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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2011
OK - I knew what this was going into it (I have Dr Barnards other book 'Get Healthy, Go Vegan) - but be aware that this is a Vegan kickstart before you buy it. The book is divided into the 'why' the 'how' and the 'kickstart recipes/menus' - and the why and the how are interesting in two ways. 1. Dr Barnard explains things - like what diabetes actually is and how it relates to your cells and body behaviour - in a readable and understandable way. He doesnt blind you with science, though the science references are there if you want to check up on the individual studies. 2. He makes good use (almost overuse) of NLP. The mantra's - you will succeed/achieve amazing results etc are repeated so often it's almost irritating. That said, in the 3 weeks I have lost 6 lb on a vegan diet. The recipes work, and are tasty - make sure you like beans, rice and pasta tho

Downside NLP is overused, and pages 1 to 122 are devoted to the vegan sell
Upside - it works
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on 11 August 2011
I picked up this book and did not realise it was advocating a vegan diet. I would not have picked it up if i had realised.There was nothing on the cover to suggest it. However the health claims sucked me in and I decided to give it a go. I immediately felt better than I have felt in years. I have not stuck to it religiously but have been following generally for 2 months now and am finding out so much more about the vegan way as I go along. The book is well written and readable and recipes have been simple enough and worked well. Coming from a farming background I am shocked that I now have accepted that it is wrong to me to kill and mistreat animals for my own ease and convenience. I never cared before. Though the book is more about the health benefits of a vegan diet. I just feel a difference in my mind and body like night and day and I expect that in the fullness of time will lose the extra weight I am carrying- have lost some already. Have even started running again. Yes this book and lifestyle kind of sneaked up on me and I doubt I will ever eat meat again (though I still am loving milk chocolate! - a bit less maybe.) Its not actually hard at all to be almost vegan, as i love bread, pasta, vegetables, beans spices. Though I worry when my conscience will make me throw out all my leather shoes and handbags! Would really recommend you read this book.
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on 9 January 2016
Excellent book with sound advice and explanations. Easy to use suggestions on how to follow the plan makes it a good trial option for people still unconvinced about how to create a healthy plant based diet.
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on 28 March 2014
I have done many diets over the years and always slipped back into bad habits. Most recently I have been juicing which has been great during a 5 or 7 day juice diet but what to eat the rest of the time? This book explains why a low-fat vegan diet is best for your health, it helps you to loose weight, is good for your heart and may help to prevent cancer and alzheimers. If there is a problem with the book, it is that the recipes have an American slant and I confess I have not made many of them. What I did was to scour my existing cookery books and the internet to find low-fat vegan recipes that I thought sounded tasty. There are many out there and I have found that my husband enjoys the meals too. I have not been hungry on this diet and the weight came off easily. I do still eat meat occasionally - when eating out - and I have the odd slice of cake. But, and here's the thing, when I do go off the diet, I can't wait to get back on it! This has never happened with any other diet I have done! I feel better and lighter somehow when eating this way. This is the first review I have completed for any book on Amazon because it has totally changed my life!
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on 12 November 2013
barnard is a charmer
everything is easy to read and understand, the 21 days just flew by... i'm staying vegan.
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on 15 October 2015
Life changing. This works. I can eat as much as i want and stay UK size 6. Didn't know that was possible. Actually dropped a dress size in a couple of weeks without restricting any calories and got healthier. Nobody can argue that lot's of fruits and vegetables are good for you. There are lot's of recipes on internet and after two years of being vegan this is my typical daily menu: Chocolate cake , made of oats+ sweatener+ soya milk, and fruits/fruit smoothies for breakfast, rice with vegetables or vegan burgers + no oil fries or vegan pizza for lunch and dinner and snacking on seeds or nuts, fruits, soy yogurts, or home made chocolate, made of coca powder, agave and soya milk. So i really eat a lot and stay UK size 6. Also obviously this diet is very healthy, good for animals and the planet. Win win situation :)
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on 29 September 2013
Great help when first starting to follow a vegan diet for a variety of health reasons and to lose weight.
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on 24 March 2017
I got this book from the public library, not from Amazon. It is quite engaging and explains the usual, most common issues regarding modern, processed food and our unhealthy approach and behaviours towards eating etc. Where it starts to become problematic is, when it deviates from the initial promise, that there will be "no effort" and "no radical change" involved, and that, therefore, the 21 days will be very easy. Nice suggestion, but misleading, because after that the hard-sell starts, which insists that the only way to succeed is to turn vegetarian, or, more preferably, vegan. For many (overweight) people, this is likely to be a quite radical change, and not always simple, in the short and long run.
Whatever emotional charm or so-called scientific argumentation the author uses to convince, he would need to acknowledge, that he basically breaks his promise - even if so with best intentions. He cashes in on his (I assume) medical background and therefore implied authority, even though the claim "this program is clinically proven" (whatever this really means) omits, that any conscious structured change to eating and exercise will bring some (at least short-term) results in overweight people.

Apart from this, unfortunately, the book hardly provides anything "new" (if this is what people are after), yet again, it suggests, that it has discovered a novel approach. Old wine in new bottles comes to mind. Sure, it is hard nowadays to come up with anything really different, because the principles of how we get overweight (and how we would normalise our weight again) are just the same as thousands or millions or years ago - there simply is no revolution to expect on that front. However, perhaps writers of such books should generally stop claiming, that they have finally, and exclusively, found "the Holy Grail".

The last thing here is, that the book tries to be both, a motivational advice book, as well as a cooking book. I do not think that this really works, just on a practical level (would you really keep this book in the kitchen?). A cooking book with a separate pamphlet (to take out) on attitude towards food etc. would probably be better.
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on 14 September 2011
This is a book that can help you to lose weight and turn to a more active and healthier lifesytle. It should have been written twenty years ago.
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on 5 November 2014
Great starter book to introduce a whole foods plant based diet, some nice little recipes.
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