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on 28 August 2016
When I began cycling, I began to suffer from pains in the backs of my hands which I reasoned were a form of RSI (repetitive strain injury) created by the almost continual high-frequency vibration of the handlebars as the tyres on the road ran over the tarmac surfaces. Thinking that cushioning my palms might fix the problem, I bought some of these. The rest is history.

Now my rides are strain free, my hands are somewhat protected in other ways too, my grip on the handlebars is solid and sure, and most days my hands keep a nice temperature. On hot days they are fine, although on cold days you will certainly end up wishing for full gloves, unless you enjoy numb fingers and thumbs!

The small loops that help you pull off the gloves at the end of a ride will eventually give way, although this just makes the gloves a little less easy to remove; apart from that problem they will serve you well. I have had my original pair for four years so far and they are still going strong. I'd bought others to make sure I always have a decent usable pair and so far they are still unused.

I completely recommend them - they fit nice and tightly, they are quite visible especially in yellow, they don't affect freedom of movement in any way, and the bit that saved my bacon, the padded palms as well as the extra cushioning where the pads of your hand (bases of fingers and thumb) are vibrated by the handlebars is extremely comfortable and feels secure.
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on 14 August 2017
Opened the packed - they loko great - not too flimsy and lots of padding - saved my hands when I fell off the bike. the padding is foam and the palm of the gloves has lots of stiching to keep things in place.
The problem I had or experienced was two fold.
1. Getting the things off - what a nighmare - nothing to grip on to help pull the things off.
2. for some reason the ring and middle fingers of the gloves have extra plastic support - when riding my bike I found these got tighter and tighter to the point where it was painful - took gloves off to find major compression inbetween the fingers where the gloves were pressing.
I dont have stumpy fingers - rather thin ones so rather surprised at these

Dont bother - but then again - it may have been a badly finished product I got.
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on 23 January 2016
Updated: 26Jan16 - replacement pair arrived and I'm upgrading this to 5*. The gloves are a much better size - I went for XL and they are quite big (I normally fit L from other gloves, but the previous XL pair were tight.) The Velcro fastenings have also changed: the sticky bit seems to some kind of micro-Velcro. It doesn't feel rough like regular Velcro and does not seem to stick to anything else, except the tabs on the glove. Nice touch. Also the tabs on the fingers have changed from a thin stringy loop to a 1cm strip of glove material with a rubberised cover. Hopefully this will last longer - it seems very firmly stitched and feels easier to use when removing the gloves.

Good pair of gloves and lasted well - I cycle 10 hours a week to work, so they've been worn over 400 hours, got wet, been washed and still in good shape. However finally one of the loops which help you pull them off came unstitched, so I'm buying another pair. As a few others have noted, they come in much smaller than you'd expect. My daughter got the first pair (much smaller than the size chart.)
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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2014
I have had these for just under a year - long enough to form a view. So.

Why wear cycling gloves? Well, for me, it's more for the padding, than the grip. The padded palms does make a difference. These gloves are dead cheap - amongst the cheapest you can find. And, sure enough, there are ways in which this shows. I have never used the loops to pull them off as it looks like it'll break immediately. And a year in, there is quite a lot of wear and tear on the palms. BUT nothing bad has happened to them, I have used them a lot and they are dead cheap. So I think it'd just down to how much you'll use them and how much you want to spend. Are there better made gloves out there? Of course. Are there cheaper ones? Yes, but not very many. Are these a bargain? Absolutely
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on 6 March 2016
I had to send these back because the description provided by the seller was wrong about the size, they said womens medium/large but size was actually extra small so it was about right for a 10 year old child. However the quality of these was excellent and I was sorry to have to return them because the size was wrong. I won't go back to the same seller but might look for these from different seller. This is the second Tenn product I've ordered and the company seems to do good quality at a very reasonable price.
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on 28 June 2013
It is surprisingly difficult to find good cycle mitts for general use, especially if you want a bright colour and a bit of reflective strip. A year ago I bought these gloves in green, medium size. I have small hands and the medium was a bit tight and did not get more comfortable with a lot of use. So I decided to get a new pair, in yellow, an up one size to large. But the problem is the way the reflective strip is sewn into the glove along the thumb line. The rest of the glove is soft and stretchable..but the strip is hard and unyielding. So even with these larger gloves I get a deep mark in my skin running from forefinger to thumb joint. I think this indicates too much pressure is placed on the hand at point and if cycling for a few hours this can feel uncomfortable. It is bearable but would I buy these gloves again? No.
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on 6 May 2017
great service from this company, have bought a few of their products and they are great vaue and good quality.
received the wrong size to start with (ordered large and received medium) after contacting them by email the correct size came the next day, thats 5 star service!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 July 2017
I use these for cycling and wouldn't be without them. Obviously they give you a degree of protection if you fall off, and the very good quality of them seems excellent for the small amount they cost. Certainly they are comfortable and I'd happily recommend them to anyone.
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on 20 May 2016
Bought both a large and an XL, and though my hands are not relatively large, the XL was just about OK, though how long the Velcro fastener will last - as relatively tight. Previous versions the Velcro has come off the glove.
Get the biggest you can. as about half the price to send back fro another pair.
The large was fine for my son, who is not even a teenager!
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on 19 July 2014
Palm padding not exactly what I was expecting (from picture) - I bought these gloves purely because they seemed to feature a good strip of padding down the side of the hand from pinky-finger to wrist (as this is where I feel more pressure on my hands when I'm down on the drop-bars cycling hard), but unfortunately the padding is too concentrated towards the side of the palm rather than equally down the side of the hand. That said, other cycling gloves I looked at didn't even have that side-padding.

The finger-hoops are a useful addition for aiding removal of gloves, however their construction/attachment is rather flimsy so if you are careless and pull too hard, you will rip them off.

Otherwise, they do their job and look great.
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