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Cross Edge (PS3)

Platform : PlayStation 3
3.7 out of 5 stars 7 customer reviews

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  • Game rating: E12+ (Everyone 12+)
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Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation 3
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product details

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  • ASIN: B0027VSI6I
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 13.5 x 1.5 cm ; 27 g
  • Release Date: 25 Sept. 2009
  • Average Customer Review: 3.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (7 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 11,801 in PC & Video Games (See Top 100 in PC & Video Games)

Product Description

Product Description

Cross Edge is the ultimate hardcore cross-battle. Your favourite fighters from the stables of Capcom, Bandai Namco, NIS America, Idea Factory, and Gust come together for one gargantuan, doe-eyed slapdown.

Special Features

- Features characters from Dark Stalkers, Disgaea, Ar Tonelico, Atelier Marie and Spectral Souls.
- Change the character stats by changing their outfits.
- Craft items such as weapons.
Other Characteristics:
Developer: Compile Heart
ESRB rating: E12+ (Everyone 12+)
Genre: RPG (Role-Playing Game)
Platform: PlayStation 3

Manufacturer's Description

Cross Edge is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between five major Japanese game publishers. Nippon Ichi Software, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Gust, and Idea Factory have joined forces to create a Strategy RPG unlike any other and exclusive to PlayStation 3.

'Cross Edge' game logo
Disgea costumes used in 'Cross Edge'
Costume system that increases character potency.
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Combat with against a dragon in 'Cross Edge'
Combo driven attack system.
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RPG leveling/stat screen in 'Cross Edge'
Classic RPG level and stats.
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Cross Edge features characters and storylines from popular franchises including: Darkstalkers, Disgaea, Mana Khemia, and Spectral Souls. Cross Edge is action-packed with memorable characters, amazing items, and over-the-top battles to deliver an once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience.

The story of Cross Edge follows the adventures of hero and heroine York Neely and Miki Aiba. Awaking in a strange world, they are soon sought out by a little girl named May. She tells them that the world around them was created from souls gathered from other worlds and that if this stealing of souls from other places does not stop, sooner or later those other places--that is reality--will disappear forever. To stop this from happening they will have to defeat this new world's evil master by releasing all the souls now confined to his nightmare world. To do this they will need all the special abilities that they possess, as well as the help they will gain from others that they meet on their travels.

Cross Edge is a traditional Japanese role-playing game complete with world map, random battles, level grinding, item combining/creation using alchemy, etc. It also features heroes and villains from game franchises published by Gust, Capcom, Nippon Ichi, Namco Bandai and Idea Factory. As players set about freeing the trapped souls supporting the nightmare world that they are stuck in, they engage in turn-based team battles. This is where the characters from previous games come in. Players must enlist them to join in party-based battles. Success in these battles is based on the ability to string together specific moves into chain attack sequences, which in turn unlock even stronger combinations when successful. Players can also increase their characters' stats and abilities by acquiring additional costumes called 'forms' and redressing their characters in them. Female characters physical appearances can also be changed based on the form they're wearing.

The goal of the game is to release souls. You can find and collect souls by searching around area maps. Exposure to souls can grant players items or unlock events. Along with soul related events, maps will also point players to other helpful locations such as event points, points at which other events may occur, and save points, where you can save your game as well as buy, sell and trade items.

Key Features

  • Cross Edge combines classic RPG combat with a grid-based Strategy RPG combat to create a hybrid battle system. In combat, a square grid will appear beneath the units. Some units are better at close combat and others at a distance, so players must strategically move their units to battle enemies.
  • In combat, some units can toss up enemies and chain combo various moves for extra damage, like in a fighting game.
  • By using characters from Gust titles, players can use alchemy to craft weapons.
  • Change costumes to increase character’s stats and abilities, and in some cases revealing cut scenes.
  • Explore dungeons to run, jump and attack.
  • Cross Edge is bilingual. Players have the option to choose between English or Japanese voiceovers.
  • Add to your PlayStation trophy collection as you play through the game.

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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
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Top Customer Reviews

Cross Edge does exactly what you'd expect. It delivers a host of interesting characters, a good 100+ hour storyline and an excellent battle system. If you're a fan of RPGs that put more emphasis on gameplay than graphics then Cross Edge is definitely a must have item!

