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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2012
This book is a great companion to the second season of An Idiot Abroad. Rather than just write about the things that were in the program, Karl has opted to fill in the gaps and write about things that were not shown, and that was a brilliant decision. We get to see more detail of things that were hinted at in the TV program, transcripts of full conversations, and of course the extra bits that weren't shown on TV.

Karl's writing is excellent and very clear. The editor has taken the decision to leave the accented writing style alone, which I applaud, as it is easier to imagine Karl saying it, and is just more true to life - 'My Mum' becomes 'Me Mam' for example.

What really comes through in this book is Karl's absolute genius of making the mundane seem interesting, by looking at it in his own unique way. There is almost a laugh, or an insightful observation on each page. One example is when he writes of his time in the US, and performing the 'Glee' style dance. He says he struggled to keep in time with the other dancers, and was always slightly late with his moves. He didn't see it as a bad thing though, because he said he saw it as if he was performing a catch-up service for those that blink! This kind of thing is why I just adore Karl.

It's also so nice to read his free flowing thoughts directly, with no interruptions.

I recently saw him do a discussion with Michael Palin on the publisher's YouTube page, as they both have travel books out at the same time. I'd so love for them to do something together. It'd be a passing of the torch kind of thing. Karl could quite easily front a travel program without it needing to be a comedy. He'd be great too, because he tells it like it is.

If you love Karl, then you have to buy this book. It's as simple as that.
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on 5 October 2012
Ha what to say; if your a fan then you probably won't need to guess what this will be like; nor would you need some idiot telling you why you need to buy it. but as i am an idiot i will do anyway :)
As usual you will read a lot of karl Moaning about this and that. though unlike the first book this is less like a diary; to which karl explains in the begining he was too sick to write so he decided to write it all when he was safe from harm and could just get into it. it's a nice hardback. (Though the HMV one has postcards)
I love reading anything by Karl Pilkington he just has this funny way of thinking.
Now i have had this discussion with my sister recently; as she reckons its all fake an act. this whole an idiot abroad. now im on the wave of thinking that don't really mind, if it's genuine then it's really funny but if it is all put on well its still really funny.
Obviously I havent finished it yet. but its one of those books that it doesnt take finishing it to be able to review it.
if you are from another planet or dont watch tv. and dont know what an idiot abroad is. well it pretty much says what it is on the title. Poor Karl Pilkington is sent to different places in the world and tortured (not literally) (think of the films Saw. but instead of Jigsaw its Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant) the first series premise was the seven wonders of the world. the second one was a bucket list.
which i think gave the series more scope and more ways to give poor Karl a bad time.
The book isn't just a recounting of his travels throughout the second series. we do get his thoughts on other bucket list that he didn't do. and the whole Bungey jump thing at the begining is funny. he does moan a lot about not wanting to jump.
So is this book a laugh out loud Romp through the eys of an idiot?
yes.... but you don't need me to tell you. if you are aware of Karl Pilkington then you know what you will get with this book.
usually im more a crime novel reader the darker the better. or a good book with a powerful story. but since i discovered Karl do admit the funny ones are also good to read.

well if your an idiot you will not buy this book.... (well i will be expecting book sales to shoot up the roof now) :)
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on 12 May 2016
I bought this for my mum to read while on holiday as she was a big fan of an idiot abroad.

Needless to say she read the first few chapters and put it back in her suitcase. She said she didn't enjoy it as much as his other books.
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on 22 April 2013

I finished this this morning, and I've loved every minute of reading it!

The first one was great too. I read both after watching the TV series, which I really enjoyed.

In this one, Karl takes on some of the things from the top 100 things to do before you die Bucket list. This includes Spending a night on his own Desert Island, Traveling the Trans-Siberian Railway, Going Wing Walking, Seeing the Gorillas in their natural habitat, Traveling Route 66, and much more! There are lots of surprises along the way too, thanks to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who lets face it, were never going to make Karl's life easy were they?! The stuff he see's and does is awesome, things some people will never get to experience. But he still whinges and moans about it doesn't he! But that's Karl, it wouldn't have been the same having some happy-go-lucky, smiley cheerful fella doing all of this!

