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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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HALL OF FAMEon 29 December 2005
I am writing this on my birthday, having received this as a gift just yesterday. I can't think of a better gift for one's birthday! I have been a fan of Calvin and Hobbes for a very long time - indeed, I have given a lecture that drew upon images and actions of Calvin and Hobbes along with commentary based on their theological/philosophical counterparts. If you think about it, there is a good deal of Calvinist thinking in Calvin, and a good deal of Hobbesian philosophy in Hobbes. But that is, blessedly for most, not the main idea of the books here.
This beautifully produced three-volume set is the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips from the newspapers over the decade that Bill Watterson produced them. I have several paperback editions of these strips, but it invariably happens that a strip I remember is not among the ones I have. For example, for the longest time I searched for the one in which Calvin expresses his difficulty with mathematics, and Hobbes explains that this is nothing - wait until he reaches imaginary numbers (like eleventeen, thirty-twelve, and other such, which tigers of course have a natural instinct for). It might take some thumbing through to find things, but then, who would mind going through this glorious collection?
All of the characters are here - Calvin and Hobbes, and all the long-suffering around them: the teacher Miss Wormwood, Susie, Rosalyn the babysitter, and Calvin's parents (who are not mentioned by name in the strip). There are also the bit players (imaginary or not imaginary) characters such as aliens, the doctor, the principal, Moe, dinosaurs, and more. We re-learn the rules to Calvinball, and re-enter the club G.R.O.S.S. (which is an acronym that stands for Get Rid Of Slimy girlS).
There are three books, each about 500 pages each. It includes a good introduction with autobiographical information about Bill Watterson, who is known to be a reclusive figure, shying away from the limelight and avoiding marketing opportunities that might have made much more money (those images of Calvin on the various trucks and cars, seen in rather mischievous situations, are actually not authorized by Watterson). Watterson recounts part of his struggle to contain the world of Calvin and Hobbes into such a short space. He also discusses the difficulty and irony of dealing with characters that are very much a part of the culture they are at the same time critiquing. The strips are a bit smaller than might wish, but in order to keep all things in one collection (without going to another large volume, and adding to the already 20+ pounds of this one) I think the decision was a good one to go with the size here.
This makes a fabulous gift, for oneself and for friends. Calvin and Hobbes live forever in the world of imagination. Go explore.
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on 15 August 2006
I am a lifelong Calvin and Hobbes fan and I just got this for my birthday... even as I was opening it I was telling my 2 year old son about my new "loot" as Calvin always refers to presents (and if I can do anything about it then my son will also always refer to presents as loot - it's a natural attitude for anyone!"

Then I saw what was in the box - and I literally cried. Calvin and Hobbes has probably given me more pleasure, laughter and happiness than anything else in print. It has moved me to tears and to laughter and lives with me every day.

If anyone is a fan then this is the ideal gift; if they are not then buy it for them anyway and they will be a fan after about 10 pages.

