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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 31 December 2009
TENTACLES is the sequel to Roland Smith's CRYPTID HUNTERS. He continues the excitement begun in the Congo as Marty and Grace join Dr. Travis Wolfe in a new adventure to find a giant squid in the waters off New Zealand.

After Marty found out Grace was actually his cousin and not the twin sister he thought she was, their new life took them to the island of Cryptos to live with Grace's father, Travis Wolfe. This new adventure begins as their boarding school friend, Luther, arrives on the island.

The action starts off with a frantic chase to catch a chimpanzee named Bo as he terrorizes the island on a four-wheeler. Using Luther's wild and crazy flaming red hair as bait, they are able to not only catch the chimp, but also get him aboard the newly renovated ship called the Coelacanth bound for New Zealand to capture a giant squid.

At the same time that Travis Wolfe and his crew are preparing for their journey, the famous and evil Noah Blackwood is preparing his ships to intercept the Coelacanth in an effort to kidnap Grace, his granddaughter, and steal two priceless dinosaur eggs or whatever may have already hatched from those valuable eggs.

TENTACLES is filled with fast-paced action, high-tech gadgets, disguises, and double agents. Teens looking for adventure and intrigue are sure to like this one. There is excellent back-story information provided, so even those who haven't yet read CRYPTID HUNTERS can enjoy the story.

Readers who are already fans of the first book will also be pleased to discover that TENTACLES will probably not be the last adventure for Marty and Grace.

Reviewed by: Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky"
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on 2 June 2013
******There will be spoilers. Not of this book, but of the previous book in this series******

And we are off again on another adventure, this time a grand sea adventure in "Tentacles" by Roland Smith, of cryptid hunters Travis Wolfe, expedition leader and founder of eWolfe which is the organization behind protecting all cryptids everywhere. Also along for the ride is series regulars the thirteen year old Marty O'Hara and his cousin, and Travis' long lost daughter, Grace Wolfe, and they will be sailing out on the "Coelacanth" to the South Pacific's Kaikoura Canyon to look for, and hopefully discover, the kraken, or giant squid. Joining them will be Luther, Marty's old school chum, and the mysterious Theo Sonborn.

Meanwhile, their arch enemies, the hypocritical Noah Blackwood, who's just had his pet tiger Natasha stuffed and mounted, and his right-hand thug Butch McCall. They are intent on kidnapping Grace, who is Noah's long lost granddaughter, to capture the dinosaur eggs from "Cryptid Hunters", to steal the kraken if Travis were to discover it, and to kill everybody on board the Coelacanth, except for Grace, whom he wants back.

About halfway through the novel, Travis' expedition is joined by Laural Lee, who is now Travis' gal pal after the escapades of "Cryptid Hunters". Also joining them is reporter Ana Mika, and somewhere on board is a couple of traitors, and Butch McCall, who is masquerading as a scientist. He is out to sabotage the expedition and get Grace delivered to Blackwood.

Like the last novel there is some cutting edge technology that is introduced to the mix. There is the dragonspy, a small, remote controlled robot camera that Marty is playing with, and who is using it to see what is going on throughout the ship. Will this device be essential later in the novel? As the animé character Naruto would say "Believe it!" Also introduced is the O.R.B., a whole new form of deep sea submersible in which the expedition will use while look for the kraken.

Like the last novel in this series, this is a novel that is slow to actually get started, if I were anymore A.D.D. I'd have been too bored to continue. On the other hand, Marty and Grace are much more likable this time around, and the mystery as to who Grace's mother is deepens, although Travis is still a goody two-shoes. The last part of this novel is also much grittier, violent, and exciting than the last novel. I stayed up late to read the last quarter because I just couldn't put it down. The trouble is that there is NO ENDING, nothing; it's as if Smith just ran out of paper and stopped. Tune in next novel, which at this writing has yet to be released. Also, this is not a book that should be read out of order, to truly understand what is happening here, and why there is so much conflict, you really will HAVE to read the previous novel in the series. These are the reasons that this book gets only a three star rating from me.

Also unlike the previous novel, the cover art to the American printing is by Phil Falco and for this novel this time around, the cover actually illustrates something in the book. Also, sadly, continued from the previous novel is a vague sense of patronizing, as I got the feeling that Smith was doing some talking down to his target audience. Shh, I can't tell you if they actually find the giant squid though, you gotta read the book.
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