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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 March 2007
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, not to be confused by the 1986 cartoon series was a masterpiece of it's time. Highlighting on its more dark and edgy early comic days, this film certainly had it all. Action, comedy, thrills and spills it was packed for 90 minutes of enjoyable entertainment that on it's release sparked a media frenzy worldwide for it's violent content. Although the film was categorised as PG and certainly not aimed at the children. The story is strong and the true meaning of combat is highlighted. Their master come father Splinter trying to enlighten their teenage mind in the art of ninjitsu as a way of life, fighting the forces of evil, whist still trying to make them understand the reality that is the surface of modern day America and that their lives would always be different of that of normal average Human.

The budget was not the biggest in the world, but I think that only aids to the film. Jim Hensons workshop were involved on the animatronics and special effect which undoubtedly added to the films success. the movement of the puppets aimed with the character vocals worked a treat

The film is dark, quite edgy and at times strikes a blow. The script is clever with catchphrases and styles of the time Full or sarcasm, great action spots, fantastic martial arts scenes and an ending that surely couldn't be considered for children? You'll see when you see?

If you simply think it would be a bad remake of a cartoon, think again. This certainly is a film for the older market. Although I first saw this movie at the age of 9, 16 years later this remains one of my all time favourite moves and only now did I see the more depth in the meaning of the writing that could never have been touched on in the children's cartoon. The concept of fitting in, being different and the people of society in their ways and thinking.

Even said, it's still a fun movie, full of one liners and a good little movie that seems to have stood the sand of time. Even if you never saw the cartoon, or knew what the craze was all about, the film covers all that in detail

A good little movie, try it, even sceptics changed their mind about it.
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on 30 March 2007
In my opinion, this is a great film and one of the best comic book adaptations ever. It sticks a lot more closely to the original material than the 1990's animated series did, although there are a couple of minor references to the cartoon, such as April O Neill being a news reporter and the Turtles love of pizza. The film is also much more watchable nowadays, as when it was originally released in UK cinemas (and later on VHS), almost every scene with Mikey's nunchukus was either edited or blurred out.....which is very noticeable in the fight scenes and makes a huge difference to the confrontation with Shredder at the end....but the BBFC have now seen sense and the censored footage has now been restored for the DVD.

Basically, the plot is a simple one of good versus evil and old vendettas....Shredder (a Darth Vader style bad guy, all scary mask and gruff voice) is attempting to take over New York with his clan of ninja thieves and the Ninja Turtles are out to stop him under the guidance of Splinter, a rat who's master was killed by Shredder many years before. But it is unusually dark and emotional for a film that is perceived to be aimed primarily at children. All kinds of themes are dealt with....coping with isolation from the outside world, anger, loss, and generally growing up and coming of age...and the characters are explored in a fair amount of detail and shown to be unique personalities who deal with situations in their own way. The fight scenes are also a lot of fun too, the restored scene where Mikey takes on a `fellow `chucker' is particularly amusing, as well as being a prime example of just how much the BBFC ruined the overall feel of the film by censoring it so much back in 1990.

The acting, well it's not going to win any Oscars, but Corey Feldman lends himself well to the voice of Donatello, Kevin Clash does manage to portray Splinter as a wise and venerable creature and Elias Koteas puts in a solid performance as Casey Jones. Judith Hoag is a little weak as April O' Neill but she was replaced by Paige Turco (of American Gothic fame) for the 2 sequels.

But for entertainment value, laughs, and memorable quotes, Cowabunga says it all.
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on 4 May 2004
I heard about this region 1 dvd about 6 months ago, been a guy who grew up watching the cut version on a regular basis, i was very intrigued to buy it just to see what they cut out of it in the early 90's.
When the film came to my door, i was expecting to see an extended version of that film.
What i saw was a completely different movie, not only had the uncut bits been restored into the movie, but nearly every single frame of film was different, this was due to BBFC super-inposing on what was seen at the time (offensive pictures) michaelangelo nun-chuku's, which were taken out in every frame.
Fantastic dvd 14 years on from it's original release.
The only down side is that the region 2 dvd has a better picture quality than that of the region 1 version.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 October 2014
This Blu Ray release of the original Turtles live action film is the same disc that comes with the Turtles Trilogy Blu Ray.

