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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2005
In the darkest and most complex Edge Chronicle ever, Vox Verlix plots away in his crumbling tower, seeing all, watching all, and waiting for his chance for revenge against those that betrayed him. Possessor of the title of Most High Academe by methods not quite orthodox, Vox is now a prisoner of his own machinations, his greatest triumphs usurped by those he once trusted.
The hero of this book is again young Rook, the librarian-knight from book five. Captured after losing his precious Stormhornet sky-craft while on patrol, he is sold into slavery and ends up in Vox's palace, as an assistant to Hestera Spikesap, an exciting new character with a lot going on in her kitchen and heart. He meets the other minions of Vox - Speegspeel the goblin servant, Amberfuce the ghost-waif, and Flambusia, Amberfuce's nurse, and manages to get himself in the middle of most of the action which springs up in every chapter.
Judging from the signs in the sky, a huge storm is brewing, which the Guardians of the Night believe will cure the stone sickness which has devastated New Sanctaphrax. The natives are restless also, and it doesn't take much prompting to set Shrikes and Goblins against each other in a huge battle in the sewers beneath Undertown.
There's more violence than usual in this one, and several mentions of the smell of unwashed bodies of various species. It's also not as well thought out as the others, as major plot points happen too often by either chance or carelessness. There are stories running concurrently that are sometimes hard to tie together, and lots of loose ends. There's even romance in the air along with the usual imaginative cast of creatures, but as usual, the illustrations truly bring the book to life.
Not the best in the series, but packed with action and well worth reading.
Amanda Richards
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on 30 July 2007
You may the title distressing when you see the word historical, but when i say that it means a timeline of events.
Rook is about a young wannabe Librarian knight he works hard and lives in the sewers of New Undertown as the old Undertown you have previously known about has been crushed with debris and scree from the New Sanctaphrax. This is because it is struck with stone sicknes with also ended the first age of flight. When Rooks sky craft crashes in Scree town he is desperate and seek sthe help of an old friend who is a ghost of Scree town who takes him below to an opulent palace in old western quays. This palace is the burned down one of the great sky pirate captain Wind Jackal as Rook finds out. When he finds the sooted mural commisoned by Wind Jackal on the wall. Rook is then accidentally caught by slavers and sold to Vox the ex most high academe. Rook discovers that there is more to this man than fancy thick robes. Thrust into a world of danger it's up to rook to foil the guardians of the night and save everyone. But theres one problem one of the guardians is his friend all of the plan could depend on him.
This book was very interesting and has many different aspects theres hurt and betrayal involved but there is a surprise ending as well.
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on 6 October 2003
Vox Verlix the fat tyrant is a fantastic character and he's back with a vengance in the latest Edge Chronicle. I really enjoyed all the twists and turns - you never know what will happen next and the ending is a real surprise. It was really good learning more about Undertown and hearing about the intriges between the goblins, shrykes and the guardians of night. Featuring Rook Barkwater, I can't wait to see what happens to him next.
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on 31 January 2010
The cover put me off this. The Edge books have a plethora of bullies and having a whole book about one wasn't a nice prospect. However, the story is simple and engaging - it follows Rook through many of the new locations that had emerged since the last series, and tracks four major factions as they prepare for a confrontation that Vox is cleverly leading them all toward. The build up, battle and the cunningness of the plan makes good reading.The downside is the characters and factions - besides the Librarians and their search for knowledge, all the others are mean and bloodthirsty. The Guardian of night delight in false imprisonment and torture; the Goblins have slaves and casual violence, the Shrykes love disembowling. It's quite depressing that they have no redeeming features, so I'm hoping things are back in balance in the last book.
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on 30 December 2005
One of the harder books for younger ages, Vox has a slightly complex story but is still good. I did however get a little bored while reading it, even though I also thought it was good. Not bad!
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on 17 September 2003
Firstly, like the rest of The Edge Chronicles this book is full of wonderful illustrations. Sadly the story itself seemed to lack the sparkle of the previous books.
This is the second book to feature Rook Barkwater and many of the characters found in Last of the Skypirates, and this time is set around the area that used to be the thriving Undertown. The chance to learn more about the area is very welcome but the story seems a lot more disjointed this time around, and the supporting characters much flatter. It also doesn't seem as stand-alone as the others, and anyone new to the series probably wouldn't read on.
The book is still entertaining, and worth a read, but while the series has been improving up till now, this latest isn't a patch on 'Last of the Skypirates' or 'Curse of the Gloamglozer'.
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on 11 December 2012
I was a bit worried that a whole book about one character might struggle to hold my attention but actually it was very good. I like the way the stories interlink with each other at different periods in time - it all helps to build the history of the Edge and make it somehow more believable in a fantastical sort of way. Recommended to good readers over age 9 who enjoy a good fantasy with some weird and wonderful characters, both good and evil, in the mix.
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on 7 March 2014
I love it! I love it! Rook is in trouble. His skycraft is broken and he is lost in Screetown. There he meets his old friend Felix and is forced to cross the Edgewater to get back to Undertown. But there he is caught and sold to Vox, the plotting most high academe in his crumbling palace of statues. His adventures are only just beginning.

I love the part when the Shrykes battle the Goblins in the Undertown sewers.
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on 16 December 2015
I bought this for my 10 year old grandson who absolutely loves these books. He is forever reading now and says the stories are fantastic. A very good purchase. Highly recommended
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on 12 March 2014
box is as good as last of the sky pirates can't wait to read free graders I would recommend this book to anyone
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