Cross Edge has been the subject of a lot of mixed reviews (especially from the press). I thought I'd address one or two of the issues that have been raised.

One common complaint about Cross Edge is that there are too many characters and it's difficult to get to grips with them. This couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, there are a lot of different characters. However they are broken to you in a way that assumes that you won't recognise them. This means you really don't have to have played any of the games Cross Edge draws upon in order to enjoy it.

Graphically it's not a particularly pretty game, but If you know anything about the companies that made it that won't surprise you. I can't believe anyone even bothers to raise this complaint to be honest. For RPGs graphics are definitely the least important thing. The graphics are good enough that the moves are still cool, and you can tell what's going on. Do you really need more than that? (on a side note I should probably say that the character portraits are really good and are probably the biggest graphical achievement)

It can be a difficult game (especially at the beginning), but whoever wanted an easy game? If it wasn't difficult there would be nothing to learn or engage with. I think complaining about the difficulty of Cross Edge is to miss the point of it entirely. It is a complex game with different systems to learn, but that is why it is rewarding.
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This is my first real venture into this kind of RPG. I would definately call myself a 'Square fan-boy', but after watching a few video reviews I thought i'd give it a punt.

To begin with, the appearance of this game is wonderful. The colours are vibrant, the artwork is clean and clear - great. The characters and scenes are generally 2D, giving it a real retro feel, which feels really nice after playing all these high-graphics games. Some of the enemies do appear in 3D, which really feels odd, but kinda cool at the same time.

Now, I won't lie, I really like to get my teeth into a good story when it comes to RPGs - this doesn't exactly get there. The characters, as far as i'm aware, are from a miss-mash of other anime RPGs so on that basis, I couldn't really expect the story to blow me away.. okay, I can forgive the weak story then.

The gameplay is very confusing initially, but the opening tutorials do give a good insight into how the battle system works (which is far more than can be said for the awful instructions manual! You expect me to see those pictures!? Let alone read the text in them!!). Basically, each person in your party (which consists of up to 4 members) has a limited number of AP (Action Points) to distribute during your turn. You have abilities assigned to different buttons, and can unleash hell so long as you have enough AP to spend on the move you want. Inputting moves in a set order can lead to a combo being available with someone else in your party, thus giving a really experimental feel to the battles. Good so far. When you run out of AP, or when you want to end your turn you can manually do so, and the enemy may strike back.
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X-Edge is a great game with some very clever design but will not be suitable for everyone. If you enjoy learning new leveling & customisation systems, a bit of grinding & power-leveling you could get a lot out of this, if you're a fan of emo by-the-numbers traditional rpgs that are all flashy gfx, floury story lines & shallow gameplay you'd do better to skip this one. I wasn't too sure about the real-time linking of attacks for increased effect but a few hours in I was convinced - it's great stuff and can get very involved if that's how you want to play it. Basically, it's the kind of game 95% of average game reviewers are going to hate because of the things it's not - it's not simple, it's not something they can understand in 1 hour of play-testing, it's something they'd have to sit up straight & give a bit of thought to... and most of them are incapable of that to a large degree, hence the poor ratings... but then this game wasn't made for the likes of them.
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I was really looking forward to this game.
Cross Edge has gotten some pretty bad reviews and some extremely positive reviews.

My suggestion to you is to look up some details on various websites about gameplay before you decide to buy it.
The battle system is awesome, not too difficult even though some reviews suggest it however some extra hints could be welcome here and there.
I'm not halfway into this game yet and I love it however since it's an rpg you gotta love battling the same monsters over and over to gain exp and the needed items for synthesis.
Throughout the game you'll unlock some stuff if you do things right. Costumes can change the appearance for the girls which is nice as well.

You'll be doing some walking around to find the required 'locations' (to not put spoilers in here). If you use a guide it's easy but I only recommend using a guide for the true end trophy so you know what to do when and in which order.

I would rate this game 5* instead of the 4*, but they could have done more with the grahics.
Ok, it's this kinda game I know. The battles look awesome enough and the map's not too bad but they could've made it just a little smoother. It doesn't bother me though and it shouldn't if you're into this kinda game.

Sound 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10

So, recap, if you're interested.... search the net and who knows. You might be up for a great surprise should you get this game.
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