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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I have the earlier three books and all are worth having. My edition turned up this morning and I read it cover to cover straightaway. Scott Kelby is a great author, very knowledgeable and very entertaining. if you read any of his book and don't giggle at least once, then please take your pulse.

This book continues in the same vein as the earlier editions. Straightforward and easy to follow and each item is a paragraph or so long. I have been a photographer for over 35 years and I still learn from these books. I would say that anyone, amateur or professional can learn from this and at a great price you cant lose.

I am working my way through some of the tips in the book and the tips on HDR (high dynamic range) are worth buying the book for by itself.

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on 10 March 2012
Volume 1 of these books is the best-selling digital photography book of all time and it deserves to be - it has an almost perfect format of good advice, suitable to everyone from beginners to experienced and the ability to teach something useful on every single page. The successful format has lead to inevitable sequels and while the quality has been maintained, the advice has become more advanced.

For book 4 the majority of the content is aimed at DSLR and advanced Compact System Camera users. For example the first three chapters concern flash, either in the studio or the more advanced on-camera (not built-in) flashguns. Owners of point and shoot cameras will learn from the less equipment-oriented tips but these form the minority of the pages.

So, assuming you have a more advanced camera what will you learn about? Besides flash, which is a dark art for many, there are sections on sport photography, using the video functionality of your DSLR, tips for travel and street photography, landscapes and some more of the "recipe for this type of shot" that are so popular in this series.

I particularly like the nuggets of pro advice that are liberally sprinkled across the pages, such as getting better street photographs by sitting somewhere quietly for a while until the people around have forgotten you're there and only then beginning to quietly take photographs.

What I really like about this series is the lack of waffle - there is something of interest on every page and the text gets right to the point. They're also great when you have time to take pictures but are stuck for an idea - just open a few pages at random and something will inspire you. Scott's trademark humour is still present in this volume, which makes it an enjoyable read as well as informative.

Each volume is gradually becoming more advanced, so beginners should start with the first volume and work through in order but otherwise this is a perfect volume 4.
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on 11 February 2014
A useful book depending on your needs of course. Perhaps not personally as much use as books 1 to 3 but maybe that's inevitable as one becomes more experienced in the subject. I found the section on HDR interesting as it was an area I had not explored and it provided me with a way into this technique. It may well be of course that it's a book that I will refer back to when I discover another aspect of photography I want to explore. I would say it's of more interest to those that want to do portrait or wedding photography. The book does cover other aspects but not in such depth and there are fewer nuggets of information gained, which would not have been discovered in books 1 to 3.

Scott Kelby does have a knack of simplifying things and cutting to the core of a subject , without getting too bogged down into technicalities. He provides a good base or framework to build on.

On the negative side, I do have to say that it is time he reigned in his attempts at humour. Whilst I like his light hearted approach to photography, he needs to know he is not a stand up comic. Having to wade through paragraphs of absolute drivel of attempted humour at the start of each chapter, is simply tiresome. He even warns you about it at the start of his book. Its as if his editor told him to 'cut the crap' - but he couldn't actually bring himself to believe his humour is lame.

Worth a punt if you have a few spare quid in your pocket but not his best.
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on 17 August 2012
For me, book 2 of the set is the best: after some introductory material, the author wrote the best set of tips in that book. After that, book 3 is for the second best set of tips. And this fourth book seems like "leftovers": tips that were not good enough for the previous books. It is not useless, but it is one notch below the quality of the others.
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on 5 September 2012
This book has not been very useful, I agree that the second one was one of
the best, and I have all the previous ones.

1.- Despite saying that advices are useful for all camera brands he
focuses only on Canon and Nikon (I know they are the bestseller, but not
everybody has one), and speccialy on high-end models.

2.- Chapter intros are sometimes "nonsense, and the advices often could be
summarized in one sentence don't worth a whole chapter.

3.- The last chapter is the most useful, he explain some tips to get pictures.

It does not worth what costs, and I would not recommend.
If you have his prior books don't buy this one!
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on 14 March 2012
Having purchased vols 1-3 of these books earlier I cannot reccomend them too highly.All essential info easily referenced for any photographic situation you may
be faced with.This latest volume continues this theme.
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on 29 September 2012
I agree with an earlier reviewer in that Part 4 seems like the leftovers from the other books! I really am trying not to be cynical, but the book does seem to be an additional form of income for Scott rather than useful information for the budding photographer! But hey, each to their own. If you enjoy 'spending time' with the (let's be honest) highly successful author/trainer/photographer then this is more of the same. I didn't finish it though and I don't like wasting money!

For my money I'd go for the more concise and focused approach of (the lesser-known) McKeon (eg Exposing with a flash!: a how-to guide for mastering exposure when using off camera hot shoe flash (Photographer's Workshop Series)). Though with McKeon's approach you must first select what it is you want to learn more about, rather than have ad hoc tips presented to you. As such McKeon's book is probably aimed at more advanced amateurs and semi-pros (and perhaps even pros?) than Kelby's.
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on 20 March 2013
I really enjoy reading Scott's books he has the right amount of tongue and cheek to keep the book lively and enough information to make the book worth reading. I would happily recommend this book or the other three in the series
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on 1 March 2016
Scott Kelby writes the best photography books I have seen, full of valuable information presented in an interesting and at times humorous fashion, best of all they are never boring. I would strongly recommend his books to any photographer.
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on 21 August 2013
Unashamedly I own the first 3 books in the Scott Kelby Digital Photography series (and would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their photography - amateur or professional). This book adds to what he already put in the first 3 books (or realised later that he should have put in).
Don't just buy this book - buy all 4!!
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