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on 27 December 2014
The true and enduring re-enactment of the greatest escape from a P.O.W camp during WW2.....
The Germans open the 'Stalag Luft 111' camp in 1943 putting 'all the bad eggs in the one basket' -so to speak.
The high security camp built to house the most persistent escapee's with little or no realistic chance of escaping,
however from the outset many of the new inmates are already assessing the best way to do so..
The senior Officer among the P.O.W's 'Ramsey' (James Donald) 'Cooler-King' 'Hilts' (Steve McQueen) one of the
early occupants of the 'Cooler' along with 'Ives' (Angus Lennie) after an attempt on the first day, 'Hilts' always with
baseball and gloves to hand.
When 'Big X' 'Roger Bartlett' (Richard Attenborough) arrives, he quickly realizes that many of his old team have
been placed at the camp, he immediately along with his Intelligence Officer 'Macdonald' (Gordon Jackson) begin
to plan a mass escape to cause the Germans maximum disruption..........his intention, to take 250 out of the camp
in one night.
He has to put together his team, 'The Forger' - 'Blythe' (Donald Pleasence) who despite rapidly loosing his sight
will keep at it, preparing the documentation necessary for all prospective escapee's.
'The Scrounger' 'Hendley' (James Garner) who's job it is to acquire equipment needed to assist the escape, 'The
Mole' 'Danny' (Charles Bronson) who along with 'Willie' (John Leyton also known for his early recording success)
and 'Eqipment-Manufacturer and Mole' 'Sedgwick' (James Coburn) are in charge of the tunnelling, 'Danny' had in
other P.O.W Camps already dug 17 tunnels in earlier camps.
Of course they had to disperse the soil dug out of the tunnels, this job fell to 'Ashley-Pitt' (David McCallum) many
talented participants including a Tailor to convert existing clothing for the out-of-camp wear.
'Roger' has to persuade 'Virgil Hilts' to join the team-effort and put aside his constant one-man escape efforts.
The German camp-commander is no fool, regular checks are made, though some attempts have failed and one of
the three tunnels found, the prisoners resolve continues in earnest.
Seventy-Six made the escape, an outstanding achievement, most were re-captured, some killed in the process of
escape, Fifty, were executed by machine-gun fire, the film showing just three actually making a successful escape,
the remainder returned to camp.
This is outstanding re-construction of the real event, well staged, the Blu-ray upgrade for the 1963 film is pretty good
overall.....many will like myself have seen the film when first released, many will have seen the film on TV, maybe
many times, myself, I purchased and watched the film on DVD when issued, however, though owning the Blu-ray
version since becoming available, this is the first time I've viewed it on the format.
Certainly a must-see if you've never previously watched it, or indeed like myself, worth a re-visit.
Features -
Audio Commentary by director John Sturges, cast and crew.
The Great Escape - Bringing fact to fiction
The Great Escape - Preparation for Freedom
The Great Escape - The flight to Freedom
The Great Escape - The standing ovation
The Great Escape - The Untold Story
The Great Escape - The Untold Story - Additional Interviews
The Real Virgil Hilts - A Man called Jones
Return To The Great Escape
Original Theatrical Trailer
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on 27 August 2017
THE GREAT ESCAPE is probably the best World War II Prisoner of War Camp + film that I and no doubt endless others have ever seen. It is quite a long film, but well worth seeing it from beginning to end. It is a brilliant and very gripping film, with a cast of the best actors ( both British, American and others ). Amazing scenes, and among them the best and most well known of all , of Steve McQueen on a motorcycle he captured from the Germans and giving them a chase of their lives, but only to be finally captured tangled in barbed wire.
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on 7 October 2017
This is the most iconic film of WW2 mass escapes I have ever seen. I've watched it on tv endless times , really great to own this exciting film. It's supposed to be based on true events, niot sure how much is factual but it makes terrific viewing. The idea was to create total mayhem for the Germans in a pow camp by organising a mass escape. Very good acting all round as the film unfolds, the ending is shocking though. . Will watch this time & time again. Highly recommended,.
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on 10 April 2013
The great escape is a well written, well acted film. The years have been kind to it for those truths. The list of stars is powerful, like expendables cast except everyone here had acting in their blood, an odd comparison i know.
The film has a fair pace, not a smasher pace, the film allows itself to breathe , banging the door down at close to 3 hours. The characters get into your mind and there are feelings to be shared.
If you dont own this then i would look at yourself and say hey, i need this classic escape movie with the great theme , the great cast, the great script and memorable moments..
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on 6 December 2015
American Steve McQueen, Oh my word, just Great, but the storyline does not follow the true goings
on to what really happened. BUT, the film is truly great entertainment and is worthy of many tv
showing's. Now I have this brilliant dvd I can enjoy this time and time again. Well worth the money
to have another classic film in my collection.
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on 30 December 2017
A wonderful re visit to this old classic. I watched this film many years ago and ordered it on my fire stick to watch and not disappointed to remember these heroic men and their attempts to escape from a war camp. Of course the famous Steve MCQueen motor bike chase never fails to disappoint. A MUST watch film
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on 3 February 2018
Hi this is another masterpiece of the 1960,s with a full cast of known faces and a fantastic storyline with it. The scenery is really good on HD Blueray.
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on 6 February 2018
Will always watch this at Christmas time. Not too sure why...not exactly a happy crimbo kinda film. But it is a classic feel good movie. Getting one up on the krauts's war efforts. Even though this film is based on but not restricted to true events. Great film nonetheless.
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on 5 August 2013
I absolutely love this film. The cast are absolutely first rate, even by today's standards. The picture quality is excellent and the sound is great as well, not like some of the older films where you have to turn the sound up to its highest. Steve McQueen was my hero in this film, just loved him. Not much to say without giving it all away but excellent and worth watching. A classic which will last a lifetime.
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on 2 March 2016
This movie not only offers good entertainment but, like all great war movies, it attempts to analyse the actions of the people involved, in this case British PoWs in a WWII German concentration camp: it is brilliantly successful on all counts.
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