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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
TeckNet M002 TrueWave 2.4G Wirless Mouse - Black
Colour: Black|Change
Price:£8.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 June 2017
I have been using this mouse solidly now for the last 2 weeks (8 hours a day) and just wanted to leave a review of my experiences:

The shape of this mouse is very good and contours to my average size hands (I'm 5"8 - 10st) very well. If you have very small to medium size hands this will suit you very well. If you are say 6"4 with larger than average size hands then this mouse may feel too small for you. I think it's fairly obvious to say this mouse is suited to right handed only use and not optimized for left handed use. The overall size is 10cm x 6cm. Both the left & the right click have a small click sound to them but not loisy or annoying. The mouse has a nice lightweight feel to it which I prefer over heavier mice. The scroll wheel and side buttons too aren't noisy at all.

I have used this mouse on both my mousepads (one cloth and one plastic), wood, paper, a fabric sofa armchair and my leg with trousers. Each time the mouse tracks perfectly. Should you need this to track on a glass surface I imagine a mouse pad will be needed as this isn't recommended in the manual. The manual that came with the product states a maximum operating distance of 10 meters.I have used this at 3 meters distance with no issues. No super expensive mouse from a big brand is needed to use this mouse at a good distance or for tracking on a variety of surfaces.

This mouse has 6 clickable buttons. Left & right click, 2 side buttons, a scroll wheel click and a DPI adjustment button. The left and right have a nice short amount of travel and spring back well which is a big positive. This will be very noticeable if you are transferring over from a very old mouse like I did. I use the back (lower side) and forward (upper side) buttons for windows explorer and going back and forth in Chrome. The scroll wheel click I use for opening and closing browsing tabs is fantastic. The DPI button can be used to increase the sensitivity of the mouse sensor if you aren't happy with how far the cursor moves with relation to how much you move the mouse. Should you need to change the amount the scroll wheel scrolls up and down you can do this by going to:

Control Panel -> Mouse -> Wheel -> Vertical Scrolling and changing to a higher number.
I went from 3 at default to 9 which is my preference.

Should you need to get any more advanced than this with functionality you can download some super handy free software called X-Mouse Button Control.

Please note this item won't have an AA battery included, you will have to supply your own. This mouse has intelligent power management which will go a long way to helping a potential battery last 18 months. This is obviously subject to use and requires common sense. I don't expect mine to quite last that as i'm a very heavy user. When the mouse has been inactive for 8 minutes (stated in manual) it will go into standby thus not using any power. A simple left or right click will then bring the mouse back to life ready to go again. This is great as it means you won't have to turn the battery over every time you stop using it to turn it off and on by the switch.

- The nano receiver comes inside the mouse and plugs into any usb slot. It is plug and play with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10. It takes about 30 seconds in my case until it was ready to use. I can't comment on if macs or android boxes are supported as I don't have any to test, but the manual doesn't mention these as supported.
- The receiver works over a 2.4ghz frequency. I usually have my Samsung Note 5 and iPad in the same room and fairly close by when using the mouse. I haven't experienced any interference or tracking issues with these devices close by, which can also operate on this frequency.
- This mouse doesn't feature bluetooth at all.

Overall I think this mouse is fantastic value for money for anyone that needs a wireless mouse, that tracks on lots of surfaces, has a good feel and shape but also has good functionality.

I hope this helps someone!
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on 26 July 2017
What an amazing product and so easy to use as well. I was also very pleased it came in purple, my favourite colour!! Basically, I took it out the wonderful packaging, ideal for its size, no waste which is what I love. Then inserted a AA battery into the compartment needed and removed the item I had to insert into my laptop and wait for it to register with my laptop. Then away we go I was able to use the wireless mouse. Brilliant for the price and so much easier than having to mess around with wires and I can just pop it into my laptop bag when I am travelling. Especially, as I get fed up of using the laptop mouse pad, I don't know about you!!. Hurts my fingers after a while, you just can't beat the feel of a good old mouse and even better if its wireless. long live the mouse... Thanks Tecknet... Oh yes forgot to mention the 2 year free warranty you get with all their products. Buy one you will not regret it.
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on 27 July 2017
This is a great little wireless mouse, ideal for mobile use.

The mouse is small enough to be highly portable, and yet still fits comfortably in your hand. It is well designed ergonomically, and feels really comfortable to hold and to use. The design is well thought out, with a slot for the tiny receiver next to the battery slot, this helps it to not get lost! It looks and feels like a nice, high quality mouse.

