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on 8 July 2011
 This device is absolutely brilliant. Many thanks for watching.
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on 16 January 2011
I have had this little device for about 3 months now and I have put it through its paces a lot. Firstly I was quite shocked at the small size and weight of it as I was expecting it to be much bigger than it was and heavier too. The item is actually smaller in footprint than my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S) and not a great deal heavier either. The build quality seems really good for the price, strong and sturdy with a slick design.

OK so now for information on the use of it.

Firstly the Pro's

fits in the pocket really well and you hardly notice the extra weight in a coat or bag. The cord is a wound one so takes up a small amount of space even when plugged in so I have often used the device to charge my phone while it is in my coat pocket and this works quite well.

The dual USB outputs are a godsend. My and my partner went on a day trip and the weather turned really bad while we were out and we had several hours to wait for the coach home. We found a nice cosy pub to snuggle up in and both got out our mobile phones and hooked them up to the battery pack. 3 hours later and not only had this stopped both our phones from dying due to us hammering the internet and watching movies on them but they were both fully charged and the unit was still reporting strong power.

The host of connectors that come with it are very good and fit most of the items i have had the urge to try and charge with it, including PSP and a digital camera.

OK now the Con's

The capacity stated on the item is 5000mah and although it does perform well I have calculated that I only get about 3200mah out of it before it turns off. I have tested this by discharging my phone to flat then recharging the 1500mah battery twice, after the second full cycle the pack was showing 2 bars or juice left but after the 3rd recharge attempt my phone was left with just 11% battery. So roughly only 3200mah of charge supplied. This was all done in one day so self discharge should not come into the equation.(mainly due to a boring day at work and watching movies on my mobile) and when the device was on charge it was left on standby so less than 1% discharge while charging.

The bars on the front of the device do not give an accurate indication to the % of power left in it. All 3 bars stay lit up from 100% charge right down to about 15% charge then the other 2 go off in quick succession within 20-30 minutes of charging.

Lastly the single lead that you get with the device can be an issue if you are trying to charge the device while at the same time power something else (if you have lost the original device cable for instance) so I purchased a separate mini USB cable to charge the battery pack with.

The bottom Line!

All in all for the money I don't think you can beat this for quality and durability, feels like you could play football with it and it would still work afterwords. but if your needing the full 5000mah and a accurate indicator of remaining charge then you might want to look elsewhere. I'm personally quite happy with what I have got for the price though.
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on 22 November 2010
I bought this for a trip to Japan, as my devices usually run out of power long before the end of the 12 hour flight. I was particularly attracted by the dual USB ports which allow you to charge two devices simultaneously, and the large 5000mAh capacity. It turned out to be invaluable and an essential item for people who travel with lots of gadgets. For our trip my wife and I between us had and iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, Sony PSP Go, Nintendo DS and two Ipods and we got all the way there with all devices still running and some power still left in the pack. I was able to play the PSP for at least twice as long as would have been possible without it and could have played even longer (theoretically it could give you probably 4-5 times more play time in addition to the standard battery). It has huge capacity and will charge a 3G iphone several times easily, the iPhone 4 seems to suck more juice out of it, so possibly only two charges for that.

It also comes in useful if you forget to charge your phone; just hook it to the battery and stick it in your bag and in an hour or so you're phone is charged without any inconvenience. It's also handy having two sockets, as you can charge two devices from the one wall socket, and also cut down the number of chargers you have to carry with you. I carried just the iPhone charger with a generic USB cable and was able to charge everything from the battery pack.

One point to note is you will need to pick up special USB cables for some devices, the PSP Go will not work with the standard USB cable that comes with it, you need a generic cable (for some reason the Sony cable doesn't follow the USB spec properly and will not charge the device). Once I got a third party cable (available on Amazon) it worked fine. The Nintendo DS Lite also has an unusual socket so you'll need to find a USB cable for that, I picked one up in Japan, I'm sure you can get them on Amazon too. The standard iPhone cable worked fine with this battery for iPods and iPhones.

You can pick up USB adapter cables for almost any kind of DC socket now, which makes this device extremely useful and you will be able to charge almost anything with it. For the money it's probably the best accessory I've ever bought. It also comes with a little bag and strap, and is surprisingly light.
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on 22 June 2011
Warning, supplied USB cable will NOT CHARGE an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch,
but the device will charge using a standard iPod USB Cable!!

1.5 Amp output, is TWO USB ports, ONE 1A & ONE 500mA.
also, '5000mAh' is much closer to 3000mAh with an actual device.
So don't be confused.

