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on 25 December 2014
Great horror film based on true events, Barbara Hershey was wonderful, if not award winning, the mad thing about this film is there is no gore or blood but it still scares the crap out of you, there are no special features on the disc well if you call a trailer special, but hopefully if they bring out a Blu-ray release there might be more, if you want to watch a film at Halloween then this film is a must.

***Review update***. Well after receiving my Blu-ray today I am very impressed with the Blu-ray and sound quality, but that's all I can say, I would of liked some bonus features, ie an interview with Barbara Hershey, or even the late Ron Silver, but sadly all you get is a Trailer. So that's all I can add to my review.
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Based if but loosely on a true story that supposedly occurred during the 70's.
This a chilling tale telling of 'Carla Moran' (Barbara Hershey) who lives with her three children 'Billy' (David Labiosa)
'Julie' (Natasha Ryan) and 'Kim' (Melanie Griffin) who is brutally attacked and violated....
Despite a search throughout the home, 'Billy' cannot find any evidence of an intruder...
After further incidents including her car going out of control she is urged by her sister to consult a psychiatrist, which
she does.
However 'Dr Sneiderman' (Ron Silver) believes that 'Carla' is self-harming and has issues because of trauma's during
her childhood.....even after her son witnesses an attack and is indeed injured trying to help his mother the doctor and
associates still believe the problem is within her mindset.
By chance, after her sister witnesses an attack, she seeks answers at a library and comes across two parapsychologists
talking and convinces them to visit her home , after a short while they become convinced that there really is something
sinister going on....at last it seems that there are people listening to her plight.
Though 'Dr Sneiderman' try's to convince 'Carla' that it really is all in her mind she agree's to go ahead with the
parapsychologist and associates plan to conduct an experiment in order to try and trap the entity.
Though perhaps a little dated the 1981 film still manages to hold ones attention.
The Blu-ray upgrade is pretty good
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on 15 October 2016
I first saw this when it came out at the cinema and it's as great now as it was back then. If you have never seen this then get it because you are in for a treat.
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on 27 March 2011
I am not into paraspychology at all and only got this movie because I wanted to see more of Barbara Hershey's work.
It is an interesting movie. I was concerned it might be a bit 'vulgar' but although there is some nudity, it is not too bad. Barbara Hershey's acting is very good: she has very expressive face and eyes and manages to display her character's emotions (fear, determination, embarrassment, worry, relief etc.) really well. She is also very beautiful!
The supporting cast is also very good: I particularly liked the son.
The special effects are very well done and will have you jumping in fright!
The movie is open-ended: you're left wondering whether something 'paranormal' really happened to Carla Moran, or whether she faked the whole thing to get attention, or whether she just 'flipped out' out of tiredness. Piling up a full-time job, part-time studying, 3 kids to raise (a teenager with problems at school and 2 primary school kids who require a lot of pampering) is enough to burn anyone out: I've been working f/t and studying p/t to f/t myself for years, so I know something about it.
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on 10 June 2017
Bought this film many years ago as a VHS tape which was a bit grainy so I am looking forward to seeing as Blu-ray. The film might be hard to believe but it's worth a watch.
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on 30 August 2015
For anyone who enjoys a good paranormal movie this is a must, complete with 80s stylings and soundtrack, its like Poltergeist for grown ups! Maybe not an A list movie, but what scary movie is? Barbara Hershey is a great actress, and she does well to appear as the harassed and tortured single mother. Scenes of a sexual nature might be shocking to some.... this isn't Paranormal Activity!
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on 30 October 2015
It's a typical 80s horror/psychological thriller film full of fab special effects and a dodgy soundtrack. Plenty of jumpy bits to keep scare lovers thirst quenched and the suspense and tension keep you hanging waiting for the next dramatic scene. There is a little bit of overkill on the whole science/psychology/theories scenes but they don't detract from the overall plotline at all. Some of them are actually quite funny! A recommended watch but I wouldn't call it a must see film.
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on 12 February 2017
This film is a real classic Barbara Hershey is amazing as Carla Moran and the bluray transfer is excellent as well as the DTS 5.1 track highly recommended.
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on 27 June 2017
Brilliant film to watch. The quality is great
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on 16 June 2018
Excellent film worth watching over and over again
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