But it's Karl that makes it isn't it. Some of the stuff he says is just ridiculous! I bookmarked some pages to add quotes on my review. Here are a couple which made me laugh:

The Problem I had with driving Route 66 was the way I was continually thinking about getting to the end of it, instead of just enjoying being on it. I was treating it like I was running the London Marathon. I said at the time, it's the same approach I have to eating an orange - I'm so busy trying not to splurt it down my t-shirt or to stop the juice running down my arm, I'm not giving any thought as to whether I'm actually enjoying eating the bloody thing. The only time I can really enjoy an orange is when I'm in the bath, but I don't get to do that very often because the boiler overheats if I try to run a bath, and eating an orange in the shower isn't easy either.

And I remember this very well from the TV show, it made me laugh then, and it made me laugh again yesterday when I read it in the book!

Stephen: Would it interest you to spend time with Eskimos, or Inuits as they like to be called?
Ricky: Yeah don't say Eskimos. That's a derogatory term now, say Inuit.
Karl: Who's come up with that little problem for them? I've never heard an Eskimo moan about that. They've got bigger worries than that. They've got mouldy old bananas and no proper food. It's someone else, in London that, sitting in an office saying 'Oh they don't like that'. They're not bothered! I bet if I called one an Eskimo they wouldn't get upset about it.
Ricky: (laughs)
Karl: People make up little rules. You can't call a midget a midget, they prefer Dwarf, and Leprechauns....
Ricky: Leprechauns don't exist. Leprechauns do not exist.
Karl: Well if they did, they would go 'don't call them that'
Ricky: What do leprechauns prefer to be called?
Karl: Gnomes or something.

I loved reading this, and watching the show. He does mention at the end of the book some of the stuff he done with Warwick Davis on the latest 3 part special Idiot Abroad, but it would be nice for that to be a separate book too.

I love Karl, he is so funny. I would recommend this book to all who want a good giggle! Some fab pictures too!
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on 17 December 2015
Yet more words of wisdom and insight from the citrus headed genius that is Karl Pilkington. Ok so if you don't like the guy and you don't appreciate the intellect that he so cleverly delivers, then I admit you're not going to appreciate this book. But for those of you who have seen, heard or read anything Karl has done, and loved it, then this is another 350 page dose of more of the same truly British wit and comedic values that you know and love.
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on 11 January 2013
This book must be good, as my wife sits in bed each night reading this, laughing away into the small hours like I don't have to get up at 6am.

I do. But I love her. And I'm sure she loves this book!
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on 13 November 2014
Sort of book you can dip in and out of... I read this on the bus on the way to work... its better than staring out the window .its a lot better than staring out the window... its funny in parts although i did skip the bits where its written like a comic with speach balloons coming out of cartoon pictures mainly cos the print was too small to read. I guess I didnt miss much .
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on 6 February 2015
Every book by Karl is laugh out loud funny. This does not disappoint. For anyone who likes to have a good time I highly recommend Karl's books (much better if you get familiar with him first, just watch and listen to the Ricky Gervais podcast, and his travel shows.) If someone you know is having a difficult time, it makes a great set of gift too.
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on 16 August 2014
This has to be one of the funniest books I have ever read. It is the book of the TV series that was shown on Sky and I had not seen it. I bought it to take on holiday with me. I totally recommend it so much so that I have now bought a further Karl Pilkington book Further adventures of an idiot abroad.
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on 25 February 2016
I've had this book as my travel book previously after watching the Idiot Abroad series on TV. I can simply say that Karl's sense of humour comes across even more in this book. He documents his adventures and the things that annoy him and most of the things do not make the TV series.

I would definitely recommend this book to you, if you are looking for the perfect book whilst travelling then this is the one for you. You will not be disappointed, 5 stars.
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