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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 30 March 2014
I was kindly provided this item free of charge to test and evaluate. In exchange, I agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. This is said review.

===== WHAT'S IN THE BOX? =====
1x paracord bracelet
1x whistle (attached to bracelet)

Straight out of the box this product feels of a high quality. It's made of 500lb paracord that has been braided to perfection into a beefy bracelet. It has a whistle at one end, and a loop at the other to push the whistle through.

===== PRODUCT IN USE =====
To turn the bracelet into a long length of paracord, of over 15 feet:
1. Find the two "glue tip" ends.
2. Give the bracelet a hard twist near these ends to get them loose.
3. Unravel the bracelet.

I haven't yet had the need to unravel the bracelet, but from the look/sound of it, it would be extremely easy to access the full length of paracord in a pinch.

Within the video, you can see that there is a handily placed bit of elastic, to keep the whistle from dangling around everywhere, and still means the whistle can be used.
The video is filmed with a light shining directly at the bracelet, just to illustrate its reflective nature.
The whistle doesn't sound all that loud within the video, but trust me, it can be ear-piercing if you want it to be.

What I especially like about this paracord bracelet is that once you push the whistle through the looped material on the other end, you can leave it like that. The hole is big enough for my wrist to fit in and out and it is easily tightened/loosened when worn.

===== CONCLUSION =====
This is a well designed product consisting of high quality materials and an extremely loud whistle, which produces a good looking, handy-to-have-around survival bracelet.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes

+ High quality materials
+ Easy to access length of paracord
+ Looks good on the wrist
+ Extremely loud whistle
+ Lifetime warranty

- None
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I am not sure that I would actually use this as a bracelet but it would be easy to pop in your rucksack when walking (or in your car glove compartment if you are less active).

This is one of this company's variety of products made with paracord and designed for use in an emergency. We have taken apart one of these before and can report that it is not easy to do by accident but that it unbraids reasonably easily when you actually want it to. The product we unravelled previously had a lower strength cord but we were satisfied when using strictly unscientific methods that it met the claims. I have no doubt that this cord meets the strength claims here too.

This product comes with a handy whistle - something that every serious walker should have with them and thus will assist in more than one emergency. In truth, this is the sort of product that you may carry for years without needing it but that would be very useful if an emergency did arise. Although it is designed primarily for walkers I see it as a useful thing to carry in the car too.

A promise comes with this product that if you have to use it in an emergency that it will be replaced if you let the Friendly Swede know how it was used - that sounds like excellent value for me as rebraiding the thing is almost certainly beyond most of us. A practical product, designed to be flexible to use in an emergency - an excellent present I would think. I received a free product in exchange for an honest review.
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on 6 November 2014
Fits realy nicely and very comfortable
I'm a big guy I have thick wrists like King Kong and they wi fit skinny dudes too
The colour is a bright orange and it has adjustable fitting a whise to blow for help nice product better than the others
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Give a Little Whistle??
I've often been quoted as saying ' The Friendly Swede® make great products pure and simple.'
This, their latest product that I have received for reviewing is no exception but perhaps this is one of my favourite items of kit that I have found.

The secret to this bracelet is the handy concealed whistle at the heart of the band.

The good news is that the bands can be ordered in a variety of shades that would make a chameleon (Karma or otherwise) green * with envy.

(Or purple, red, taupe and tartan with envy!!)
Mind you some of the colour combinations would make Lily Savage or Boy George Blush- each to their own/
Mine came in a nice desert (not dessert) camouflage banding.

The bad news is you may have to hide the thing to stop people constantly wanting you to show then how to unravel the thing or even (heaven forbid|) try out your whistle!!!

Now a few tips.
The first thing to do is try out the whistle.

I'm serious about this (THE TESTING) because there is no use finding you need an emergency whistle and find out that it doesn't work!
(I received one that didn't from the Friendly Swedes and their 100 per cent guarantee isn't there for show - I reported that the whistle was faulty and a new band with Jiminey Cricket type speed was sent 'toot sweet'.

Now the quality of the construction and materials used are first class so the Friendly Swede's complaints department will be as busy as a dilapidated seaside resort on a cold wet day in March. All their other products have been wonderful.

The business end of the bracelet is the actual para-cord.
The Para-cord Survival Bracelet has over 13foot of para-cord wound within it.
The para-cord has a myriad of uses- shelter, holding in place an emergency shelter with plastic, binding a broken limb to wood animal tethering- tying your back pack and food from branches out of the range of animals like foxes, badgers and bears- broken legs, mild bondage** and well you name it-

**(To secure game!! tsch some peoples minds!!)

As I have said before in other reviews, the para cord is top quality and extends to just over 15 and a bit feet in old money so the uses for it in an emergency are endless- etc etc.
or even mild bondage!**

(For the technophiles the break weight is rated as 350lb but it is in fact greater than 550lb.)