THE FILM (5 out of 5)
The Blu Ray release is UNCUT. This film has dated much better than I expected. Gritty, well paced and alot of fun. It is surprisingly dark and violent compared to its sequels, and as an adult I still get alot of enjoyment out of it. In fact, I have watched it twice in the past week.
Elias Koteas is excellent as Casey Jones, the Turtles are spot on with each of them very distinct and Shredder looks amazing and gets the character just right. The script has plenty of weak spots in it, but overall this film has a nice balance of tone. Gritty enough for adults and funny enough for kids to get alot out of it. the musical score also, is excellent.

PICTURE/SOUND: (4 out of 5)
The picture good, but unimpressive - most people would be hard pressed to notice the difference between this and the DVD. It has a natural grain to it, and its pretty sharp, but it doesnt have a 'wow' factor to it and won't convert any Blu Ray doubters.
The sound is EXCELLENT and the wonderful score stands out. (Check out the fight in Aprils antique store, the sound really shines here on Blu ray)

BONUS MATERIAL: (2 out of 5)
Its nice to get bonus features for a film like this, but they are pretty poor. 2 x trailers and a stills gallery. You also get a 28 minute making of. Its a painful 28 minutes. 'Behind the Shells' spends 28 minutes saying one thing "parents, we are sorry Turtles was so violent, but please take your kids to Turtles 2. the weapons are gone, the violence toned down and it has a message about looking after the environment"
Honestly. Thats literally all they point out. Over and over. They proudly state the Turtles don't use their weapons in the sequel.

This is the best release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I know of, but it should have been better.
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on 18 February 2014
I saw this movie when I was around 8 or 9 or something, and the soundtrack was forever etched into my memory. In my opinion, this movie has more soul than most of the 'superhero' movies produced these days (I wasn't too impressed with The Avengers, though I did like Ironman). at the time, this and Ghostbusters were fantastic looking movies without the modern CGI look that can often leave me feeling a bit cold. Funny, Atmospheric, edgy (fairly violent for a PG), uplifting, and with a soundtrack that helps this film stand out from the crowd. Almost 30 years later, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time I saw it. I am a huge fan of puppet rather than CGI characters
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on 8 March 2013
i have been trying to find this dvd for a while now as i had it on VHS and lets face it nobody uses those now!. I was a little shocked at the price considering its not a new movie but i did some digging online and discoverd its out of print hence the price tag. This was the only reasonably priced copy i could find on reigion 2 (UK) so i purchased it in fear of not being able to get it again. Lets face it the movie is still amazing after all these years and i can guarentee it will still be better than the remake Micheal Bay is planning on making. i would have given this movie a 5/5 if the price was a little lower :).
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on 25 January 2015
I found the Blu-ray quality horrific. It's 24p but all grain has been blasted away to the extent that even the fine texturing the original makers made to the turtle's skin is largely gone. It's smeary, blocky and has a posterised/cartoony effect throughout. I think someone in charge must have thought making it look more like the animated series was a good idea. As if it even matters at this stage, both audio options (2.0 and 5.1) are encoded as lossy Dolby Digital. (192kbps and 448 kbps). For some reason the extra is a making of the second movie!? If you're a Blu-ray collector like myself who wasn't expecting a great Blu-ray but still a decent viewing to revisit your childhood, then look elsewhere. One of the worst quality Blu-rays I have ever seen.
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on 1 December 2015
The original & best TMNT movie ! This will be inevitably compared to the recent remake & it's upcoming sequel, but this version is how you bring the comics to life !
Yes, some effects techniques & technology is a little dated, but I'll take the more realistic genius of the great Jim Henson's Creature Shop over the exaggerated, oversized, ogre-like frightfest that is the soulless Michael Bay 'update'.
Even the brilliant Nickelodeon animated series draws inspiration from the 1990 movie, keeping it arguably as relevant & influential to the TMNT franchise as the source comics themselves
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on 4 June 2006
the best movie of the nineties,everyone loved this as a child and it was an epic moment in cinema history when they made the movie.its got martial arts that will make chuck norris blush, and fantastic comedy moments. its also got some of the best phrases ever said in a movie e.g "wise men say, forgiveness is devine but never pay full price for late pizza!". so order this movie and relive your school yard break times!!! and also check out the soundtrack (if you can find it) its radical!!! awesome dudes
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on 22 March 2008
This is a GREAT MOVIE. The four turtle brothers certainly gave it their best in this first installment of the TMNT movie saga. The plot is realistic (well, for a movie that has giant mutated turtles in it), and is full of fantastic action sequences. I've spotted a few mistakes in the movie, but they aren't that noticeably. The costumes were pretty good for its time, and the puppet work was well done. The villain: Shredder was cool, and he reminds me of Darth Vader at times.
All in all this was a brilliant movie and I would definately reccomend it.
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