trilogy)
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on 22 August 2012
This is the omnibus version which contains three linked stories. If you enjoyed the other books in this series you will certainly enjoy this read.The story lines move along at pace and it is difficult to put down once started. The storyline leads to another set of books as i am sure we will all want to follow the story of the main charactures.
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on 17 August 2012
I have read all of the In her name books and have loved them all. The first trilogy that I read "The Last War" began with the free book First Contact. I couldn't put this book down, the story gripped me from start to finish. It is fast paced, action packed and moving in places. It's just brilliant.

If you like sci-fi you will love this book and I can thoroughly recommend the next two books as well.


I also downloaded the next trilogy and the first book of the third trilogy and made the mistake of taking my kindle on holiday! My wife wasn't impressed as I didn't speak to her much for a weeks! I couldnm't put my kindle down! I had to read the lot. Now I'm waiting for the final two books in the last trilogy!
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I had initially given the first book in this series a four-star rating. I felt that there were some issues with the characters and that the book felt a little abrupt. Now having finished the trilogy, I am happy to admit that my initial feelings may have been a little premature. Every single issue I had with the first book was taken care of during the trilogy. Characters became real and had depth, whilst the books actually started feeling like a trilogy and not like a single book cut into three.
Having enjoyed this trilogy so much, I had to give it five-stars. Only the fourth author next to Tom Clancy, George RR Martin and Terry Prachett who has managed to tickle that out of a highly critical reader. As I always endeavour to write a fair and objective review, I think five stars speak for themselves in this case.
Well worth buying. I think it has elements for all fans of sci-fi, adventure, fantasy and military books. With that said, I think this trilogy is strong enough to impress nearly anyone who is willing to give it a whirl. The getting a book to the reader being the issue with this book, personally I didn't find the cover attractive (yes, I do choose by covers when browsing), but the free first book gives absolutely nobody a reason not to try. If you like that one, I would recommend going all out and purchasing the full trilogy as I did in this case.
Value for money, riveting, fun and can make you drift off into a different world. Excellent. I'm hopeful the next trilogy in the series will be just as enjoyable, I will review it when I am done.

Please see my review of the first book - First Contact - to see my initial misgivings. I believe in updating and not changing as my initial review is still fair, it was just as I felt when I had completed the first book. The author managed to convince me that I was in error the first time around only giving four stars as in honesty, this trilogy just needs to be read as a whole piece of work to really comprehend how much of a masterpiece it is. For self published, wow, best I have come across yet and surprised that it is in fact self published.
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on 1 August 2012
Even if you're not a die-hard sci-fi fan, I guarantee you will love these books. Hugely engaging characters (I love it when you find yourself rooting for the bad guys (girls!) at times). Great pace and action and very well written. None of those annoying editorial mistakes, broken text etc.
Keep on writing man!!!!
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on 24 January 2013
I actually got into the series after reading First Contact, then went on to read the Redemption series, and came back to finish the Last War.
First Contact was a totally compelling read, and was a great introduction.
I would say though, I enjoyed Redemption more overall than Last War, because it had more elements to the plot.
Also I didn't like the amount of backtracking in books 2 and 3, reminding the reader what had previously transpired. This device was hardly used in Redemption and wasn't necessary in my opinion.
That and another sentence that stuck out: when somebody "pressed the button to let the occupants know they were there" felt like wordpadding, since almost any other writer would just write "rang the buzzer"
There's a pre-prequel series being developed starting with how the Last Empress rose to power, but I won't get into it until it's complete, because I don't like being left hanging...
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on 25 July 2012
This is one of the best military SF series that I have read. I found it to be compulsive reading - fast paced and exciting with the ability to generate empathy, even with the alien enemy. Full of memorable characters and a number of genuinely moving scenes. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 3 April 2014
This is more of a general review for the In Her Name series of books.

I originally came across this series as a result of a post in a Space Opera group on Facebook. The subtitle interested me as the subject tends to be very male-dominated, so something different from the ordinary type of macho commanders and blasters fare maybe. What I discovered, and eventually went on to purchase several in the series, was excellently written scifi where the alien race is a matriachal society of women warriors totally devoted to a God-like empress figure at the apex.

It's well worth delving into Michael R Hicks' series, the books taking tangents and culminating in an all-out campaign to break Her hold and change the fate of the Galaxy. No continuity howlers, just well-paced and absorbing space opera worth your bucks or pounds.
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