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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 May 2013
This book is utterly awful, on so many levels that it's actually quite difficult to know where to begin. There is an complete lack of any kind of characterization, with all the main characters, both human and alien, being so essentially identical that it is easy to lose track of who is speaking at any one time. Fortunately, the plot is so shallow that this really doesn't matter. The technology doesn't add up, for example a self aware planetary super computer so sophisticated that it can not only ignore the rules of physics but also keep itself repaired and fully operational for millenia is totally flummoxed by someone taking a blow torch to a single boxful of wiring. Humanity is treated as being homogenous in a way which is not only unrealistic but actually, in parts, borderline racist.

And so it goes on. In a way, it is almost impressive, a kind of fractal awfulness that just keeps growing the more closely you look at it. Ultimately, however, even this wasn't enough to wring any really strong emotional response from me and, in the end, the book just left me felling a little bit sad, as if the last 50 years of progress in the field of science fiction had never happened.

If you want to read pulp, go and read some Burroughs or Howard or even, God help us, E. E. Smith. They did it much more engagingly and at least had the defense of not knowing any better.
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on 17 September 2012
The Earth has been secretly invaded by aliens - the Scotar: biofabs. Ex-CIA officer John Harrison and his Israeli partner Zahava investigate a Scotar nest and an ancient subterranean temple. Besides the biofabs there are plenty of other sci-fi characters: mind slavers, an insectoid-blonde, and intelligent robotic beings.

But, it's not just a sci-fi novel. There are political and treacherous sub plots, intrigue and thriller sequences. The action is relentless and escalates as the crew of the creaking old Kronarin Fleet battleship Implacable and their Terran allies battle against the aliens. It is nothing like Star Trek, but there are the same underlying ethics and interactions.

All in all it is a great page turner and an absorbing story.

However, the book could do with proof reading and editing to bring it to its full potential. But, you can't downgrade a self-published book for that. In my opinion it is well worth a full five stars.
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on 16 July 2012
I picked this up for free on my Kindle so I'm not sure how much I can gripe about it...

I found the story was only _ok_: it was quite shallow and a bit predictable. I didn't really get a feel for the characters and just didn't care/relate to them. Plus I did find at times I just wasn't sure who was who but that might just be me.

The story flows reasonably well but it was just all a bit simplistic. I felt that at times people acted out of (the small amount of) character, or things were dropped in that added no value at the time, just so that the story could continue on. I won't spoil things too much but in the climax the aliens disable the button that could've Saved The World. Seriously? A single button controlled that? An actual hardware button is the only way to enable Saving The World?? What about redundant backups? And why put the button in a place where the aliens could easily get to without people noticing...

Oh and one final gripe: I presume the author is Christian as a player in the book 'confirms' the story Sodom and Gomorrah despite it being just that, a story, with not a shred of evidence to suggest it actually happened. It kinda turned me off the author and I started looking out for other bits of Christian propaganda. Especially once the book tried to get into the morals of things.

All in all it was _ok_. Not _bad_ for £0 and it's quite short but I'm not sure I can be bothered to buy the sequel.
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on 22 January 2013
An interesting story, let's give you the basics without ruining it should you decide to read it.

Earth has been secretly taken over by Aliens who can take human form.

A starship travelling through the universe looking for it's civilisations lost technology stumbles into our galaxy and detects life on the planet.

From that moment on all hell breaks loose as the Aliens (Scotar) try to capture a sentient computerised defence system that has been dormant on earth for thousands of years.

But there's a twist in the tale with the computerised system, and you find out the Scotar have been created to assist in the defence against an old emeny who are re-emerging after thousands of years.

Sound confusing, well I'll be honest and say reading this on the Kindle at about 15% into the book I was in real trouble, who was who, what's going on, shall I finish reading this, all went through my head. But by about 25% I had managed to figure out more or less who people were, although as has been said in some other reviews the way the dialogue is written it can at times be difficult to determine who is saying what.

So I got through the book, the first of four in a series, and overall I was reasonably happy with what I read. I have put the second book onto my Kindle wishlist and will at some point buy it and read it with a view to finishing the series at some point.

It's an enjoyable read, difficult to interpret early on in my opinion, and with some editing issues that do make you stop and re-read a sentence now and then, but it's self published, and so you come to expect some of these errors in Kindle books.

The first book was free, maybe still is, so your not going to lose money by having a crack at it, if you make it past 25% your home free :-0
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on 25 January 2013
I thought that this was generally a good book, but the last chapter disappointed me, I also found the jumping between space ship and earth confusing until I got used to it.

Another reason for only awarding 3 out of 5 stars was the fact that the last 15% of the book was given over to advertising (or previewing) another of the authors books, which I did not read, as I feel a couple of pages should be enough for a preview.

Apart from this, I will read more work by Stephen Ames Berry.
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on 20 December 2012
Pretty gripping plot...but...goes does off at a tangent occasionally and into a pretty complex conversations and sometimes it is not really apparent who is quoted as saying what as the diatribe can be extensive.
Editing is good but there are some gaffs in there that should have been picked up.
Still, it is a good read and made me get the second one in the series...will see if I still like it after reading that!
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on 3 February 2014
For a quick read this is okay. But don't expect the best story in the world because you defiantly won't get it.
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on 28 July 2012
Well it is free, or was when I bought it, but I don't think it is worth a lot more than that .. personally I'd rather pay 65p for 1600 pages of old Murray Leinster stuff from the real golden age. The characters are cardboard, the plot twists and turns but never verges on believable, and the whole thing is unresolved at the end (Perry Rhodan, or maybe EE Doc Smith lives ..). There ARE a few free Kindle SF books I can recommend but this wasn't one of them.
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on 11 April 2013
Military SF, mystery and suspense, unexpected plot twists. I'm not unhappy that I picked up this book, and if I'd picked it for a long flight, I'd have been happy enough. There's some plot weaknesses - which would be spoilers, so I won't reveal them. Characters are two dimensional - it was hard to disentangle who was doing what for which reasons, and I found it hard to generate any real empathy for anyone. But it was a good romp.
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on 9 June 2012
Enjoyed this book year's ago when I first picked it up, spent a long time searching for all 4 on paper, great story, updates for Kindle make it even better, got rid of one of my few gripe's. Think David Weber ( mutineers moon crossed with Honor Harrington ). Series cover's space battles, intrigue, first contact ( for earth ).
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