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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

on 25 August 2017
For someone who played tekken since ps1 until ps3 this game feels like ps2 i didnt like it that much but the 3d aspect was nice
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on 26 April 2017
Very happy. Excellent seller, exactly as described ,fast postage and good on price. Cheers :)
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on 21 March 2017
A present for my son. He loves it. 100%
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on 6 June 2017
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on 28 June 2015
I am a Tekken fan, and though the character roster, game mechanics and visuals are impressive, I never got into this. Like some movies belong on the big screen, arcade staples like Tekken are best experienced on a big screen, with a loud sound system, and arcade controls. Scaling it down is just never the same thing, and I also felt that was the case for the PSP version. The 3D did not add much to this game, and I noticed some ghosting as well. I think 3D does not really make fighting games more immersive, as I have similar feelings on the 3DS version of Dead or Alive. The complaints made by other users don't bother me because this title does deliver the core Tekken experience, so if you do not mind seeing a game like this out of its arcade/bigger screen context, it does give fans a rounded instalment. It is just that I find this sort of game does not have much impact on handhelds systems, a view I am sure many people will disagree with.
I am not going to review the film included but I don't see why some people have complained as it is a freebie, and you don't have to watch it in any event. I hope this series gets back on track with the PS4 version of Tekken 7, the arcade version of which seems to be everything the series of known for. With this sort of arcade game now relegated to a niche audience, titles like this are not going to make the series any more enticing for the masses so it is better to stick to the big screen and main console ports so the series can deliver its true impact.
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on 7 April 2014
a handheld version of a great fighting game. has all the gameplay you need with a few new features and bonuses
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on 25 September 2015
In my opinion, the Tekken fighting system translates well onto the 3DS, and Namco, of course, had previous experience with handheld Tekken game on the PSP and GBA. However, instead of utilizing the 3DS's full potential they decided instead to waste game pak space on the film Blood Vengeance, when in its place there should have been more game modes, as there are fewer here than on pretty much any other Tekken game. Because of it, Tekken 3D lacks re-playability.
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on 23 February 2012
Im a huge Tekken fan and a huge Nintendo fan too, so when I heard Namco was making a 3DS Tekken game I was thrilled. I pre-ordered as soon as it came out for pre-order and it came a good week before it was due out.
Its a great addition to the Tekken series and a great little hand held. Much better than the crappy GBA game released a few years ago.

The frame rate is 60 frames a second and unlike other fighters on the 3DS, when you turn the 3D on it dosnt drop to 30, it stays at 60 which is great!

Game play is good and the online connectivity is also brilliant because without it I feel the game wouldnt be very good. It dosnt have story mode and so that means no little ending movies which I think would have been a great addition to the game, even if it was just a copy of the tekken 6 endings. The update of Heihachi is a good little teaser for the upcoming Tekken Tag 2 game and it could be speculated that Tag 2 may have a handheld version.
The other game modes are practise, survival, archade and Vs. You have options and a mode to view over 700 'cards' you collect when you are in survival mode. You can also collect cards through street pass.

Along with the game you have the feature length Blood Vengeance film which is the best Tekken film made. You can view this in full 3D and this explains the lack of the usual story mode with movies and team battle.

Over all the game is great but with the lack of story mode I feel its not as strong as it could have been and that the film should have been replaced with story mode. The film has already been released with the update of tag 1 and tag 2 prolouge. So great work Namco, I hope this is just a taste of what you have to release with the up coming Tekken games!
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on 17 January 2016
As a huge fan of the Tekken franchise but no longer owning a PSP I wanted to check if there was a way I could play Tekken on my 3DS, I honestly forgot this game came out on it. Which at first made me wonder if it's even worth getting so here's a review that'll hopefully help anyone looking to buy this.

Firstly I must say the 5 star rating is simply due to my love for the game and how it plays, and it works surprisingly well considering most would would arguably not expect much from a 3DS.

Now onto the review;
So this game is almost a direct port of Tekken 6 but for the 3DS meaning that if you were looking for something a little up to date you will not find it here, you'll need to purchase Tekken Tag 2 on a home console (Wii U has it too). On that note though if you enjoyed Tekken 6 or missed out on it, this is still a fairly good game to grab. It plays very well and the entire Tekken 6 roster is present too, it has a handful of exclusive stages with a brand new soundtrack just for this 3DS port but it still includes a few of the Tekken 6 stages and tunes from that game too.
Overall if you want a Tekken experience and you only have a 3DS this will hold up fairly well, but it's not without its faults.

The problems this game suffers from is, a lot of Tekken players have come to expect a much loved "customize" feature where you can buy clothes for the characters you play and give them your own personal flair, that is missing from this port. You can unlock set extra colours for each character but that's as far as you'll get I'm afraid. The only game modes present here too are a pseudo arcade mode and an endurance/survival game mode (there's training mode at least too though) and of course you can play Vs. matches. For me this isn't entirely a problem but I can only steam roll through the CPU so much before I need to change the game.(there's also a lack of button config for the touch screen)

It does however include a CGI movie which most should enjoy.

In summary, plays very well and has an authentic arcade experience behind it, if you are content with just these things then I suggest you pick it up.
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on 16 January 2016
No character endings!...big disappointment! I was looking forward to them, such a shame. All you get is the rubbish credits for your hard work. Such a waist :(
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