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on 11 March 2013
Bought this for my dad as he's JFK daft. He said it was one of the best he had read, so very pleased.
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on 18 July 2007
I was born in 1963, was 5 months old when Kennedy was killed, but I remember when Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were killed. For some reason, the Kennedy assassination in Dallas has always been something I have been curious about.
I've read many books about the assassination of JFK, a lot of them go on into great details about the ballistics/forensics which make the books boring and like wading through treacle. But with Anthony Summers, his writing is concise, he doesn't waste words, just tells the important, pertinent stuff, which makes it a far better book to read.
obviously we will never know what really happened, but Anthony Summers investigative journalism makes this book easy to read and follow.
No one escapes his microscopic overview of everyone concerned. We all know Kennedy was no saint, but who would want him dead? The list is endless, but what Summers does is covers each person in depth, giving the reader ammunition to make their own mind up
We find out a lot more about Lee Harvey Oswald, how Jack Ruby, the CIA, Hoover, Police Department behaved, how they all fit into the puzzle, why was Oswald shot, who WAS Jack Ruby.
This books makes the Warren Report look like the biggest work of fiction every printed, it shows how wrong they were, how they didn't look into every section of what happened, how the people they interviewed were the wrong people.
Its not a laugh a minute, but it's an excellent read, and one which I feel should take it's place as the best overview of the Kennedy assassination written.
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on 24 July 2006
As a lifelong reader of american history and particularly JFK conspiracy books and also one of the few people to have actually read all 26 volumes of the warren report, (I don't recommend this task!)I have to say that to this day nobody has written such a detailed and cohesive account of what might have happened in Dallas in 1963 as Anthony Summers. Many books propound theories and what might have beens, many claim a solution to the riddle but discard contradictory evidence. All lose the thrust of a main thesis somewhere in the labyrinth of evidence. But though this book was written many years ago now, it is still without a shadow of a doubt the most lucid and detailed account of the mystery surrounding the death of JFK. Summers was an excellent journalist and wordsmith, it shows to tremendous effect in this book. To take on such a mammoth plethora of fact, half truth, out and out bullshit, detail, documents and witness interviews that constitute the assassination of JFK is a huge task. Many have tried and few have succeeded in making a good account of it all. Summers work has never been surpassed for clarity and credibility. He does not go for sensationalism, just the facts. Personally i believe every word of it, and so did the HSCA. Read this book, its probably the closest thing to a solution to the case as we will ever have.
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VINE VOICEon 27 March 2007
Oxford historian Anthony Summers has written a thorough overview of the multiple facets of the public execution on President John F. Kennedy. Whilst no single book could hope to cover a case as complex as this one, Summers has done a tremendous job in attempting to pull together the various strands into a cohesive whole and, furthermore, he achieves this while retaining clarity of text.

Summers looks at all the key areas of the case and conducts his own first-hand research and interviews, unlike so many other books on the subject; all the main bases are covered: the Cuban-exile community, the ultra right wing elemnt, the CIA, FBI, Army intelligence, the white Russian community, the Mafia and many other groups, as well as looking at the physics and ballistics of Dealey Plaza, Lee Harvey Oswalds' movements (Japan, Russia, Mexico City, as well as on 22.11.63) and background, eyewitness testimony and numerous other pieces of the puzzle.

What emerges from this book is a strong case for Central Intelligence Agency complicity in Kennedy's murder. Summers' case is bolstered by the fact that he approaches this murder investigation without ideological blinders, something that has inhibited open and critical analysis from both the political left and right. Summers' brings an historian's rigour and perspective to this murder investigation; in doing so he has plenty of criticism for Oliver Stone's interpretation of the facts of the case (as dramatised in the superb film, "JFK") but there is also more than enough criticism left over for Gerald Posner's book, "Case Closed," a book whose research, investigative techniques, selection and presentation of the evidence, Summers is particularly caustic about.

In short, if you have an interest in this assassination case in particular or an interest in what must now be regarded as historical murder mystery in general, Anthony Summers' highly commended book should be your first stop and, with the death-bed confessions of longtime CIA operative E. Howard Hunt (implicating LBJ and William Harvey, amongst others), this excellent book gains even more credence.
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on 8 October 2007
I have always been drawn to the JFK assassination and the conspiracy surrounding it. This book is the best I've read on the subject, as unlike Jim Garrisons it approaches it in an unbiased way and covers all the main protaganists, including the mafia, Lee Harvey-Oswald, Jack Ruby, various Cuban factions, the CIA and Texan oil barons. Even if you don't believe there is a conspiracy, reading this book will make you think.
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on 17 August 1999
Anthony Summers has the rare ability to calmly elicit, analyse and critique the still-growing mass of evidence surrounding the assassination of JFK. The book works superbly on many levels - as a detective story, as a comment on the theory of conspiracy and not least as an absorbing enquiry into deceit on every level. Summers tables courtroom evidence that the murder was indeed a conspiracy and he will shake many preconceptions about how Lee Harvey Oswald may have been involved. Essential.
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on 18 December 2003
This is the best book on the JFK assasination I have come across. It is well written, informative and well researched - this guy really knows his stuff. Whether you have read a lot about the murder, or this is your first book I would highly recommend it.
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This is perhaps the best single volume look at the conspiracy to kill JFK. It covers, the CIA, army intelligence (an obvious oxymoron!), the FBI, Cuban exiles, extreme right wingers, Dallas oil men, Mexico, Russia and more.
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on 17 November 2013
This is the same guy who wrote the oh-so-thoroughly-researched File on the Tsar which claimed that Nicholas II and his family did not all die in Yekaterinburg in 1918. Oh, wait...
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on 25 March 2014
Because this book will thrash to shreds any previous notions you had about that day in Dallas. Anthony Summers has ripped the lid of a can of worms and you will be amazed at what you see inside. I thought, like many, that I was pretty well informed as to what took place on that Autumn day, but, now I understand the assassination itself played only a minor part in events. Read for yourself how the American people have been systematically lied to for over 50 years. Credit to Mr Summers. If you like this, I'm sure you'll like his other works. He again rips open another can of worms over 9-11 in "The Eleventh Day"
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