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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2008
I couldnt make up my mind whether i was watching this film because the beautiful and talented N. Kidman was in it or because i thought it was a decent thriller. I preferred 1978 bodysnatchers with Donald Sutherland, but thats not to say this movie is bad just a little rushed in places.

Yes, their is a lot of irony in that the alien virus which renders all emotion obsolete is also seen as a good thing. No more war, people working together for the common good as a single entity. It raises some questions about the human being good and bad. But a world without people properly expressing themselves is a very dull one indeed. The ending is also slightly disappointing in that the 1978 version was darker and overall more depressing. Attempting to explain the appearance of the alien spores and how they work, also the possibility of a vaccine is all sandwiched in between Kidman running away from infected people. Scriptwriters obviously found they had a lot to squeeze into 90+ mins and found it a struggle.

Its a shame because the movie ratchets up the tension pretty well to keep the viewer engrossed, and the performances are solid. Kidman and Craig work well together, and every scene with Kidman on the run is when the movie works best. Kidman really is a good actress and can make you feel the desperation she is going through, but without her the movie would have been flat. But for gods sake its time hollywood started to come up with original ideas, endless remakes and remakes of remakes are proving tiresome.
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`Invasion' is a modern take on `Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and sadly for me ended up being a huge disappointment. This is all the more so because I was on the edge of my seat and filled with the right amounts of tension the whole way through, only to be left aghast at the weak and `cop-out' ending that fizzled out without any impact. Following Nicole Kidman (who acts remarkably well in this film) and her family as they deal with the impact of an alien invasion that leaves the populations as hosts to the alien parasites, this film has excellent apocalyptic themes. You are nervous whenever she encounters an afflicted person and flinch every time she nearly gets infected and this never lets up for the duration. The story is well written and you are gripped the whole way through and then the end arrives and you are left angry and disappointed wondering what happened. At 90 minutes this isn't that long and they could have easily added an extra 15 minutes to tie things up more neatly. The effects are pretty good, everyone acts well and the direction is good as well. Overall this would get 4/5 stars for the first 80 minutes and then 1/2 for the last 10 minutes. Such a shame, but worth a look never the less.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 30 July 2015
I don't usually review streaming things here - I'm often too tired to commit to reviewing the rentals, even, but occassionally something so stupid appears that needs to be reviewed.

But before we get to the many bad things about it, the good things - its perfectly acceptable for the average teenager, which is probably the audience it was intended for, Having the protagonist technically infected relatively early on, was something kinda imaginative, I'd seen it before abd was still thinking "yeah right" at the prospect of this happening. If you're not naive, it still generates apathy more than annoyance, so it might be worth watching if you're bored.

First sign of bad horror - the people making it are calling it a "psychological thriller" because they're too good to make a horror movie.

Second sign of bad horror - its a remake where the male protagonist is now, because, you know, otherwise they'd be appearing to be thinking outside the box.

Third sign of bad horror - opening the movie without an action scene, preferably a kill, was thinking too far outside the box - so they used something from chronologically later on in the movie!

Here's why this remake doesn't work - it was made at a point where most Hollywood writers/directors/producers couldn't grasp things like "paranoia" or "subtlety" - or maybe they didn't credit their audience with the ability to understand such things. About thirty minutes in, our protagonist notices groups of people staring at her. Might suggest something was off, if we hadn't already had a panicked person run down, a small child almost killing a violent dog, and various other "coincidences".

At one point, said protagonist Craig's character if he noticed anything; he should've said "yes, because I have sensory input".

One alledged "worrying" scene has Kidman's character search a phrase, my son is not my son, on Google without quotation marks. Ever used Google before? Exactly. The thousands of results that included not, my and/or son were far from worrying.

Allegedly, the studio were trying to make a "cerebral" updating of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Does "cerebral" mean "stupid"? I mean, theres a scene here people who have been avoiding detection, one tells Kidman's character not to show emotion, and then one of their group freaks out when approached by impostors mere seconds later, getting everyone but Kidman's character infected.

Its shoddy and stupid, but not worthless; if you're just killing time, or otherwise have no expections it will probably suffice.
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on 9 March 2008
I suprisingly enjoyed this; i usually hate zombie "i am legend" type films, they prey on my mind too much, but this was fine. I thought the acting was superb, Jackson Bond is the best little actor i've seen in a movie aside from Dakota Fanning of course. Nicole Kidman once again portrayed her character perfectly and Daniel Craig; well 007 can't faulter really! Overall it's an easy watch, even though the ending got on my nerves a bit because it seemed to leave too many loose ends.
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on 8 March 2008
3rd remake of the original 1956 thriller Invasion of the BodySnatchers!
This is a slick looking movie, though an inconsistant story.
A poor script (In places) doesn't help! But Kidman gives a good central performance if a little on the cool side.
One has to ask; Why remake this then?
With only a novel new 'Take-over' sequence and a slightly more focused look at the aliens being more benign towards each other, than humans are to each other. There is just not enough here to recommend this version over ANY of the others!
Not a terrible film by any means, it just seems too ordinary for it's own good! A VERY AVERAGE MOVIE.
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on 2 January 2008
This is a good old-fashioned lights out huddled on the sofa creepy sci-fi thriller flick It seems like Hollywood stopped making these in the 70's or 80's, leaving sci-fi series like X-Files to fill in the gaps.

