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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 April 2017
Vary fast delivery well pleased
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on 6 April 2013
I always measure a character study by how well we've come to know the characters by the end of the film. In Shame, for example, I genuinely felt that I knew Fassbender's Brandon as a person, such was the craft of the acting and film-making; we peered into his very soul. In Cashback, we felt we knew Biggerstaff's Ben, because that film took the time to establish him properly. Those two very different films used two radically different techniques to fulfil the same role; make a character, make us know the character, make us seem real.

This film, however, seemed slightly empty to me; we never knew really "know" Lulu as the curtain shuts. We follow her from a 15 year old girl seduced by a much older man, to a mid-30 year old embarking on a sexual conquest of homosexual activity and S+M hi-jinks, but by the end, I didn't really know why she did what she did. She was never explored fully, and this was the big weakness of the film; as a central character, she never seemed like a character.

This is the films biggest weakness. There were strengths; the film was merciless in its slaying of taboos (paedophilia, incest, bondage, fisting), and yet it never felt that they were being put in their for the sake of it, and the screenplay provided context and justification for them. The acting was quite good; even if we are never allowed to see who she is, Francesca Neri put in a brave, committed and commendable performance as Lulu. Oscar Ladoire is also effective as the main love interest of Lulu, Pablo. It was competently made, drawing a perfect balance between arty and not overly showy, making it quite pretty to look at.

It also included a frankly unforgettable scene involving a threesome with Lulu, Pablo, and a transvestite which will not easily be forgotten once you've seen it.

As you can probably tell, prude people prone to blushing, or anyone with moderate sensibilities, need not apply.

All in all, it was a fairly good, incredulously graphic, shockingly rude film that is hampered by the fact that Lulu, as a character, never feels real. If she were given room to breath, I have no doubt that this film would have been some kind of odd masterpiece, instead of just a sex-fuelled oddity. Half recommended.
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on 27 January 2003
This is a film about a woman's sexual coming of age and taking her all the way down the path of near self-destruction. Made by a well-known Spanish director, this film is soft porn art at its best whilst at the same time being a quality drama. It is beautifully filmed with very good acting. Not for lovers of the missionary position, it explores different ways of sexual expression which some may consider abnormal, tasteless or revolting. Definitely not a film for the narrow-minded or prude viewer. All others will thoroughly enjoy it!
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on 20 July 2013
To start with I couldn't understand what this young girl would see in Pablo, who seemed to be so much older than he was meant to be, but luckily he gets younger looking when he has come back from America (hmmm,wonder why?)so it seemed a bit more realistic. But what a creep! I really enjoyed this film. There is a lot of sex in it, but none of it seemed as if it should have elevator style music playing in the background. So much better than the other recommendations which come up when you look for this - Choses Secretes, L'Aventure, for example, which are really poor and they're French, tsk, tsk - but this is the Spanish showing how this kind of film should be done. Fantastic acting from the female lead. As a previous reviewer said, don't watch it with your Gran and quote of the year must be 'el incesto no entre nunca en mis planes'. Got to agree with her there. Yikes.
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on 14 November 2006
I like to think I watch movies on the lowest level possible.

I am not gay neither am I homophobic, so the homoerotic scene, which was erotically supercharged, was great fun.

The later scenes have been described previously as wanting to make you puke. I didn't understand them at all. There was no detail in the film, so you would have to watch it with an S and M friend for an explanation.

Loved the incest. Very well done. A great moment in the film.

I imagine the film has a deep meaning for intelligent people. For myself I could not get beyond the intoxicating sexiness of the leading lady.

The only advice I can offer is don't watch it with your grandmother.
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on 13 May 2010
I debated some time before deciding to purchase this DVD. Friends of mine had recommended it to as a devotee of French Cinema even if any recommendation is not French. What I enjoyed was the attitude to human relationships depicted in this film. The differences between American, British and continental film making is so marked. Subtlety is the word I use when watching this gendre of film. LuLu explores her sexual persona in a variety of ways from first fumblings to exotic variations. Between all the events, she marries and has a child which on the surface fails to bring any permanent contentment. She tries to fill the void with sexual encounters but at the end realises that physical excess is not the answer however enjoyable. It is a theme explored by many film makers but the Europeans generally seem to corner the market in eroticism. Recommended
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on 6 September 2013
Lulu is lovely to look at, and the sex is pretty explicit. The story is rather tedious, though that may not be a surprise when considering this genre.
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on 5 June 2005
When I rented this film out I was expecting a semi erotic typical European film with an interesting morale, instead I found an excuse for the director to be pornographic and perverse in a sense that will put horrid images into your mind and off sexual fantasies for a long while. Especially a scene with the transvestite masturbating him/herself displays probably the most ugly manhood I have ever come across. A truly disturbing image as well as the ending which makes you want to vomit. The film could have been written with a lot more humanity and warmth and psychology between the main characters of Lulu and Pablo whose marriage we explore sexually - nothing else is really portrayed, we see them have a daughter but she only appears in the film twice as an infant and a young girl, then she seems to just dissapear. The film brings up a lot of interesting subplots and questions, incest, confused gener issues, domination etc but never follows up on anything in any way constructive. I left watching the film with a bad taste in my mouth and with these gruesome images of cruel and disturbed acts ruining my day.
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on 9 March 2014
It's a shame they could not afford the money to pay for lighting, a lot of scenes are so dark that one has to imagine what is happening, it's far from a good film so would not recommend it
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on 9 November 2013
I did not find this film to be very erotic, but it does tell a fairly accurate story of how young people cope with their sexuality as they grow up, and how they cope with marriage problems. Overall I liked the film. Some of the sex scenes are poorly shot, but the film is more than 20 years old and cameras, techniques etc have improved immensely during that time.
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