The mouse has 5 buttons, along with a scroll wheel. I'm sure I don't need to say this, but for modern browsing, a forward/back button is a must, and this mouse positions these in a nice place, easily accessible with a thumb click. The middle scroll wheel also has a click function, allowing it to act as a third mouse button.

All in all I cannot believe the excellent quality of this mouse, when compared with its extremely reasonable and low price.
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on 28 June 2017
This is an AMAZING mouse!
The problem with wireless mouse is the battery life. This one use only 1 AA and it last for ever (many month) so very very happy.
I use to have and try many wireless mouse and have to change the battery quite often but this is unbelievable. Thumb up for the engineer team that has created this mouse.
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on 7 June 2017
Great little mouse, very positive and responsive, back and forward buttons work a treat. It goes to sleep if not used for a few minutes to save battery and quickly wakes at the touch of the button. I only use for computer work so I can't give a review as a gaming mouse. Excellent value for money, I would certainly recommend from my point of view.
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on 18 July 2017
I've only had one type of wireless mouse, this one, but I like it so much I have three of them for different machines, who needs wires? The shape is very comfortable for my hand, (right handed) and the forward/backward button under the thumb are very useful, my wife doesn't like them though, but I think it's so old fashioned to have to keep going to and clicking on the back buttons, but I'm not lazy or anything.....
The little sender unit fits into the mouse for travel, and the battery lasts ages, I struggle to remember when I've had to change a battery in the older two. (the frequencies don't interfere with each other in the ones I have so they can be used at the same time, (I don't know how many variations there are though another one might interfere? ask the seller if you're concerned).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 August 2017
I purchased this mouse for work. I work in a busy office environment and use a mouse a lot. I found this mouse extremely comfortable to hold - this was meant for a right handed person. The right side of the mouse has a tiny groove for the small finger. Scroll is smooth (with a bit of chatter) easy to install. The only thing that annoys me is that every now and then the wireless function disconnects and it stops working all together. Nothing seems to restart it other than to leave it a week and try again. Not sure why it does this - I try to reconnect but it doesn't do anything. A co worker has the same one and has never had the problem, so mine may be faulty? Besides that it is an excellent value mouse and ideal for someone who spends a lot of time at a computer.
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on 16 August 2017
Having dropped my old Logitech mouse I needed a replacement asap. After searching various brands/models I decided on the Tecknet Classic Wireless Mouse M002. Price was the main factor, also, with over 4,900 positive 5 star reviews I was convinced this was the mouse for me....and I wasn't wrong.

My previous mouse was a simple 2-button + scroll will model. However, this mouse has SIX buttons! It features 2 buttons on the side that allow users to go back a page or forward...what a godsend! Makes browsing the net so much more "efficient"...no more going to the browser buttons themselves to go back/forward a page.

The look and feel of the mouse is of pure quality, I was surprised it cost so little...I would have easily paid twice the price! The mouse fits very nicely in my hand. It also features adjustable Dpi settings to suit individual needs.One single battery should give 18 mths use...there is a battery life indicator light to let you know when the battery will need replacing. The little receiver can be stored away under the battery cover.

Having used this mouse for over a week I can only say I'm totally delighted with my purchase. A great value wireless mouse for such a small outlay.
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on 16 April 2015
This mouse is a great purchase, outliving more expensive "reputable" brands and surpassing my expectations greatly, making cursor use on my laptop far more convenient than ever before!

I use this mouse with my MacBook Pro Late 2011 model and cannot fault this product to date. I have owned for 6 months and used every day with ease and comfort. The 3 DPI settings are very useful for setting the mouse speed to the users preference, such as a high DPI setting for gaming or scrolling across multiple monitors. This can be cycled between the 3 settings with a simple click of the red button, which then flashes a number of times to indicate the setting you are on.

The mouse takes 1x AA battery and can last months. The battery cover also removes, revealing a nice space to store the USB dongle when storing the mouse so that it isn't lost. There is also an on/off switch on the base of the mouse so that it can be turned off to save power when not in use.

The only downside to using this mouse on my MacBook is that I cannot programme the two side buttons or the scroll wheel click (the scroll wheel itself works as expected) however this is only a minor issue and should not put you off buying this product. TeckNet are producing high quality products at a fraction of the price of some other leading contenders!
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on 23 June 2017
I hook my PC up to my TV so I can play games on a big screen... I was looking for a wireless mouse so I didn't need to have a long wire going across the room, I choose this mouse because its a low price with good reviews.. This mouse is amazing, it has no noticeable input lag and has good range, the quality is the same as any top brand, Its plug and play so require no setting up. I am very happy with it and would highly recommend
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