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on 23 April 2014
I spent some time researching the various power banks on offer, reading up the specifications, and checking reviews. I eventually worked out that I was looking at really three different types of battery. Small and portable which would charge my phone at least once and up to twice, medium but a little bulkier but would charge my phone maybe up to 5 to 8 times, and large which was not as portable, but would provide multiple charges.

The price differential between medium and large was not that significant, however for me, I wanted something portable and reasonably powerful. I went for the 9000mAh as it promised to charge my phone up to 5 times.

I carry it around in a messenger bag, I love that I can charge two devices via it's multiple USB ports and keeps my Iphone5 going with heavy use well through the day. I'm finding that I only need to charge this battery once every few days, and I simply leave it on charge over night.

The torch is in my opinion a bit pointless, and I can't ever see myself needing it, but who knows.

It's a little heavier than I'd like, but that was the trade for power. I can't see it fitting into a handbag comfortably unless a large handbag is used, and it's certainly not for pockets. But if like me you carry a briefcase or messenger type bag, its a great little device. Highly recommended.
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on 25 October 2016
I use for outdoor/camping off-grid, or even on road-trips and it is sufficient to top-up my iphone 5-6 times, or 3 times from almost empty. I also use it with a USB-powered Nikon camera battery charger, without problems. Using apple-supplied lightning cable charges iPhone 6 on iOS10 perfectly (on iPhone 4 charging seemed to stop when full, then the phone would use power in standby and when I woke the phone was maybe 95% charged, this has been fixed by the iPhone 6 so I suspect that it is a problem with Apple, not TeckNet). There is no mains adaptor provided, but the USB end of the mini-USB cable works fine with the mains-end of my apple-supplied iPhone adaptor (minus the lightning cable obviously), so no need to carry an extra adaptor. The indicator lights show charging & discharge (when plugged in or side button pressed). If you are worried (as I was) that the unit is not charging from completely flat, just be patient - once there is enough stored to light the 1st indicator your fears will melt away.
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on 28 October 2014
What a useful device this has been turning out to be, I have 2 x kids and between us we have tablets and phones, this has been a godsend, no more running out of juice on car journeys, I use it when out on my motorcycle to keep the phone GPS from zapping my battery, it’s also great use round the house when you aren’t near a plug top and you just need a boost without being tied to the wall.

The capacity is very good, you get just what it says on the box, its well-made, feels nice in the hand and just works very well, I can thoroughly recommend this unit.
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on 10 May 2014
Been delaying my review for a solid month as I wanted to fully test out this device.

This little device is a thing of beauty. 9000mAh of awesome and a torch, just when you need it when your walking around in the dark as well.

I guess for the Galaxy Note 2 it's not great as the Note 2 needs a HELL OF ALOT of charging (3100mAh worth) So you can maybe get 2 and a bit charges out of it (9000mAh / 3100mAh = 2.9) So near 3 in this case if your phone is off and just charging away.

Personally I find this product brilliant. Came in very useful when I had to make an emergency trip to London and had literally 2% left. Really saved me.

But here's a general conclusion:

1. Small and easy to carry around
2. Torch light and charger at same time
3. Tablet charging support

1. The cable given is pretty useless, I broke mine a month after having it due to my own mistake of keeping it in my pocket.
2. Takes a while to charge (but take note, it is 9000mAh, so it will TAKE A WHILE)

Definitely recommed getting one.

Sorry if I was beating around the bush much on this review. Just expressing all my thoughts on it. Happy charging.
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on 15 April 2014
I bought this as wanted to be sure that I would never be without the use of my 'phone. It can be charged from your computer then whenever you are out and you are low on your phone battery you simply plug it in and it re-charges really quickly. Has adaptors for other items like nintendo etc I have used it for Iphone, smartphone and nintendo - so really useful if you have loads of items. It keeps it charge for ages and has blue lights telling you how much charge it has left. Also has a built in torch.There is only 1 small minus - if it is left in a bag the torch can be switched on really easily so I have stuck some plastic over the button so can only start if I remove it.
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on 9 February 2014
This seems a really good gadget. Plenty of power and a torch function as well. It has two USB charging ports, a 2.1 amp and a 1 amp, obviously the 2.1 amp is more powerful but I don't really know which I should use. The voltage is the same so presumably one charges faster than the other. It looks well made and is reasonably light and small for what it does and can fit into a pocket..
I wish I had had this a few weeks ago when we had a power cut and my mobile phone had a flat battery, so I had no way of sending or receiving emails. This would have powered up and charged my phone until the mains came back on again. Ideal for smart phones which have batteries that hardly last a full day without charging. Has a micro USB cable and a few adapters for other types of connections. You charge this device up with your mobile phone charger or any USB charger.
So far, so good, I like it.
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on 14 January 2015
Very good product. Indispensable item. Only reason for 4 stars is that the cable mini USB terminal is now loose in the phone socket. No way to get a replacement it seems (Amazon doesn't give contact details of seller and only allows return of complete item). So I'll have to buy another high power USB cable. I know it is the cable because I bought two of these power packs and swapped the cables over.
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on 14 November 2013
Honestly, I would challenge anyone not to love this company that has an iPad and an IPhone (or tablet / phone of your choice) they have saved my bacon and my sanity more than once.

So, theres what you need to know:
They charge via USB
- This one? You can charge an iPad and an iPhone twice over with it
- It has a torch
- Did I mention I really like Tecknet?
- very inexpensive for the amount of times its saved me (and various colleagues!)
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on 26 January 2015
Bought to replace a 7000mAh battery pack that was stolen. It is a bit smaller in height and width but almost twice as thick and seems a lot heavier than my old pack. The old one was much less noticeable carrying around for not a lot less capacity. On the plus side this one can charge up two devices at once. The torch function is bloody annoying and activates itself frequently in my bag, luckily it doesn't seem to drain the battery that much. I would not buy another battery pack with a torch after this one.
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on 9 May 2014
I bought this predominately to take to music festivals but it arrived in time for my holiday. It was very handy to have as I was using my phone constantly (checking maps) and the ability to be able to charge on the go was great. My friends also appreciated it when their phones ran our of juice when we were on the road. It takes about 8 hours for the power bank to charge fully, and it has managed to charge my iPhone to 100% 4 times from almost nothing (I bought the 9000mAh one). I'm not sure what the difference between the 2 USB slots though (I charge my iPhone through the middle one).

It is a tad heavy, but I don't mind the weight considering the number of charges you get from it. Not bad for £19.99
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