Mr Watterson - thank you; if equal payment were required for the amount of joy you've brought into my life then I would be in debt to you for the rest of my life.
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on 23 September 2005
I've just received The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and I was thinking it would be a little similar in size and shape to the Complete Peanuts Volumes that are currently being published - but this is a completely different animal!! Each Volume is much larger and consequently heavier, the quality of the printing is far superior ( similar to the photographed strips in the 10th Anniversary book), the strips are chronological (with their original dates of publication) and with an up to date introduction from Bill Watterson, and thus his quality control seal of approval, this is essntial to any Calvin and Hobbes Fan even if you own all previously published books. Definitive!
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on 24 June 2008
The other reviews here pretty much say it all... if you are a fan of Calvin and Hobbes, you are going to love this! And, if you are already a fan, you will undoubtedly own a few worn-out copies of the various collections. I already have most, if not all of the books;
what makes this special and worth having ( addition!) is the beautiful presentation, in chronological order, of all the strips, with the large cover art added throughout.
It is big, it is heavy, but bearing in mind that it will probably stay put and be well looked after, I don't see any problem with this! It's obviously not intended to be lugged about as your sole copy, and it's nice to have a nice hardback volume to sit and read. If you want portable, take one of your paperbacks. If you want your favourite (and the best, most imaginative, philosophical, entertaining cartoon strip ever) in 3 well-made volumes, then you should really add this to your bookshelf. I just did, having read the previous reviews, and I love it already!
(I've read Calvin and Hobbes through many times, and they just don't date either.. Calvin's comments about the advertising industry, and his Dad's views about t.v, the media, traffic etc are as funny and relevant today as when they were written.)
Not much more to say... if you love Calvin and Hobbes, this collection really is well worth it's weight.
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on 18 October 2005
First off, yes this is an expensive item (although Amazon, of course, have it for less than RRP!) but even if you derive only the slightest delight from Calvin & Hobbes, this really is a must own piece of C&H history.
It's a joy to behold before you even open the covers of any of the three volumes - the set is well presented in good quality materials with nice images of our protagonists front and back. Each of the three volumes is epic and, again, well presented. The quality of paper is nice and heavy with a good gloss (but not too shiny) finish.
I find it difficult to describe Calvin & Hobbes to someone who's never heard of it so I won't try but my spin on C&H is that it combines everything that was good about growing up with some wonderful philosophical and wimsical moments that sometimes bring a tear to the eye. It's a comic strip of great humour, joy and touching moments that take you back to times when you didn't care about deadlines and stress just didn't exist.
The skills of the cartoonist (Bill Watterson) are brilliant enough within the 'daily' black and white strips but the Sunday colour strips often break free of the shackles of conventional cartoon drawing into a variety of styles and genres which you really don't expect.
As I said in the intro, if you have ever derived any joy from C&H in the past, then please buy this - it's just wonderful. If you're not familiar then buy it anyway, it's guaranteed to make you make you smile.
One small word of warning - this is one HEAVY item so don't get it delivered anywhere where you're going to have to carry it a long way!!! And if you're getting it delivered to home, stand by with a little tip for your postie!! :)
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Anyone who read comics strips in the 80's and 90's has one strip that always brings a smile to their face - Calvin and Hobbes. Now, the entire too short run of this classic is collected in one classy set.
For those not familiar, Calvin is a six year old boy growing up in a house with his parents. His best friend is his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, who happens to be real, but only to Calvin. Together, the two get into all kinds of scraps, mainly because Calvin is the poster child for obnoxious kids. The fact that his parents haven't strangled him is a major miracle.
For the reader, this is a wonderful treat, because it means we get to watch Calvin in one adventure after another refusing to learn anything. And his imagination makes those adventures far out. He might be Spaceman Spiff, battling the evil Zorg who want to torture him by sending him to school. He might create a duplicator and create duplicates of himself to ease his homework load. He might don his Stupendous Man costume to fight his nemesis Babysitter Fiend. Or he might use his time machine to travel forward in time to get his completed homework from his future self. And don't forget a nice round of Calvinball. Or a meeting of the top secret club GROSS (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS).
This strip was full of creativity and fun. Part of its charm was its ability to give a nostalgic look back at childhood through realist's glasses.
As the series progressed, its creator began to include some social satire in his strips. This became seriously hysterical. I just loved Calvin's gum magazine "Chewing."
This set is designed for collectors. It includes everything done for the strip over the years in three hardbound books collected in a slip case. This includes an all new introduction as well as covers and extra illustrations done for the collections over the years. The biggest draw back is the size. These are heavy books, and it's really hard to curl up with them and read for a few hours.
This set is for the serious Calvin and Hobbes fan. If you aren't already in love with these characters, find a collection today so you can meet them. Either way, you'll want the paperback collections for your everyday Calvin and Hobbes reading.
And maybe, someday, we can convince Bill Watterson to come out of retirement and give us further adventures of this wonderful duo.
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on 27 November 2005
First off, let me be honest. I haven't bought it yet. I saw it in a store (around 60 pounds, so amazon is a much better deal) and knew my prayers had been answered.
I have all the soft-back compilations, along with the frustrations they engender: duplications, lack of chronology, and worst of all, split spines and loose pages. I always dreamed of a hard-bound version.
Calvin and Hobbes are dear to me not only for Bill Watterson's wonderfully loving and skewed view of childhood and parenting. In nightly sessions of reading aloud to my son, laughing our heads off, discussing the strips, and memorizing them all, Michael learned to read, and to love to read. I can't imagine a more effective or congenial way to give this most wonderful and essential gift to a child. Michael is fifteen now and reads everything he can get his hands on, but all the C&H books are still stacked in his bed-side table where he can get to them.
Thank you, Bill Waterson, and thanks to the publisher who put this complete volume together. I know one thing that will be under the tree this Christmas.
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on 31 May 2010
I bought these books because I love Calvin and Hobbes. They're great strips, and the two star rating is given on the assumption that people considering £50 on comic strips know the strips and want the quality of the format reviewed instead.

The books are nice objects to look at. The external presentation is very nice. They're just not that good for reading: they're heavy and cumbersome books, fine for reading spread out on a bed, but no fun balancing on your lap.

The printing is also poor. In quite a few places black lines have come out poorly, when they're clean and smooth in the original books. The slick paper is also inappropriate for a lot of the material presented here, making even the correctly printed strips look less good than they do in the paper-back books.

I love the idea of these books, but they just don't work very well. It's a real shame.
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on 24 July 2013
I have the 3 volume hardback version and bought the softback 4 volume version for my sister - both of these are great. I'd recommend the softback version to anyone buying this, since the hardback is so heavy that it's a faff to actually read. Weight issues aside - amazing books and a collection every C&H fan should want :D
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on 2 February 2007
Calvin and Hobbes are absolutely fabulous. Me, and my kids have been reading their comic books again and again until they started falling apart. So this Complete Calvin and Hobbes box was the perfect gift for christmas last year. This 6 year old and his stuffed tiger make us laugh, think, (almost) cry, wonder, ... time and time again. Hillarious, and for all ages. Thank you, Bill Watterson! You're a genious!
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