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Finally, a nutrition book that includes coffee, chocolate and...wait for it... butter!

Forget about the diet plans and the experts claiming they can change your life... If you really want to improve your diet this is the book to read. Not only is the information backed up with science, Jonny Bowden's writing is entertaining and even makes you laugh in places. Each food is illustrated in colour and actually makes you want to go and eat the stuff.

In addition to the above, there is no preaching about bad foods (other than trans fat which is fair enough). He explains the reasons why we should eat stuff and explains about the risks of chemicals on our food, when it's best to buy organic and the pros and cons of certain 'risks'.

I'm really looking forward to the cookbook when it's published.
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on 12 June 2017
Still reviewing it and great read
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on 7 April 2017
Really nice written
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on 14 August 2007
I agree with the other reviews this is a really nice book and very well illustrated. It is both a reference book and an enjoyable reading book.
It blows away many myths. People who know a lot about food and diet will still find much of interest.
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on 26 October 2013
Great book, with a lot of interesting facts. I never understood why some people went to the trouble of buying certain foods, I thought it looked the same so it must be the same. That couldn't be further from the truth, I'll never eat an apple that isn't organic again and eggs that are from caged hens.

If you care about your mental and/or physical health I would buy this book. There are many different foods that I didn't know existed, kale has became my favorite vegetable because of this book. I'm also a big fan of canned sardines in olive oil, it really surprised me how healthy they're.

I'd also like to say that eating healthy food is a lot more satisfying than eating junk. I'd pick a grass fed organic steak over a cheeseburger any day of the week.
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on 23 December 2010
I found this book very informative and useful in my pursuit of a healthy diet. It tells you which foods are good and why, such as those foods which help fight cancer and heart disease. A must if you're health concious!
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on 29 September 2010
By far the best coffee table book of all time. Open on any page to learn something new and interesting. 95% of the foods featured are readily available in any supermarket. Its really easy to understand and also describes how certain foods will fight infections and prevent cancers,did you know onions are one of the best cancer fighting foods on the planet?
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on 30 January 2009
I bought this book because of a recommendation by Olympic coach, Charles Poliquin. I read a lot of nutrition books and articles and I found this book to be different in a positive way. Good photographs and nice layout. The text is easy to read and understand, even though there is a lot of professional vocabulary. Also a lot of information not so common in other sources that has come very helpful in understanding what one is in fact eating.
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on 5 February 2007
This is a beautifully presented book, a pleasure to look at with its crisp photos and clean layout. The content more than matches the promise of the aesthetics - it's packed with all sorts of gems, including:

* "Ask the Expert" top 10 food lists from various authorities who are either health writers or practitioners

* starred entries within the list of 150 foods, designating the cream of the crop

* a glossary that helpfully defines various nutrients, hormones, diseases, etc

* mini-lessons on such hot topics as the glycemic index, differentiation of fats, and eating organically

* interpretation of foods from homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and yoga nutritional therapy perspectives

The 150 selected foods are organised into chapters by food genres: Vegetables; Grains; Beans & Legumes; Fruits; Nuts, Seeds, and Nut Butters; Soy Foods; Dairy; Meat, Poultry, and Eggs; Fish and Seafood; Specialty Foods; Beverages; Herb, Spices, and Condiments; Oils; and Sweeteners. Each food listing carries an explanation of which nutrients makes it a winner, why these nutrients are so good for us, who in particular would benefit, and who's at risk and so should avoid that particular food. Jonny even frequently provides tips on selection and preparation.

So much of the information is fascinating, and often surprising. Discover that cashews are a member of the poison ivy family, while eggplant is actually a berry and falls into the nightshade grouping. Learn that raspberries are calorie for calorie one of the most high-fibre foods on the planet, and that spinach and tomatoes are great for your eyes thanks to the lutein in them. Determine how to convert unsalted butter to ghee, which is one of the finest cooking oils available and provides an important rejuvenating tonic for the mind, brain, and nervous system. And realize that country of origin of cheese affects its cancer-fighting, fat-reducing properties.

Although very entertaining, this book is still solidly backed by the science. The research presented is impressive, but Jonny is adept at making complex things simple. As a result, the book is an easy and engaging read - so much so that it feels a little like enjoying a conversation with Jonny over a cup of coffee (or, after reading this book, a glass of noni juice!).

If you want to understand what you're eating, its properties and how it affects your body, this well-considered book is a must-have. As a health and fitness trainer, I'm enthusiastically recommending this book to all my clients so they can achieve fat loss, health, and performance goals through informed dietary choices.
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on 17 September 2014
Reliable nutritional information by a witty commentator.

Definitely useful in the kitchen, and the medicine cabinet.

You know those questions that pop up in your head as you are horsing into a food? (Is this good for me? Does it cure brain-drain? Will it turbocharge my battery? Or will it keep my liver on speaking terms with me?) All answered.

A big thumbs up.
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