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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2004
The Eagles are one of those bands, which I have listened to for years, but never really got into. I thought this would be a good chance to change my view.
My view, has changed, this is great. The 10 minute introduction is a pain at the start of the concert (hence 4 stars), but once it starts we are introduced to a beautifully acoustic version of 'Hotel California'. The next few songs allow all the band to show what they can do. 'Wasted time' is just brilliant and still it glides along. 'Desperado' is stunning.
It's good to see a band enjoying themselves, when they play and appreciating there fellow band members.
They even display irony at the start, when they declare "We never split up, we just took a fourteen year vacation" Buy this you will not be disappointed.
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on 22 August 2004
The music in the concert, filmed in April of 1994, is lovely and exquisitely performed, but somewhat underwhelming in its presentation.
The strength of the Eagles is in their wonderful songs and masterful musicianship, but anyone looking for a razzle-dazzle performance should look elsewhere; these are laid back performers to the point of sometimes being as exciting as watching a CD spin. It would have helped had they ditched the stools for the first 6 songs, varied the lighting a bit in the middle section, which is cast in an almost steady dark blue, and mixed in a few up-tempo songs, instead of the first 12 selections being of approximately the same speed and mood; it picks up with last 5 songs starting with "Take it Easy", with brighter lighting and more energy projected from the musicians, and even a rousing new song, "Get Over It".
Highlights for me are a gorgeous arrangement of my favorite Eagles song, "Hotel California", "New York Minute", with its Gershwinesque string section intro and jazzy horn solo, and "Life in the Fast Lane", one of the 3 up-tempo songs.
The first 15 minutes of this film are about the preparation for this concert, and include interviews with the Eagles who are: Glenn Frey / Don Henley / Joe Walsh / Don Felder / Timothy Schmit. The sound is great and total running time is 100 minutes.
Song list: "Hotel California" / "Tequila Sunrise" / "Help Me Through the Night" / "The Heart of the Matter" / "Love Will Keep Us Alive" / "Learn to be Still" / "Pretty Maids All on a Row" / "The Girl from Yesterday" / "Wasted Time" / "I Can't Tell You Why" / "New York Minute" / "The Last Resort" / "Take it Easy" / "Life in the Fast Lane"
"In the City" / "Get Over It" / "Desperado".
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on 16 March 2004
Apart from the 'silly' menu configuration and the fact that I get no audio?? when playing it on the PC (works fine in my stand-alone Yamada DVD 6100), the content is incredible.
It's worth the money for the 'sit down' accoustic version of Hotel California alone.
A quick review...
The Rehearsal
They don't add any instruments till the LIVE harmonies are perfect.
This attention to LIVE perfection is continued throughout, notably when trying to get the Burbank Symphony Orchestra to put a bit more of a 'bluesy' feel into their string arrangement.
The Set
Tequila Sunrise... stunning performance
The Heart Of The Matter, Wasted Time and New York Minute make the goosebumps rise with the incredible emotion of the vocals.
Life in the Fast lane... is somehow impossibly better than the studio version.
I Cant Tell You Why... Timothy's vocals make you want to cry.
Get Over It... just rocks. a load of new material.
Ending with a definitive version of 'Desperado' no Eagles fan can afford not to own this DVD.
The gig opens with one of the all time memorable rock quotes...
"We never split up... we just took a fourteen year vacation"
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on 25 July 2001
I renewed an old acquaintance here from my days enjoying The Eagles Greatest Hits. Many of the tracks were new to me, even so, I was in awe of the musical quality of this band. Even if you don't fancy the music, do yourself a favour and simply watch it for their sheer professionalism and combined individual talents. Each track is stunningly portrayed from the manic Joe Walsh to the perfection of Don Felder, believe me you will be hooked the first time that you see and hear this DVD. Superb.
