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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

on 18 August 2017
Decent Dirty Harry film, 3rd best

Its still a proper Dirty Harry film.

My personal Dirty Harry films rating

1- Magnum Force
2- Dirty Harry
3- The Enforcer
4- Sudden Impact
5- The Deadpool (please just don't bother watching this one)
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on 17 July 2016
Nothing bad to say about Dirty Harry series as they are a masterpiece and they look great on blu ray. Just get em.
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on 7 April 2017
Nobody as cool as Harry....great stuff
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on 22 May 2017
Trip film, a classic
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on 4 December 2015
A good dvd
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VINE VOICEon 29 July 2008
Harry Callaghan is back, and this time has to deal with hoodlums who are terrorising San Francisco - and kidnap the Mayor for a lot of money.

Not only that, but Harry has to deal with something else: the fact he has to have a lady partner on his patrol, Kate Moore is young and energetic, but at times very misguided and does not always get it right.

He's also got to deal with new politics in the force, his so-called dinosaur antics won't be tolerated any more, especially his unorthodox way of dealing with some punks who rob a liquor store.

This is an average film, with some great moments - especially the rooftop chase with the guy in the tanned suit, and also the scene where the gang are on the island - but it's not the best Dirty Harry movie, but not the worst either, I hand that award to "The Dead Pool".

The transfer is very good, 1080p AV-C, running at a steady 30Mb/s with a 7.1 TruHD audio track, so do expect some good audiovisual stimuli, this is the best Harry's looked in ages, even the original cinema reel wasn't this good.

There are some good interviews about the Dirty Harry series and violence, and a bit of background on the film itself, plus some good commentary on the film. This is actually better than the DVD edition, so I'm rather pleased about that, as it's a great improvement.

This is a great package, and I think it's well worth the price tag, I have all 5 Dirty Harry movies on blu-ray now and I can't say I'm disappointed by them, they're worth the wait and the money.

If you have blu-ray and love Dirty Harry, get this, it's an essential.
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on 31 March 2001
Clint Eastwood returns as Inspector Harry Callahan of the San Franciso Police Department, and to marvellous effect. This is the third installment of the Dirty Harry series, following up Dirty Harry and Magum Force, and see's Callahan pressed into action, against a force headed by the dangerous Bobby Maxwell, who are threatening to overrun San Franciso. Callahan refuses to have none of it, in the process he does what he does best in the other Dirty Harry films, takes out random villains and comes up with classic lines, all adding to an explosive ending. The Enforcer was panned by some critics for being too much like Dirty Harry, but it all comes down to taste, if you loved Dirty Harry, you'll love this, if you are an Eastwood fan, you'll love this, if you're just a casual film fan, or a critic, you'll probably agree with the criticisms, but in my view, this is the 2nd best in the Dirty Harry series.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 February 2014
"Dirty Harry" was a gritty, brilliant suspense movie. "Magnum Force" was more of a Hollywood product, but still a solid timeless thriller.

Sadly "The Enforcer" is the first misstep in the classic Dirty Harry series, skewing the series in all the wrong directions -- we've got dated villains, a weird soundtrack, and an oddly defanged Harry dealing with TV-drama woes (oh no, he's got a WOMAN partner! And she's BY THE BOOK!). Clint Eastwood is as cool as ever, but he seems to be sleepwalking through large portions of the story.

After getting in trouble (again) for using excessive force, Harry (Eastwood) ends up exiled to the personnel department, where he's forced to deal with inexperienced cops being made inspectors. But when his newest partner, Frank DiGiorgio (John Mitchum), is fatally injured by an extremist group called the People's Revolutionary Strike (what?), Harry is launched back into the fray.

To his dismay, his new partner is Inspector Kate Moore (Tyne Daly), who has never made an arrest or worked a real case. But because she's a woman, the publicity-hungry mayor wants her on the case. And when a bomb is set off in the Hall of Justice, the uneasy partners are forced to go after the people responsible -- with shocking and tragic results.

"The Enforcer" doesn't really feel much like the previous two Dirty Harry movies. In fact, it sometimes feels more like an overlong episode of a '70s cop TV show -- just look at the whole subplot about Harry getting an "odd couple" partner who, of course, complements him well. And let's face it, the whole revolutionary bomber thing has not aged well, nor are any of villains very memorable.

And James Fargo doesn't really inject much life into the lackluster story. There are some humorous moments that elicit laughter (Freddie the Fainter), but the more script isn't as witty or tight as you would expect. And the action scenes are completely derailed by the soundtrack -- we get this weird cheery jazz music that sounds completely out of place. Whose idea was that?

That isn't to say that there aren't some powerful scenes -- there is a very intense scene when Harry speaks to a dying friend, and Eastwood pulls it off with a real sense of repressed rage and grief. But they're too few and far between.

Eastwood himself seems to be going through this one on autopilot, probably because Harry seems oddly defanged in this one. Oh, he's still awesome and hard-boiled, but he just doesn't seem as menacing or independent here. Tyne Daly does a pretty good job as Kate, though, and the inexperienced but brave cop does complement Eastwood's hard-bitten Harry well. Too bad she didn't appear in any future movies.

"The Enforcer" stumbles badly by having very little in common with the previous two Dirty Harry movies -- it feels strangely generic, as if it were a copy of a copy of a Clint Eastwood movie. Watch only if you want to see the complete series.
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on 15 June 2008
The Enforcer is the third Dirty Harry movie and was released in 1976. Harry this time is on the trail of a terorist group who have kidnapped the mayor and has the added hassle of bedding in a new partner (tyne daly of cagney and lacey fame)for his troubles.

The enforcer is a good but not great dirty harry movie. Of course the whole thing is pretty average storywise and could have been lifted from an episode of starsky and hutch, but clints perfomance and a couple of strong supporting members carry the film along with aplomb.

The blu-ray 1080p transfer though is nothing short of a revelation. This looks like it was shot yesterday for the most part. Some darker scenes struggle but as soon as theres light the clarity and depth of the picture is fantastic. I have Dirty harry on blu ray too and this tops that easily. i have seen quite a few old films on blu ray and all have been an improvement over the standard dvd but not greatly, but this really does look superb.
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on 9 May 2010
A group of wannabe terrorists kidnap the Mayor of San Francisco and attempt to hold the city to ransom but they have not counted on Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) and his Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver standing in their way. It all becomes a little bit personal when the leader of the group kills Harry's friend and colleague, Frank DiGiorgio. I hope the bad guys are feeling hungry because they're about to eat a huge amount of .44 calibre lead! Bullet-sprayed action and humour combine as Harry also has to contend with a new female partner - the recently-promoted Inspector Kate Moore (brilliantly played by Cagney And Lacey's Tyne Daly).

This is the third film in the "Dirty Harry" series and the only one not to feature a music score by the great Argentinian composer Lalo Schifrin but Jerry Fielding's lively, jazzy score provides a suitable accompaniment to the action. Clint Eastwood is perfect in the role of the taciturn detective, Harry Callahan, and it is hard to envisage any other actor playing the part as well as he does (even though Frank Sinatra was originally considered for the role).

Although "The Enforcer" may not be the best film of the "Dirty Harry" series it is still a very entertaining action thriller with enough gunplay to satisfy Clint Eastwood fans and fans of violent action cinema.
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