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VINE VOICEon 30 September 2012
I LOVE these Cards!

A sort of `between' I'd say of Oracle and Tarot. This is a BEAUTIFUL and delicately coloured Set of Cards created by Marlene Rudginsky - based on `The Flower Speaks'. Extremely hard to find...

I originally thought I had purchased these about a year ago from Amazon when I placed an Order from a Trader, but on receipt, what I actually had bought was not the Card Deck - but in fact a substantial companion 320 page book to the Deck to be purchased separately also written by Marlene - which had in fact been my error - but understandably so, because it has the exact same name as the Deck - and artwork and so both look identical. Although I was unable to obtain a Deck after an extensive search on the Internet (Amazon or any Traders did not offer them), I held on to the book as it was SO beautiful! I never read it, as I felt I really needed the Cards in order to fully appreciate it and so my search for the Deck continued... Both Amazon UK and USA did not stock them, and the Traders who did were asking ridiculous prices... (even Used Decks!) I then found a WebSite who offered them, (still quite expensively though) placed my Order, and then after about four days to my utter dismay, was refunded with the note they were unable to supply them after all... I've been searching for a Deck ever since... However; not having given up, about two weeks ago I just happened to check again on Amazon USA and found they were at last offering them direct themselves, (but again in short supply) and so I immediately Ordered! I've just received them and am not disappointed - it was well worth the wait believe me!

This Deck is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It does come with the usual small booklet you get with Tarot or Oracle Cards, but despite being small, I can tell you that it gives a very deep and comprehensive interpretation of the Cards - far more than most do for its size! I've already performed several Readings for myself - and they're simply lovely! They're very calming and soothing - and seem to `speak' as the title suggests! There's only 52 Cards in the Deck, and so like I say; not exactly a Tarot Deck, but somewhere in between that and an Oracle Set I would say, and definitely a brand new take on Tarot, and so if you're looking for something different, then this Set is for you!

I'm now going to start to read the beautiful book I obtained a year ago to better understand the Deck, and I'm sure I will not be disappointed in that either and will subsequently leave a Review for that too.

Not sure why this Deck is so hard to find - but I can highly recommend it to anyone interested, and I wish you all the very best in obtaining a Set. (be determined and don't give up!)
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VINE VOICEon 2 October 2012
The Beautiful book to go with the equally beautiful Deck: `The Flower Speaks' by Marlene Rudginsky!

I purchased this in error some time ago thinking it was the actual `Deck', but having received it, I found it SO beautiful, that I just had to hang on to it until I was able to acquire a Deck of the Cards. Unfortunately it proved a very difficult task... For some reason, the book is widely available, but the Cards as rare as hen's teeth to find... However; after about a year of waiting and searching, Amazon USA finally had some offered in short supply, and so I snapped them up! I wasn't disappointed! (see my Review for those Cards)

This is a very beautiful and comprehensive book about `The Flower Speaks' Deck - along with all the interpretations - including `Spreads', and also an in-depth discovery of the use and medicinal purposes of flowers. Anyone into nature or someone who loves flowers will really like this book, and although the Deck does come with the usual small booklet for interpretations, I do advise strongly that you invest in a copy of this for a fuller and more explanatory insight into the beautiful Cards if you do decide to go for them.

Highly recommended!
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on 19 March 2015
this was the first deck I personally bought over 16 years ago and I gifted them to another as I thought they would be useful to that person. just recently, this week in fact they have called to me and I yearned for them. I found nowhere stocked them and those that did were asking a huge amount for them. I finally found them and have them back in my life at the cost of a good night out and I will NEVER part with them again. it is strange how you can be pulled and drawn to something out of the blue like that. I am lucky to have an old friend back in my life as this is how these cards make me feel. I feel very connected to them and feel that the are meant to be a tool I work with. the images and essence of nature and the elements makes this deck a gem. they came to me on the eve of the solar eclipse too! magic is in the air that is for sure.
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