Craig and Kidman are perfectly cast and make a great team. The premise may not be original but it's still effective. It may be too scary for the kids but it's perfect for grown-ups who want to watch a scary movie on a Friday night.

Great looking sci-fi flick with some truly tense moments. Recommended.
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on 17 April 2015
I have seen all films of the invasion of the body snatchers and loved the first one in fact there could have been a continuation of it. The second one was good but didn't like the horrible ending. This film was well acted by Nicole Kidman but thought Daniel Craig wooden. There was a good amount of tension and liked this ending much better although a bit rushed.
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on 7 April 2009
'The Invasion' is a much better take on the 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' than it is given credit for. It was so maligned after its troubled production, that when I first saw this, I wasn't expecting much. Instead, I was treated to a very slick and well thought out science fiction thriller. The Body Snatcher movies have at their best, always made a comment about our society, and this does it rather nicely for our decade. Though the original 1956 version will always be my favourite, I actually think this is an improvement over the much touted 1978 version (Which does admittedly have some wonderful scenes, but overall I feel doesn't gel as well as the original or this updated version)

There are many who complain that it is a film of different styles, because of the switch in directors during production. Perhaps there is, but if you didn't know this specifically, you would simply think the director changed style with the story progression. I don't think it jars anywhere near as much as we're told it does.

It's not a perfect film, I would probably give it a 4 & 1/2, but since I can't, I've given it a 5. The HD version has an amazing picture, that really stands out. It's one of those films that if you're ever pondering the merits of HD over SD, pop this in, and you'll remember why you bothered with HD-DVD/Blu-Ray in the first place. The real shame is the lack of extras. There's a few that are better than nothing, but a substantially longer making-of and a decent commentary are sorely missing (And would have been very interesting, given the production problems).
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on 4 April 2015
This DVD starred one of the most up and coming actresses as far as i am concerned it stars Nicolle Kidman, she has made quite a few films now from musicals to thrillers to dramas, which means she is a very versatile actress, always get value for money when you view one of her films.
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on 27 June 2014
A modernized take on the iconic science fiction novel 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', Oliver Hirshbiegel's version tells of how an alien bacteria lands on Earth via Shuttle crash and ends up infecting masses of people in their sleep, turning them into emotionless drones. A psychologist (Kidman) witnesses the changes to the world first hand, as does her doctor boyfriend (Craig) and her young son. Paranoia cranks up and the question of who is really who, or rather what, starts to creep in....

Despite Craig's sleepwalking and the last 15 minutes screaming 'Reshoot' (handled by none other than James McTeigue and the Wachowskis to 'pump up' the spectacle), the 2007 'Body Snatchers' is actually fairly decent, and not as huge a disaster as its dismal reception may lead one to think. First, the positives; 'Invasion' is well shot, often going for a handheld approach with a lot of sombre lighting, making one feel like they are there in the midst of the action. What's more, because of the new angle of alien bacteria being less visually overt than past versions, this allows the film to have a few tense sequences as Kidman tries to go about daily life, and then later, escape, and you wonder who is and who isn't human, especially during the subway and pharmacy scenes. What's more, veteran John Ottman's melancholy score is actually fairly unsettling, if a little droning.

Now of course, the film's poor reputation is not entirely unjust; while everybody else, especially Kidman, do a decent job, Craig is phoning his performance in, often blank faced and speaking in a laid back monotone, and this is kind of a problem as it never enables us to really buy his relationship with Kidman's character (then again, most of the dialogue isn't that great anyway). As for the reshot ending, it definitely sticks out as the quieter, more subdued approach used for most of the film is thrown out for a big cross-city chase, zombie like pursuers who climb over cars, and even info-dumping narration that beats you over the head with 'well, the aliens are gone, but humanity did enjoy peace because of them'. Well, I never could've worked that out just by, oh I don't know, watching the film and how the invasion was presented?!

However, in spite of that, 'Invasion' was able to hook me and keep my attention till the end of its meager 90 minute runtime. Are the earlier 'Body Snatchers' better? Likely, but honestly, I found myself shocked at how effective this one could be. A shame we'll never see Hirschbiegel's true cut, but what we have here isn't necessarily an waste either.
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