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on 28 March 2014
I missed almost all of this series when it was originally aired in 2008. Yet, of the little that I did see of it, I remembered the scene where Steven Ezard (Cumberbatch) is being interrogated by David Russell (Carlyle) in front of Russell's electric fence, and that the main character was a professor who had worked in China. With this scant amount of information, 5-years later, I was able to, Steven-Ezard-like, cyber-track down the title of the series via Google, and then purchase it on Amazon.

This is a very well produced drama which seeks to integrate the qualities of prior art such as Smiley's People and Reilly, Ace of Spies, with a more contemporary editing style, like that of its US counterparts. 24, for example. My impression, on a first viewing of the DVDs, suggested an overly elaborate story line that depended on the heavy use, if not heavy-handed use, of foreshadowing and allusion, to maintain the viewer's interest. Nevertheless, like Roman Polanski's Ghost (The Ghost Writer), the series contains an engaging amount of pathos and inner detail which more than mitigates the issue.

The acting was consistently excellent. Especially from, yet not limited to, Benedict Cumberbatch, Anamaria Marinca (irrespective of a line of tricksy dialogue) and Max Beesley. The rich tone of the images seems to have benefited from being shot on film.

After becoming acquainted with the intricacies of the story for this series, the DVDs give one the opportunity to gain a much better impression of its strengths. Strengths that have enabled The Last Enemy to be included in the lists of Masterpiece Contemporary.
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on 24 March 2016
A very interesting series on what could happen if civilisations clash! With the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, it is certainly very apposite. Solid performances by all the cast make this a hidden gem, not solely because of the current star status of Mr Cumberbatch, who immersed himself in his role as a mathematics nerd forced to turn into an infiltrator agent, but because of the setting, the script and the ambience of a London where card-carrying members can be monitored at all times in the name of the fight against terrorism. But, in the end, it's also a mad-scientist experiment gone horribly wrong, not to mention the heart-rending finale!
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on 18 February 2016
Before he became famous, Benedict Cumberbatch made this - and what a taut, clever gem of a dystopian near future this is. Robert Carlyle burns up every scene he is in, and although Max Beesley glides through on auto pilot, as the dead brother who is not, actually, dead, Cumberbatch holds the whole thing together as the geeky OCD genius younger brother who returns to London for his brother's funeral and finds himself adrift in the middle of romance and conspiracy.His education in real life sees him hit the depths and the heights A nicely gritty ending too. Would seriously bear repeating. A good buy and a memorable series
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on 24 October 2013
This was a big surprise. Not sure what I expected, but it certainly exceeded those expectations. I loved they way it was a familiar England and yet completely unfamiliar and eerie at the same time. I loved the echoes of today's laws taken to an easily imaginable and very depressing extreme. The atmosphere is just right, and the acting of the entire cast superb. The story is fantastic despite the fact it unravels rather slowly. And when you get to the end... I won't give it away, but it is not quite what you expect, either. Another stellar British production that goes to show there are few competitors for good British drama.
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on 23 June 2017
Great viewing! Very easy to recommend at the bargain price to be had in the Amazon Marketplace. Well produced, good plot!
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on 12 July 2015
Interesting TV mini-series of 5 episodes. The DVD also includes a fairly decent behind the scenes making of as well as a number of outtakes and deleted scenes. A really good cast and a decent number of twists and turns. A sort of Person of Interest (well, the surveillance bit) along with a mix of terrorism / biological threats / ID cards / 1984 / enemy of the state etc.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 October 2016
Enjoyable conspiracy drama that lets itself down with an unbelievable love story and a decidedly irritating female lead and an increasingly silly plot.
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on 11 May 2014
It is the kind of story where you never know what will happen from one minute to the next! You best find the time to watch it all at once because you won't be able to wait to find out what turns the story will take. Fast moving. Also it will make you think twice when you look at computers and video cameras on the street. Let's hope that technology never reaches that stage although, perhaps, it is already at work in some parts of the world.
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on 30 March 2014
This is an excellent movie which combines great acting with a very thoughtful plot that gradual unfurls. Set in a future UK we found that everything is not what it appears to be and genetic tracking assumes a very sinister role. This is a very topical movie touching on themes of identity, immigration, the power of the state and the way we lead open lives.

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on 27 March 2014
I enjoyed the acting and CUMBERBATCH was completely different in this role compared to his Sherlock and Star Trek Khan characters. Very believable and showing his versatility. Other actors gave good accounts of themselves too. A little drawn out towards the end, almost as if the writer was either trying to extend it for another series or trying hard to close it and not finding a solution. However, this is only my opinion and may not be the writer's thoughts at all. However, the premise is good, the story moves well and it is certainly well worth watching the whole series.
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