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on 26 April 2017
My wife is very happy with the book.
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on 18 May 2017
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on 1 June 2017
I am in awe and absolute gratitude. This books is for everyone. Get reading asap and enjoy finally having your many questions answered. Thank you thank you thank you!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 August 2008
The Complete Conversations with God includes all three books of the original Conversations with God series in one very large volume. Book one introduces the main concepts that are discussed throughout all three books. This first book starts off with a frustrated Neale Donald Walsch questioning his life. Everything seems to be falling apart. Simply put, he questions God and God answers (and perhaps more importantly he actually listens). Thus, the book is a series of questions and answers about life, love, career, death, sex, and virtually everything else imaginable.

The second and third books build upon the overall concepts of the first book. The second book looks more at politics, our society, and the world while the third book looks at universal concepts, truths, religion, and evolution.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most influential books of our time. The conversations ask us to question the unquestionable and seek our own truth. They also urge us to become something more. Each time I read this series, I grow and gain a little more understanding of myself, my life purpose, and the life I want to lead.
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on 12 March 2011
Like many others,reading the CWG trilogy has made such an impact on my life.The same with some of neales other books like Friendship with God & Home with God aswell.
Ive read many books on spiritual philosophy incl books by white eagle (which are also amazing by the way) & to have a book that can help you to see life in a different way is incredible!
Whether its god or neales guides,higher self or guardian angels talking shouldnt really matter,i think its the information that comes through thats important.

Reading other reviews (particularly on amazon.us) its pretty scary seeing how some people believe that hes in league with the devil.But saying that,if i had a religious upbringing im sure that i'd be saying the same thing!
Thank God i didnt...

Ive read the first book so many times that i decided to buy the boxset & sadly i dont think its as nice as the other versions.Reason being is that the box it came in isnt that strong,(i actually thought it would come in a slipcase) the book itself is plain creamy/white with no picture or dustcover either.Its a real shame because the other versions have lovely painted pictures on the covers,perhaps they couldve had prints of the pictures in with the book?
Inside is quite nice,where neale has asked the questions its in black but where god has answered its in blue plus you have new introductions to each of the books.
On a whole the books themselves i give 5 stars but this particular ed i give 3,but please dont let that stop you from buying it,its definately worth the £18 here on amazon.
So if you're religious you most definately wont like these books,but if you're not religious,looking for some kind of sense to it all & have an open mind,have a look...you maybe surprised :)
And if you like the books watch the movie!!
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on 14 June 2008
Whether this is actually Mr walsch taking dictation from God, or merely his own over-active imagination combined with a result of many years of thinking too much is irrelevant here. It would simply define whether this book was either a miracle, or a work of genius.
The observations made about our society, ourselves, our attitudes, and ideas as to how we would be better living are perfect. It touches on almost everything. Politics, sex, aliens, religion, sin, right and wrong,pollution, money, nature, relationships, education.

It's an essential read for anyone who has questioned the world we live in.
This is the God that we are told doesn't exist. The loving God, the God who doesn't judge, the God who isn't a vengeful, bitter, egotistical killer. The God who doesn't care who you have sex with, which church you're in, if any, what colour you are, what country your from, whether you believe him, or like him.
If you are a person who drags themselves through life thinking 'There must be a better way than this to live' Then this book may well help you find it.
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on 15 July 2012
Brilliant book. Very nicely presented with the conversation printed in different colours to help keep the flow.What a book! If only the church would read it.It might get a few of those vicars and priests thinking twice before preaching their rubbish from their high perches.If you want to know why your here and what lifes all about.Heres your answer.Love and Blessing, Peter
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on 20 March 2010
In short, this might be the most important and powerful book I've ever read, maybe even ever written. If you're on this page you probably know the basic synopsis. So to elaborate, the power in the total message combined is emotional - as the simple messages repeat and combine in a cumulative fashion. If you approach the whole text single mindedly you are rewarded with a change in your emotional viewpoint and in your very consciousness that stays with you a long time. The answers to the contained questions covered all my contradictions, qualms and misgivings. As someone preoccupied with the unknown, innovation, sensuality and the spiritual, the personal alignment this book gave me kept me going and gave me peace through a nasty cancer diagnosis. I'm giving my separate three volumes away and spreading the word.
Other book recommendations - Eckhart Tolle's 'Power Of Now' and 'A New Earth', Brad Blanton's 'Radical Honesty', Abraham-Hicks' 'Ask And It Is Given', any Osho volume, and Allan Kardac's 'Spirits Book'. The power of all these messages is in application of what you learn of your soul. We truly are more than we dare suppose. Freedom and unity forever.
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on 5 April 2012
This book began a journey, which I am still on now (and now enjoying more moments than ever before...)

I wanted to get the complete trilogy, after reading, 'Tommorrows God' also by the same author. I liked his style in that book, and got to know it more in this trilogy. Reading, what looks like a small library is no mean feat, I can tell you, but it is worth it.

In case you don't know, as with most of Neale Walschs books, it is a Q+A format. That is, he asks a question, and God answers. The questions begin with the painfully obvious (like, why is the world in the state it is in?) to, near the end of the 3rd book (and you do a lot of reading by then...) What intuition really is about.

What I like, is that it address the most basic questions, with some very advance concepts near the end, almost like a complete A-Z of spirituality.

Of course, you do (as always) need to keep an open mind, as some concepts are mind blowing (quite literally, in some cases;-)

All in all, a really thought provoking book, which is almost certain to help you evolve spiritually.

Highly recommended
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on 1 July 2008
When I first bought this book I found what it was saying to ring true with what I had learnt on my own spiritual journey and I found some great insights in this book. These insights do appear maybe to have been inspired by God working through Donald.. maybe.
For example the fact that our lives are almost exclusively based on our inner view and beliefs of our world, that fear attracts negative and vice versa.
But then on reading further I found some very disturbing passages. Donald asks God about Hitler and God replies 'Hitler went to heaven', to which he resonds 'but Hitler killed hundreds and thousands of Jews', and 'God's' shocking response is basically that 'Hitler did nothing wrong. Hitler simply did what he did... The mistakes Hitler made did no harm or damage to those whose deaths he caused. Those souls were released from their earthly bondage.'!
(That made me so angry I put the book down for a few months)
Also there are many passages where God apparently says that sex should not be hidden from children and if they start to explore themselves in a way which is innapropriate at a young age, we shouldn't stop them.
'God' states basically that parents should just have sex openly around the house and let children watch if they want to!
Like I say a lot of the book is very inspiring but these disturbing passages and others put a sour taste in my mouth.
I feel, like the bible and other 'inspired' texts, that yes some is indeed maybe inspired by the all-knowing spirit of God (whatever that is) that can reveal awesome truths, but also these books are written by humans and alas being filtered by humans there comes human error and the authors own ideals are mixed in with 'God's', maybe unbeknownst to the author.
So we must be carefull in blindly accepting any book as being completely of God.
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