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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2012
This book is a bit of a mixed bag, there are parts of it that are brilliant, and others that are slow and unnecessary. I would give these book 3 stars but 4 stars as a trilogy.

This book takes place 8 year after the disaster of the last book. After this book the Realm will never be the same again. Something has happened to the weave (the energy field that all magic originates from). All magic is becoming chaotic and unpredictable and is some cases back firing. Now I would have expected this would raise the stature of more of the warriors such as Drittz but in this book Drizzt is reminded that some situations are too big even for him to be more than a footnote. Anyway the chaos magic is casing a dimensional convergence (two or more plains of existence overlapping). This causes the energies from the destroyed Crystal Shard to find a new host and attempt to become the Ghost King. The result ZOMBIES lots of them! I hate zombies anyway and I had my fill of them in the last book so this might colour my view of the book. There is a bit a passing the torch as the next generations of adventures are introduced. 2 main character and one side character "die" or pass on to another form of existence. This book is full of zombies and crawlers (really big spiders).

I really liked the first book in the trilogy The Orc King: Forgotten Realms - Transitions Trilogy, Book 1 was excelent it forced readers and the characters to question their core beliefs and how to carry on in the face of this. The Pirate King (Forgotten Realms: Transitions Trilogy): Forgotten Realms - Transitions, Book II started the idea a war of ideals which normal everyday people were caught up in. Now the Ghost king has shifted the WHOLE Realm. Magic is such an integral part has shifted. Also on a personal note Drizzt losses someone very important to him. I think this is what really bothered me about the last 2 books despite their best efforts the guy guys lose. I accept that in real life but in fantasy as well it really sucks. Also with the mammoth task in front of him Salvatore could have very easily made this a 5 book arc, he tried to do too much in 3 books, leaving a lot of loses ends. Like he said in his introduction it is a much darker book, but I don't think one of his best.
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on 27 November 2009
The Weave connects everything. All that moves upon Toril is a part of it, from the humble common rat to the mightiest chromatic dragon, and through it they are bound to their place in the universe. It binds too the oceans and the mountains, the plains and the deserts, the movement of the clouds in the sky and the very transit of Selûne's Tears in the heavens.

There are those who can shape this silent force that gives form and moment to the reality of Toril: The magi, sorcerers, arcanists, mages and wizards; for for as long as there has been a weave there have been those who can bend it to their will. Some delight children with the conjuring of coloured balls of light and the pop and crackle of a cantrip or two to make the young ones run away in fright, only to return from their mother's skirts giggling with excitement asking boldly for more. These are the wizards who bring magic to the people. Then there are those who may mend the most grievous of injuries, though they may draw on the Weave through the intercession of another, divine, entity. These are the healers, who bring solace to the people and salve to their hurts and woes. And then there are those who bend the Weave to darker ends -the necromancers who lust for power, glory and gold, and will stop at nothing to gain it. But they are alike in their reverence for the Weave, though they turn it to different ends.

But in another reality a different group of wizards; a dark cabal calling themselves the Wizards of the Coast, conspired for ever more power, ever more glory and ever, ever more gold. And so they decided upon a deed so vile, so deranged, and so grotesque that even the darkest of necromancers would not have contemplated it: In an act that made Karsus's Folly seem like to a child sweeping away a sandcastle at the end of an afternoon's play; They destroyed the Weave irredeemably.

They destroyed the Weave that more gold might flow from the pain of followers seeking the fate of those they had come to love across dimensions. For this simple reason very fabric of the Realms was torn asunder and thus much that was good, that healed and delighted, even in the reality of the Wizards of the Coast, was cast away in the pursuit of gold.

Even the greatest at Realmscraft; R. A. Salvatore, who had tended the Realms for the last score of years, and had built an intricate and wonderful land, peopled with beings of depth and intricacy, of flawed and noble heroes, though often they would deny the epithet; Even he could do nothing to stop the destruction of the Realms as they had been created so long ago.

And so he set to work with the last failing strands of the Weave to weave one great and final spell, one last mighty enchantment, that would leave both the heroes of Toril, and the dispossessed in the thrall of the Wizards of the Coast, spellbound. Thus would he save what he could from those that pursue gold at the cost of love. This book is that enchantment.

Read it and grieve.
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on 7 March 2015
Really enjoyed this book within the Drizzt Saga and has they say onwards along Drizzt' s journey , sadly I have read the books out of syn but that has turned out to be somewhat of a blessing as I have enjoyed putting the puzzles together, the sign of a good storyteller!!!!!!!
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on 28 December 2009
I have been a big fan of Salvatore since I can remember, his first book was released the year I was born and I have read every book Salvatore has ever written.

This book blew me away. It was the finest piece he's ever written and a fitting testament to the Companions of the Hall. In-depth battle scenes and mind blowing environments take you deep into this book.

Many of the main characters were in this book, unfortunately you see nothing of Artemis Entreri or Lady Alustriel though both are mentioned in several places.

The best part of this book is where Jarlaxle looks back at a memory of him and Drizzt's father Zaknafein in a battle. I personally would love to see Salvatore go back in history and write a trilogy based on those two, but that seems unlikely.

Overall this book was stunning, and I would personally recommend it to any Salvatore fan, or any fan of fantasy for that matter.

Thanks for reading.

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on 12 March 2012
Another good book from my favorite author, although I found it a little confusing to begin with as I've missed a few books in other related series' so I didn't understand what was going on. When I got into it though, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on 3 December 2009
It was great to read. The first novel of the saga that i completed in less than a week. I all ready knew that there would be a sad ending, but they had to move on. Sadly there is not mention to Artemis Entrerai... Great anyway
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on 7 April 2015
Seems Salvatore cannot help but repeat himself. A highly predictable, and oftentimes boring read it's only saving grace is that some characters still hold some nostalgic appeal to me.
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on 29 January 2015
The only word I can use to describe this is stunning. The detail, the imagery, the storyline, everything about this book is just brilliant. So rich and a wonderful read.
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on 19 August 2010
Simply put, this is one of the best in the Drizzt series.

My only gripe was that two of my favourite characters weren't in it. Here's hoping they're in the next. ;)
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on 26 January 2014
I love this series so much. From the first page to the last I am totally sucked in to the storyline.
Much better than anything on TV.
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