Now although you may have tried the whistle don't try unravelling the chord until you need to because it's rather like putting the toothpaste back in to the tube- can be done yes (but easier to get another).
To gain access to the cord is simple.
At one end of the band are two glue covered tips
The release of the cord is simple, locate the glued ends twist the bottom hard and unravel- simple and big enough to unravel with frozen, numb fingers.
It really is so easy to do and Yes I have again succumbed to temptation and unwound it!!

Now a really major tip is that if ever you need to use the device in an emergency all you have to do is contact and tell the Friendly Swedes what happened, better still add a photo and they will send you a replacement for FREE.

And I mean ANYTHING that you have to unwind the cord for!!!!
They are broadminded they are Swedes for heaven sakes!!
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on 11 August 2014
If you are considering adding a paracord bracelet or two to your inventory, I recommend these offerings from The Friendly Swede. Not only are they well made and comfortable to wear, but the Amazon listing notes "Hand picked or produced by The Friendly Swede® - Lifetime warranty". How do you top that?!

This specific bracelet model is designed with a paracord loop clasp and stopper that allows you to vary the tightness of the bracelet to your preference; though some suggest about 1/2 to 1 inch total play, I like mine snug.

This rig also comes with an attached emergency whistle which can be heard from a good distance and could help rescuers or your compatriots find you if the time comes that you need their help. The whistle lays inline with the bracelet, held in place by an elastic band that is incorporated into the bracelet's weave. The whistle's tone is very similar to the tone of our house alarm so, when I tested it out, our dogs went a little bonkers and my wife wanted to know what set the alarm off... maybe I won't do that again at 10PM.

The unit I received is a desert camo pattern with black trim, and the whistle is orange & black. It is comfortable to wear though the whistle keeper does add a bit of bulk to the underside, meaning I'll probably wear another unit to the office under my button-down Oxford style shirt. This bracelet is now part of our hiking gear inventory and will go with us when out on the trail.

Given the stated lifetime warranty, if a problem ever arises with this bracelet I will return here to describe what occurred and how resolution was handled. I did receive this bracelet gratis from the manufacturer, and have put it through the paces to objectively find out how well it performed. My statements here reflect that testing.

These paracord survival bracelets from The Friendly Swede are well constructed and some, like this unit, have outstanding survival features built in to the construct. Well crafted, good looking and potentially lifesaving. Well done! Very recommended.

Go for it.
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on 3 October 2013
I have been using this product for years, paracord is the strongest Non metallic material Known to man, It can be used for a whole variety of tasks, as well as a fashion accessory. the item is made of 550 paracord which means it has a 550Lb breaking strain, 550 paracord consists of seven strand nylon cord encased in a nylon Kevlar sheath. it's water resistant and extremely strong. the bracelet itself is well made and every detail has been thought of to make it as easy as possible for the wearer to easily put on and take off the wrist. the bracelet also has an emergency whistle attached just in case you run into bother.

If you are wondering "why bother" then the answer is in the fact that the military around the world have sworn by this material and have relied on it for many years, in fact it is indispensable to many forces around the world whom use it for a wide variety of things, so whether your a fashion junky or you want one of these for a practical accessory then it is a must buy. I recommend it!.
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on 28 January 2015
I bought 4 different bracelets from The friendly Swede and to be honest I didn't like this one, its very big I ordered 7 inch and they send me 11 inch I want to changed or refund but it will cost me more and that will be my last one from The Friendly Swede!!!
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on 15 June 2014
I was bought this as a gift & I'm very glad this paracord bracelet is adjustable - I have rather small wrists and this fits quite nicely, if I want a looser fit then I can do that too.

The only downside is the whistle could do with a groove in the plastic to keep the elastic band gripping it to the bracelet. As it currently sits, as the whistle is a completely rounded off shape the elastic slides off and gets in the way a little.

Overall, this is a high quality item and well worth the extra spend to make sure the paracord is decent strength (I've seen some in high street stores with a strength of 50kg) and for it to be adjustable.
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on 5 January 2014
I spent a lot of time looking for a paracord bracelet specifically that had a whistle and this fits the bill perfectly. The band itself is adjustable although can be slightly big if you have tiny wrists like me but you can always put it slightly further up your arm as I do. It is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and have forgotten that it's there most of the time. The whistle is really good quality. Judging by reading some of the reviews of the cheaper Paracord Bracelets this seems to be where most of them fall down but this one excels. I have used this during classes where I have forgotten my whistle with the ball inside and the sound produced by both is practically identical. I am really impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to get a high quality paracord bracelet with a very loud whistle.
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on 10 June 2014
Fantastic! Better than my last one. As I have small wrists I need it to do up tight, my last last kept coming undone etc and it bugged me to the point I stopped wearing it. This however is brilliant.
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