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on 2 December 2006
We were away for the weekend, and called into a hi-fi store to look at some music systems we were interested in. I was rooted to the spot when I heard that familiar voice of Don Henley.... On spinning round it was the Hell Freezes Over DVD which the store were using as a demo for the BOSE sound system. I never left the store until I had heard most of it....We bought the sound system 1 month later and this was the first DVD we played on it. Absolute genius delivered with unbelievable sound. It still makes all the hairs on my arms stand up every time they sing Hotel California, and all the other unforgettable tracks which every Eagle fan adores. If you have ever loved the Eagles as I do, this will make you fall in love with them all over again....To hear them together again after 14 years and still sounding THIS good is just fantastic. The new stuff they do on the DVD is excellent. Nothing about this DVD will disappoint. Our guests are going to be totally converted to the Eagles this Christmas, whether they like it or not..... and they will LOVE it.
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on 5 February 2002
What a show this must have been if you were lucky enough to be in the audience. For the rest of us that were not so lucky, the DVD/Video is a must item to own. Watching this, you could almost be there.
I know I was. For me, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Timothy B Schmit, Joe Walsh & Don Felder were a dream come true. Listing to the track Hotel Calafornia with Joe Walsh & Don Felder on their guitars was truly magical and Don Henley delivering a great track called "Get over it" the goosebumps come out in force everytime I play the DVD. They sound teriffic and they look good too. What a show!
This must rate as one, if not the best band of all time. Long live the Eagles,and may you continue to release more of the same.
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on 22 October 2005
For those of you who are Eagles fans and like me, have never had the chance to see them perform live, then this is the next best thing. Having never performed together for nearly 15years, they decided to prove they still had it. In Joe Walsh's words " It's weird, it seems like only a week" Starting with Hotel California,and including Tequilla Sunrise they get better as the concert lengthens.
If you are an Eagles fan, this is a must have.
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There is a reason this is the best selling music DVD on the market. The Eagles have reunited after 14 years to give a spot-on performance. It is not what you may have expected, however. The first 10 minutes are a barrage of interviews with various members of the band, as to why they decided to get back together. It seems somewhat forced, but at least they reconciled old differences enough to band together again. The rest of the DVD contains (17) seventeen songs in an intimate setting that is sparse with a simple lighting arrangement. The vocals and instrumentals are near perfect and it’s hard to imagine that this much time has past.
The first several songs, “Hotel California”, “Tequila Sunrise” and “Help Me Through The Night” are not as upbeat as on record, but contain some extended instrumentals as nice surprises. It isn’t until “Take It Easy” (13 thirteen songs later) that the band really kicks into gear. With “Life In The Fast lane”, “In The City” and the new, self effacing, “Get Over It”, the concert really continues to rock. Closing the set is the timeless, “Desperado”, sung with pure emotion. It’s a simple set, but well worth the admission.
There is only one extra - the video to "Seven Bridges Road". I would have expected more.
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on 11 July 2003
Most music DVD's you buy are a straight port of original tracks or digitally remastered, however this one is different. The opening few chapters are about how the band got back together and flows nicely, also the quality of the audio/visuals is good.
What is really striking on my set up, which is good quality is the enhanced quality of the sound and visuals when the gig opens with Hotel California. in stereo it sounds good but in DTS its the best recording I have heard. The tracks are balanced beautifully with the orchestra set to the back together with small percussion instruments and some guitar.
(Unlike some DTS where you just get crowd noises)The vocals are great and the picture really is of the highest quality.
If you want to demonstrate to a friend just how good Music DVD can be then this is IMHO the best one on the market and will take some beating.
Superb, a must buy for anyone who has a home cinema setup regardless of whether your an eagles fan or have heard of them you will remember them after watching this :)
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on 13 November 2001
I'm only 16 and when my dad first put on his Eagles CD, I thought 'Not another one of his oldie songs!' I love them now and persuaded dad to buy this DVD-it was well worth it! The quality of sound is fantastic, epecially with surround sound. This is a MUST BUY for anyone, including all non-eagles fans!
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