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on 26 August 2013
I read this to my 9 year old granddaughter and she loved it! It is wonderful to share a story of adventures and pets. Sadly, contemporary children's literature often dwells on social issues and I believe today's children need a break from this.She has also enjoyed The Famous Five videos.
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on 8 May 2012
These comments apply to the entire 8-book 'Adventure' series. Enid Blyton wrote several hundred books of stories for children, and I would put this series right at the top, even above the more celebrated Famous Five.

With this series, she achieved the perfect balance of interesting characters, gripping plots, and humour. Pre-dating the era of mobile phones and the Internet, she relied on old-fashioned yarns of kids foiling the activities of 'baddies' through resourcefulness beyond their years.

The 8 stories have sufficiently varied plots to maintain interest, and she probably stopped at the right time, before running out of ideas. There isn't a dud among them.

The same basic format ensures that readers are in comfortable surroundings, while intrigued by what lies ahead. The four children arrive home from boarding school, expecting a quiet, even dull holiday - but manage to stumble across a motley collection of smugglers, forgers, gun-runners, kidnappers, and mad scientists. The locations range from Cornwall, England, to the Greek islands, and a mythical central-European country called Tauri-Hessia. There are the usual Blyton staples of secret passageways, brooding castles, and jolly farmers' wives producing enormous meals.

The loquacious parrot Kiki provides a frequent source of amusement, with her malapropisms and imitations of trains, cars, dogs, cats, and gunfire. She is far more entertaining than Timmy, the dog in the Famous Five, and is never overdone.

The four children have distinct personalities, including Philip, whose ability to befriend any animal is frequently exploited by the plots. There are also additional children involved who get very short shrift, if they ever display selfishness or self-pity. The 'good' adults are tolerant and understanding; the baddies are mean, and get their just desserts in the end.

One reviewer mentioned a 4-year old enjoying these, which I would frankly have thought was a bit young; but if you have kids or grandkids aged 6-8, then try them out, either as bedtime stories, or for self-reading. They are old-fashioned in all the best senses, and my 7-year-old, a great book-worm, rates them her all-time favourites - even above a certain bespectacled boy-Wizard.
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on 5 July 2014
I hope that I am not the only one who enjoys childhood books. It gave me great pleasure to read an adventure book again. As I remember Enid Blyton is still readable so go ahead and indulge your memories of your childhood. Most of all enjoy
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on 5 February 2014
Read this book 50 years ago along with other Adventure books! Brilliant.......worth every penny!!!! Recommend it to all ages!!!! Ageless!!!!!!
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on 29 December 2013
I was 6 or 7 when I found this book on a dusty shelf in my grandmother's box room. (The rest of her house wasn't dusty - just the box room, which is why I was snooping probably). It had lost its book cover, so was a simple red hardback - quite unappealing really. But, once I started reading, I just couldn't put it down. I was suddenly in a different life and having a very exciting adventure.

My friend, Grace, had tons of Enid Blyton adventure books - Rockingdown Mystery, Ragamuffin Mystery - and she would let me borrow big bags full of them. One of my favourite things was to go to bed early (strange child!) with a pile of books. And oh, the joy of comic day - when the letter box would rattle and a copy of "Diana" would land on the mat. (I'm getting off track - sorry).

Enid Blyton was a complex woman - but she was able to spin a yarn, that's for sure. I still love children's adventure books. They made me so happy. The Island of Adventure is FAB. Try it.
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on 5 October 2013
It's been fifty years since I last read this book; rereading it has been a wonderful indulgence. Couldn't give it less than 5 stars BUT I am surprised that other reviewers have not mentioned concern about how the four children are befriended by a lone man who takes them on car journeys and boat rides while telling them not to inform anyone what they're doing. I know this is typical Enid Blyton style which I loved so much as a child, and it all comes right in the end, but sadly, in this modern day and age, it has set alarm bells ringing.
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on 25 March 2013
This is a story I read many many times as a child and enjoyed reading it again, you get taken back to a much simpler world,full of secret passages fun and excitement, I do miss Richard Trevilians illustrations that were in the original stories and hope that at some time Amazon can include them as they are superb additions to the stories , I seem to remember at the character of Joe was originally Jo jo, and was a black man, presumably this little bit has been altered to make it politically correct ?
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on 4 May 2014
The first in the "of Adventure" series, which introduces all the main characters - not forgetting Kiki the Parrot.
Well, I have loved these stories for longer than I care to remember.
I think one either loves or hates E.B., and of course, the story is very dated - not an iPhone or tablet to seen In fact, there is a tablet - the aspirin the aunt has to take.
Of its time, absolutely excellent but I'm not sure if a 12 year old living in 2014 would enjoy it or not.
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on 14 June 2013
I quite simply ran out of any books I wanted to download onto my Kindle. Then I had a brainwave ... why not get nostalgic and re-read an Enid Blyton from my youth?!

Oh the JOY!! Gorgeous adventure. Quick simple escapism. I have bought 4 in the last fortnight, and intend to read of ALL of Enid Blyton's adventure series ... the ULTIMATE relaxation and switch off. Indulge yourself ...
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on 25 August 2014
Enid Blyton is very special. Her books were part of my growing up. I still enjoy reading them, along with many others. They are a good read and they portray England as it used to be. They are very moral books and yet they are also quite real in portraying kids. Real kids, that is, and not the horrible things we call kids today.
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