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on 29 November 1998
Joining the ranks of lost histories such as THE IRDA and THE DARGONESTI, THE DRAGONS is an amazing conclusion to the series that sifts through the obscure races of Krynn. People who want to know about the history of Dragonlance's most focal race will love this book, which spans over 8000 years of history from the beginnings of the world to the defeat of Ariakas at Neraka. Even better: THE DRAGONS is not only an exceedingly detailed "history" book, it's also a finely written novel in its own right. Of all the rich Dragonlance books, THE DRAGONS probably has one of the largest casts. Some four or five generations of the firstborn race are detailed, starting with the children of Paladine's daughters and finishing with the evil great-grandchild of Takhisis. It's recommended that you read "Aurora's Eggs" from THE DRAGONS AT WAR anthology before this book, because the first chapters pick up right after the short story. The best part is, both stories are great reads on their own, even better together but hardly necessary for enjoyment. Douglas Niles has quite an ability to juggle viewpoints, perspectives, and also gloss over important events without making them seem frivolous. For example, whereas other books can spend chapters on the Cataclysm, the dragons are unaware of the immense armageddon wreaking havoc on Krynn, and thus Niles appropriately makes little mention of it. The effect at the end is of one long, arduous journey completed-but a journey that was enjoyable from the start. Also a testament to Niles is the fact that despite having so many characters (he does appear to make some small lapses, however, in numbers and mentions) he never lets the focal dragons slide. Any other author might fully develop the evil Crematia and leave her descendants form-letter characters. But the development of each personality is full, although at the end, there are a handful of weaker characters. THE DRAGONS is also excellent in how much history it spans. THE LEGEND OF HUMA (Richard A. Knaak) is retold in the viewpoint of the dragons, including the adored silver dragon Heart. The stories of the exile of the three moons of Krynn, the creation of the evil draconians, the exodus to northern utopia, and the return to ancestral Kharolis are only a few of the incredible pageantry one will find in this book. Unfortunately there is also plenty of death, too, so much that it becomes predictable in the end, and this is probably the biggest flaw I can find with the book. Otherwise, it's a shiner. At the last page, it feels like Douglas Niles has written a 1000 page book, not a 300 novel. A definite must read.
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on 20 April 1998
after reading most of the dragonlance books, i saw this one on the shelf of the book store. I love dragons so i bought it. It was my favorite so far. it has love, magic, and battle. What more do you want?
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on 1 August 1999
Tells more than enough about the old dragon ways and is the most dramatic and heart warming novel yet. The Great Aurora will rise again. (HOPEFULLY)
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on 28 January 1998
Review by Geneviève Daigle
This is the third Dragonlance novel I read, after The Black Wing and The Dark Queen. I wasn't really sure what to expect... but once I started, I was hooked. The first chapter describes a red dragon's birth... from the point of view of the red dragon, inside the egg.
Then, it was all a swirl of dragons, following metallic dragons as they grew, and then moving on to include several generations of dragons -- mostly gold, silver and the chromatic and evil red -- as they fight for territory and in the Dragon War.
Well, no review could actually do this book justice, so go out there, buy it, read it, if you love dragons as much as I do, I'm sure you'll love The Dragons.
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on 9 December 2007
The purpose of this book is to 'flesh out' the world of Krynn - it is the sixth in a series of 'Lost Histories', however it is considered the 'first' in canon reading by die-hard fans. Nile has done a decent job here - it is a large epic written at a great pace and yes, many leads die but it covers history from 9000 years prior to the first Catacylsm right through to the end of the Age of Might. Nile covers events at a good spped and has done a great justice to the species of Dragons on krynn. I will wholeheartedly admit there are flaws with the text - some glaring grammatical errors and erroneous plotting - but the purpose of the book is for a guide for die-hards. Worth reading if you are a loyal fan.
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on 15 September 1998
I have read several DragonLance novels and enjoyed them immensely. When I picked up a copy of The Dragons, however, I was acting as a dragonlover, rather than a fan of the series. It is an epic about good versus evil, and provides a unique opportunity to study and get to know several dragons from their earliest days as disoriented hatchlings, to their last, as majestic beasts, sailing the skies that are theirs by birthright. The Dragons, written by Douglas Niles, is a must for any tru dragonlover!
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on 28 September 1998
This is the first book that brought me into fantasy reading, and it is one of the greatest I have ever read. The author, Douglas Niles, has created the most amazing, spectacular, and awe-inspiring fantasy world I have ever read. I got so into the book that I was constantly thinking about. The Dragons are magical and too mystifying for words to describe. If you ever read at least one fantasy book, make it this one.
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on 25 April 1999
Over all, this was a super book. The only reason i didn't give it a 5 star review was because every time i got to like a character in the book, they died. Well, it still kicked butt.
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on 7 July 1999
Started off well. Then, went down hill. It didn't focus on characters, made it boring. Tried to fit too much plot into a small book. It didn't work.
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on 21 April 1999
I like.
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