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on 28 May 2014
Portable Bluetooth Transmitter


Plastic clear packaging allows clear view of product and accessories. The design is simple and frustration free which leads to no problems opening. Once opening the packaging you will find:
1x Bluetooth Transmitter,
1x instruction Manual,
1x Mini USB to USB cable,
1x 3.5mm female to Left/Right Audio (RCA)
The instruction manual is comprehensive and comes in a number of different languages. The manual gives clear instructions on how to set up and operate the Bluetooth Transmitter. The cables provided look of decent quality and fit for purpose.


The actual Bluetooth Transmitter itself is a really small matt black covered device. On the front side you have the red and white TaoTronics logo with a silver button compared with the reverse which is plain matt black. One thing I do not like is the 3.5mm jack wire that just hangs off the side. I'd like to see either a 3.5mm socket so you could connect longer/shorter cables or the ability to store the current cable in an indent on the reverse of the device.

The Test Setup

In order to test this product I used a pair of Blaupunkt wireless headphones, a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone and a Sony Bluetooth receiver. I was unable to pair my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the transmitter I'm not to sure why so I had to leave this device out of the testing.

Pairing is a bit confusing to start with trying to get the button depressed for the right amount of time to trigger the blue and red L.E.D's. I found holding the silver button down for around 5 second worked about right. Once I got the hang of this technique it became easier to switch between devices. However I did note that sometimes the pairing process did take longer then expected with the worst case being up to a minute and 5 seconds. That being said the average was around 20-30 seconds which is not bad.

When I cranked up the volume to max when pair with the wireless headphones I noticed a bit of distortion but this could be due to the headphones not being able to play the volume this high however at all other volume levels I was about to hear clear audio without any delay or distortion. I used a wide range of audio types and genres from FLAC to MP3 and Jazz to Metal to conduct these tests and allowed me to get a good feel of how the Bluetooth transmitter handled sounds.

I did a few range test to find an average before the Bluetooth would disconnect / stop playing music. The max range I found to be around 20 meter but I feel this could be effected by the materials used to build my house. The audio sound was clear up to the point it lose connection and soon as I walked back within range the music would begin playing once again.


A good all rounder obviously not as sharp as more expensive brand names but for a budget accessory it ticks all the boxes. If the transmitter could pair with more then one device in case you wish to transmit to multiple Bluetooth speakers it would be a valuable option to have. I think all options regarding the 3.5mm cable need to be looked at to increase this products appeal and flexibility, which would result in attracting more potential users.
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on 28 October 2014
It's exactly what it says it is. It converts a normal headphone socket into a bluetooth emitter. Simply charge it up and follow the enclosed instructions. I wanted this because I watch TV in bed and use headphones to avoid disturbing the rest of the house. So this is a real boon, not to have to trail a long lead across the room.

It comes along with a USB charging cable and also an adapter so you can use it with twin phono sockets in the event you don't have a normal headphone jack.
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on 7 May 2015
I use this with the matching receiver (recently reviewed). Charged it up on arrival as you are supposed to and plugged it into the headphone output (3.5mm jack) of a B&O BV7-55 TV. I had to slightly withdraw the jack to make the full contact needed for it to work but I've seen this with many 3.5mm jacks. It's small and light and simply hangs from the back of the TV but could well fit inside any protective flap if your TV has one. Unobtrusive and works really well. No drop-outs between this and the receiver and sound quality is excellent - depending on what you've got as the output. I use it with headphones to effectively create semi-wireless headphones for the kids late night TV watching. Works better than expected.
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on 24 May 2014
If you have a cd player or anything that is not bluetooth this is a great way of turning it into a bluetooth device first thing i tried it on was a bluetooth speaker feeding music from my Bose wave 3 works perfect plus it is a lot cheaper than buying the Bose bluetooth kit just remember it only transmtts bluetooth.
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on 11 March 2014
I ordered this little gadget during the evening and it arrived at about midday the next day! Wow! That is good service, it works well on everything I've paired it with except the thing I actually bought it for. I have a small portable Robert's dab radio that I use when in the park with my dog. I don't like using the in ear speakers supplied so thought I'd upgrade the thing to bluetooth and use my headphones. The problem is that the radio won't receive at all well without the supplied phones. Back to the drawing board! Had it been successful I would have given five stars because it is good gizmo.
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2014
We plug one of these into the headphone jack on our TV. Then together with a pair of Bluetooth head phones we have a wireless headphone system that does not hiss or make the distracting noises that we had with some other wireless headphone sets.

A charge lasts for hours, circa 9, and is enough for the more extreme of the family to watch an entire days worth of TV. A great little device.
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on 24 July 2013
I bought this device so that I could play my old Creative zen wisdom m through my bluetooth headphones. I was a little wary needn't have been. The quality is excellent and as good as any integrated bluetooth system. In fact the range is superior to my inbuilt bluetooth in myGalaxy s phone and my other Creative devices.. I did have a right issue with my original purchase as it stopped holding a charge after two month but the after sales service was amazing. I simply emailed through Amazon and I had a replacement within 3 days , before I even sent back the original.
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on 15 June 2013
This is a useful little dongle to bring Bluetooth functionality to anything with a headphone connection.
I use it mainly to connect the TV to my Parrot Zik headphones and it works exceptionally well. I've also used it to connect to the entertainment system on a plane and that works well too.
Battery life runs parallel to the headphones' battery life, around 4 hours, and re-charging times for both are more or less the same too at around 2 hours from any USB port.
A handy little piece of kit to have.
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on 9 July 2014
Well, I've tried several times to link a small Bluetooth speaker and some Creative Bluetooth headphones to my Sharp TV (TaoTronics device in the TV's 3.5mm headphone socket) with absolutely no success. I've read and re-read the instructions several times, but without success. I regularly use Bluetooth devices in the car, the garden and when on holiday, but this has really got me beat!
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on 9 February 2015
they worked straight out of the box. i connected them to the tv, set them to pairing mode and set my headphones to pairing mode and they connected in a few seconds. i can now listen to my tv at night without disturbing the wife.
sound is not the best in the world but they do what i wanted them to do.
i have connected three devices to them and all three worked fine.
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