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The Bounty 1984


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A revisionist remake of the famous maritime story. Captain William Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) is in charge of the Bounty as it endures a long and harrowing voyage across the South Seas. When the ship reaches Tahiti, and the crew go to shore in search of breadfruit, they soon become used to the island life and rebel against Bligh when he commands that they now return to England. To make matters worse, Bligh's first mate, Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson), falls in love with a native and refuses to help quell the mutiny.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Edward Fox
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  • Feature ages_15_and_over
Runtime 2 hours 11 minutes
Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Edward Fox, Mel Gibson, Bernard Hill, Liam Neeson, Phil Davis, Laurence Olivier, Anthony Hopkins
Director Roger Donaldson
Genres Thriller
Rental release 4 March 2002
Main languages English

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Format: DVD
Of all the films so far to tell the fascinating story of the ill fated voyage of HMS Bounty, this 1984 version attempts to get closest so far to the truth. That the ships catain, William Bligh was a sadistic tyrant as portrayed with gusto by Charles Laughton and Trevor Howard, was misleading, to the point of innaccuracy. Anthony Hopkins portrayed Bligh here as a man of immense personal ambition, obsessed with circum-navigating the globe, to the extent that, in his quest for perfectionism, he constantly found fault with his petty officers.
It was here that the seeds of the imfamous mutiny on the Bounty was sewn. And in particular, the relationship between once friends Bligh and masters mate Fletcher Christian breaks down entirely. The film tells the great story of the Bounty voyage, from the time of it's first vision, to collect Breadfruit plants from Tahiti and transport them to the West Indies for food to feed the slaves, the time spent on Tahiti, the mutiny, Blighs long boat voyage, right through to the founding of the first settlement on Pitcairn island of the Bounty mutineers.
Added to that this DVD has a making of documentary, a 50 minute film tracing the Bounty story, both in cinema, and the actual voyage, and interviews with Anthony Hopkins, who gives his thoughts on Bligh. Even an extensive booklet, which interestingly, relates plans for a sequel, featuring the aftermath of the story, in particular, what happened to the Bounty mutineers on Pitcairn, a story long over due, in view of the popularity of the Bounty story. But, as this film goes back to 1984 and so far no sequel, don't hold your breath!
All in all, on the surface, a great buy DVD, but for one thing only; The quality of the DVD transfer is very poor indeed, quite the worst DVD quality I have seen so far. It is out of synch, with the voices ahead of the actors mouths, and in places, grain is prevalent. For a film of such stunning beauty, this is a dissapointment, to say the very least.
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
The film adapted from 'Richard Hough's' book 'Captain Bligh & Mr Christian' which tells the story of the
famous mutiny on the 'H.M Armed Vessel Bounty' in the late 18th Century by it's crew led reportedly by
'Fletcher Christian' (Masters Mate)
The story is told from flashbacks during a court-martial proceeding at Greenwich by defendant 'Lieutenant
William Bligh' (Anthony Hopkins) commander of The Bounty on it's ill-fated mission to acquire Bread-Fruit
Plants from 'Tahiti' and deliver to 'Jamaica' (believed a cheap alternative for feeding the slaves)
The 'Bounty' set out on it's epic Voyage on the 23rd December 1787...'Lieutenant Bligh' has it in mind to
fulfil an ambition to circumnavigate the globe which would involve rounding the often treacherous seas of
'Cape Horn'
As was feared by many trying to navigate 'Cape Horn' would prove almost impossible so much so they would
have to add several months to the journey by changing course.
They finally arrive in 'Tahiti' in October 1788, their planned spell on the Island becomes extended by some
four months due to the 'Bread-Fruit' taking longer to grow and be ready for shipment than expected, along
with the Winds being adverse for the continued mission.
During these months the discipline of the crew members were becoming of concern to 'Bligh' including that
of 'Fletcher Christian'(Mel Gibson) who had taken a wife, the island's King's daughter 'Mauatua' (Tevaite Vernette)
When it became the right time to leave the island many crew-members including 'Fletcher' were reluctant to
leave the scantily-dressed and eager to please native girls/woman behind.
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Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase
Picture far better than previous DVD. Most subtitles can be removed by pressing the subtitle button on the remote. Oddly the French subtitles for the translation of the cover of the captain's log appear to be 'burned in' and cannot be removed. Otherwise cannot be faulted.
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Format: VHS Tape
Deftly directed by Roger Donaldson and beautifully acted, this is a well nuanced film. Based upon a true story and adapted from the book, "Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian", by Richard Hough, the film relates the series of events that brought about the eventual mutiny of the English vessel, The Bounty, by its crew. The mutiny was led by Fletcher Christian, the Master's Mate, and friend of Lt. William Bligh, Captain of the ship. The film opens with the trial of Captain Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) before the Admiralty Board, where he is questioned by Captain Greetham (Edward Fox) and Admiral Hood (Laurence Olivier). Captain Bligh then relates his account of why it was that he lost a ship under his command.

The star-crossed voyage of "The Bounty" started innocuously enough. Captain William Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) convinced his friend, Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson), to set sail with him as Master's Mate to ship master John Fryer (Daniel Day Lewis). "The Bounty" was commissioned to set sail for Tahiti in order to obtain breadfruit plants for transport to Jamaica. In order to save time, the Captain would navigate a little used route around the horn of Africa to save time. It was to be a voyage to remember.
During the voyage, the viewer sees the tension build amongst the crew, as well as amongst the officers. The innate savagery and baseness of some of the seamen is personified by Charles Churchill (Liam Neeson), a seaman who needs little provocation. The disdain of the officers for the crew is best exemplified by John Fryer, the ship's master, who seems to relish the cruelty of the punishments meted out to those crewmen found guilty of infractions. Tension then spills over between the crew and officers, as the rigors of the voyage eats away at morale.
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