Other than that, it's an amazing portable battery pack, for charging my USB powered portable devices.

I even brought a USB Nintendo DS charge for use with this on the road.
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on 16 September 2014
Nifty little cube, it's very lightweight so you can have it in your bag or pack pocket without noticing. The colour means you can charge it in public and noone bats an eye. Although, i don't know why external chargers all seem to have these offensively bright blue lights on them. It seems so wasteful, to have a spare charger that just spurts its juice out through the blue lights. Not just this model or brand either so bare that in mind. They also tend to shine these blue lights whilst charging, so if you tend to recharge at night, either do it in another room or find something to black out the flashing. It also doesn't have an on/off switch (most models don't seem to either) which can mean that if something leans on the button in your bag it will just switch itself on without you noticing. I've bought this twice, as the first time some shampoo leaked into one of the hubs and managed to make the charger turn on and it burnt the hub. I tried to turn the thing off but like i said, there's no switch. I just had to put it outside and wait for the battery to die as it burnt itself with the remaining shampoo that had managed to get inside.

However i still recommend the product, and have done with friends and family who have all gone on to buy this model. I've recently upgraded to a larger unit as i travel a lot. This would usually be able to charge my iphone 5 fully once and then about half again after that, and i'm a heavy iphone user.
Great for the general person who needs to charge their phone in the middle of the day. Possibly not for long term travel or if you plan to charge larger devices like ipads.
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on 2 February 2011
Be warned. Even though it is advertised for iPad, it doesn't charge one - I fell for this big time. Good general iPhone/iPod charger for those with needs for multiple charging. Decided to keep it for hols, is it can charge 2 3Gs iPhones simultaneously. One star for the misinformation!

Despite a comment saying that it does work on the iPad - it doesn't. I have used the connections that came with the charger and the connector that came with the iPad - both give a "nor charging" message next to the battery.
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on 12 September 2016
Brought this ages ago and I realize i'm still using it right now. So battery has lasted a long time!
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on 25 September 2011
I bought this as my android phone seems to eat power when I am on long trips (to much surfing, gaming, emails, and music I suspect!).

The plus points are easy: it has a large 5000mAh capacity battery; dual sub ports for charging two things at a time; and a fistful of connectors for different devices (iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, Sony PSP Go(I had to buy a special cable - so google around for this), Ipods, Kindle etc.) although you can always use your original usb cables for your devices (often longer and for things like a Zune with unusual connectors the only option) to give you more options.

As far as recharging goes, well it will fully re-power a Samsung Galaxy S2 from completely empty to full a couple of times and will do nearly two complete re-powers my psp and a couple of kindle recharges - or a combination of the above.

The two usb charge ports means that you can charge the technet from one usb socket and in turn charge two devices from the technet - this is really useful if you only have one usb charge point - say in a hotel.

With the increasing ubiquity of usb adapators and dc socket connectors, with the right cables you can pretty much recharge anything with this making it a very useful travel accessory (I even commute with mine just as I get so annoyed if my phone runs down after 4 hours of Tower Raiders lol).

Delivery was fast and the device was well packaged. It comes with small soft black bag as well as the connectors.

So, why doesn't this get five stars?

There are a couple of things to be aware of though. The first time I used the technet (and I have heard this from friends as well) it didn't really hold its charge, barely managing one full recharge of my Galaxy S2 (and resulted in much grumpiness in the house!) however by the third recharge/use it was performing much better - so if you are going on a long trip use it a few times first!

The second thing to be aware of is that the charge time is much slower than if you are recharging from the mains (not a flaw just part of life - it is a battery after all). For instance if you have a low battery on your iphone and plug it in to the mains you can use if flat out and it will still happily recharge, do the same with the technet and I found the power draw from the phone would be about the same speed as the charge rate - so you can keep using it but you need to stop for it to actually recharge. Its even slower when recharging two devices at the same time. Not a show-stopper by any means but something to be aware of.

Lastly the technet features a soft-touch button to turn it on/off. Whilst this looks great and is very "modern" the downside is that it is very easy for it to be turned on/off when in a bag. This can be very annoying if you have plopped your kindle/phone/ipod in your bag and take them out a few hours later with a happy smile of expectation at their power levels, only to find that the technet got turned off. This would have been easily solved with a hard slider switch or even a rocker switch and is probably the only thing stopping the technet from receiving a full five stars.
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on 8 November 2016
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on 9 February 2016
I took this to Glastonbury last year to avoid all the queues for the charging tents and it was a life saver. It charged my phone over night for all 5 nights and was very easy to use. It's a great tool to have for anyone who needs a reliable portable charger
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